Friday, 1/3/14, Public Square

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by | January 3, 2014 · 6:00 am

4 responses to “Friday, 1/3/14, Public Square

  1. I see the words in the graphic above, and I understand them. But too many of their followers (of both these religions plus a multitude of others) don’t show anything but hate in their actions and words so it’s so hard to believe they even know the word love let alone are capable of the feeling.

  2. R.D. Liebst

    As a Christian I make sure anytime I encounter a Moslem to let them know I do not see them or their religion as an enemy. If you were to see a Moslem as the enemy because they do not see Jesus as the Lord and savor then you would have to see…. And this is one that is almost blasphemy to many in the Christian faith. You would have to see the Jewish people as also an enemy since they too at best see Jesus as a prophet. They do not see Jesus as the son of God.

    • You make a very good point.

      I suspect the mega church religious folks have Americanized Jesus into someone who has blonde hair, blue eyes, hates women, hates homosexuals, hates minorities and his #1 goal is to make money…

      That is NOT the Jesus I have read about in my Bible….

      But….more to your point….I know a lot of these mega church Fundy Evangelicals are so busy protecting and rushing to help the Jewish people is because of their idealogical motivation:

      In order for the rapture to take place, some Fundy Evangelicals believe that every Jew has to return to their homeland BEFORE Jesus will return and take the ‘saved ones’ up to Heaven with him to spend eternity.

      So……in a way….the only reason some of these Evangies will even give the Jewish the time of day is because they NEED the Jews in order for their version of the rapture to occur.

      • BTW – the ‘saved ones’ will NOT include those Jewish folk who the Fundies need in order for their Jesus to return to Earth and take them up to their Heaven.

        No heathens – or unsaved – are allowed – are even welcomed.