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Woody Guthrie Really Knew How To Do New Year’s Resolutions


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  1. bobwhitenks

    And it is, therefore, no wonder how and why Woody Guthrie’s life is remembered and appreciated by so many of us.

  2. To be brutally honest tonight….my New Years resolution is to just get through another damn year at my damn job with a damn supervisor who mistakenly must believe that she has the right to treat me like a piece of dirt beneath her feet.

    I am counting down the months until I can literally SCREAM……I’m OUTTA here…….

  3. I’ve been thinking about this case the last few days. What on Earth would I do if this happened to one my grandkids?

    But….then….it hit me…….why aren’t there any Fundy Evangies jumping on this pro-life cause?

    I think back to Terry Schaivo case……how many Fundies got their tightie-whities in a bunch over that woman’s situation?

    Hell… even Congress got into the act over Terry Schiavo….remember?

    What could the difference be?????

    Could the hard, cold fact that this family is black and there is no money to be made off this family’s current torment of a nightmare be the reason we don’t see any Pro-Lifers beating their drums for the sanctity of this young life?

    I hope this is not the case…..but in today’s climate in our country……I would not rule it out…

    I know, I know…….legally, this child has been declared dead……but what if the family is correct in their feelings this child responds to her mother’s voice?

    For all the allegedly self-professing of so much Sanctity of LIfe crappola from these Pro Lifer Fundies…..let’s see them show their true faith…and help this family.

    Or, are these self-righteous and pious Fundies too busy defending the Duck Commander Phil in his perceived persecution of his religious freedom?


    • If you read this article – the judge gave the family extra time to find a doctor and placement facility ……now that seems to have been met…..so why throw up the blockade of the hospital will not allow an outside doctor to perform the necessary steps in order to transport this young girl out of their facility?

      I’m sure they are just watching out for their own financial butts……..but, if that were the case, then perhaps there needs to be an INDEPENDENT investigation as to why this kid started coughing up so much blood in the recovery room and then she went into cardiac arrest.

      Hmmmm…….nobody is asking any questions about this part of the story?

      Oh what am I talking about? Too many people are focused on what some swamp duck call maker man from Louisiana has to say about marrying 15 yr old girls.

      What a country we live in…….