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  1. R.D. Liebst

    And everyday when I make a choice I try to think hard as to what will the impact be on others. I try to chose my words rightly since words have meanings and have effects. A good day is when I have not hurt anyone unduly as some do need to be hurt in order to heal them.

  2. “…what we cannot dispute among ourselves is that the country must be governed, and that it is our job to do it, and that we must find a way to do it together…We cannot allow the country to slouch further in the direction of plutocracy…We must demand a national economy that belongs to us…We must demand a national government that works for us, defined by the recognition within the institutions of that government — all the institutions of that government — that they work for us, and that we have not only a right but also a positive obligation to know what is being done in our name.”

    LOOKING TO 2014

  3. I know many of you read Juanita Jean on your own, direct from “The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Shop.” But this one was too good not to pass along. It’s especially for you, Indy!

    “When I see a story like this, my first response is, “Okay, where in Texas did this happen?”

    That’s why I want to say, “Thank you Georgia.”

    This is exactly why the Gideons put Bibles in southern hotel rooms.

    Two residents of Cartersville may have not directly broken one of the Ten Commandments, but they did break the law when their fight over the sacred covenant turned violent.

    According to police reports, Carolyn Unfricht and Daniel Camarda were inside a Cartersville hotel arguing about the Bible and specifically the Ten Commandments. Unfricht told police things got heated when she hit him across the face with her Bible. Camarda retaliated by throwing her across the room.

    Both are now facing battery charges and not surprisingly, the police report states they were “highly intoxicated” at the time of the arrest.

    Hummm … they must have read Rick Perry’s Christmas card.

    I have long said that the rightwing uses Jesus as their own personal savior weapon so I would truly like to thank Carolyn and Daniel for giving us the literal graphics.”

    • Prairie Pond…..thanks for the chuckle…

      Was this in Cartersville Georgia , you say?

      I think I dated a college boy that came from that part of the Bible Belt…

      NOW there is a book that begs to be written…..

      Hell, who would believe it really happened??

  4. Just in case you want to visit Juanita Jean herownself.

  5. pp, I think I’ve not thanked you for your earlier link to Juanita Jean. So, I thank you for the same, as reading that site is what helps keep me more sane (relatively) daily.