Wednesday, 1/1/14, Public Square



by | January 1, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. I just listened to some Republican Congressman from North Carolina ramble on and on about how Obama is trusting the Iranians to be nice with that deal that was signed by, not only us, but several other countries.

    Hmmm…..Did someone forget to tell this YOKEL that his Golden Idol Ronnie Raygun was the guy in the White House that sold weapons to the Iranians – while out of the other side of his forked tongue – Raygun was calling Iran our enemy?

    My fervent wish for 2014 would be this:

    Republicans need to get an EDUCATION of the true facts and stop running around trying to preach down to the rest of us as to how superior they are…

    What a different world this would be if only Raygun had NOT gotten in the
    White House.

    No Raygun – No Daddy Bush – No Baby Bush.

    Sounds like a dream come true – IMHO

  2. Like I’ve said before……this man does say all the right words.

    NOW, let’s see some action behind those purty words and see if this man attempts to clean up the Church’s own back yard?

    If he does not like oppression – then take a good look at the Church’s views towards women and their healthcare needs.

    • I wonder….does oppression also cover those young victims of child molesting priests?

      One way to bring the start of reversing this evil world is to hold those guilty men accountable for their willingly made choice to cover up the crime of child molesting.

      So…in that case of the Pennsylvania Catholic church leader that was just released from prison for being the one that actually moved these molesting priests around from one parish to another – where is the Pope’s message that this man is NOT to be put on a pedestal as the victim?

      Where is the Pope’s message that this man will be held accountable for his actions and be kicked out of the church?

      Or … the very least…….demoted……

      This is what I mean about the church back yard needing cleaned up…….it’s full of centuries old crappola – and it really stinks…

  3. Now, this is a story that gives me hope for the common decency and kindness in people.

    Michigan people reaching out to find a patient’s family in a foreign land – and then actually helping them to deal with the tragic circumstances of this situation.

    Who knows what this act of kindness and love will reap in future years?

    If that was my daughter in a foreign land, I would hope that someone with her would have the same compassion, empathy and common bond of a family’s love – to do the things necessary to bring about as much comfort and peace as possible during a very stress-filled and traumatic time.

    I’ve been in such a bad and grumpy mood these past few days. I’m glad I happen to have seen this story on the Internet.

    Finally, something that made me smile….and have a spark of hope that the entire world is not evil and just FREAKIN N-U-T-S….