Monday, 12/30/13, Public Square

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by | December 30, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. This guy is really impressive! Like any ONE person, I don’t know what he can accomplish, at least alone, but I think he gets it! How refreshing! At least he has changed the conversation! I’m on his side and I think I just might be part of a large majority!

  2. bobwhitenks

    Me too! I love this Pope for both that which he proclaims for this world, especially the US Empire who seems to believe it is “above” being changed and improved with regard to its treatment and opportunities for its people as well as the rest of the world of which it is a mere part. We peoples have so much work to do to direct and change our nation. And we cannot even agree on what or how.

    • But ….what if this Pope was meant to be this impressive – but with no power to actually change a damn thing?

      This man still lives at the Vatican City – although he chose a more humble apartment on the grounds – but he STILL lives among the opulence and gold-blinged out campus – doesn’t he?

      Did I miss the memo where this Pope has kicked out any of the church leaders who knowingly made the choice to give shelter and comfort to the child molesters and to sentence their victims to a life of shame and torment?

      Did I miss the memo where this Pope has erected a Yard Sale sign to get rid of all the Catholic Church’s abundance of wealth?

      Did I miss the memo where this Pope has told our local Catholics to stop gouging my health insurance by taking my doctor’s office visit from $93 to $300?

      What if all this new Pope Love is nothing more than the church’s latest marketing scheme to get the sheeple from looking behind that Golden Curtain where the true ‘love of this church lives’?

      I would not put anything past any of these organized religions to do whatever marketing schtick they had to come up to lull the masses into another nap time so the real work of these self-righteous and pious robed men can continue on – like it has for thousands of years.

      • This new Pope cannot do anything by himself……and it appears he has a group of eight which has been given the task to address the needed reform to the Church.

        Are these men also going to be successful…..or are they just a part of the planned ‘marketing scheme’ to get the sheeple off the scent of the true love of this mega church?

        BTW – please note in this article two things?

        1) The Vatican Bank has come under intense scrutiny in the past year. Perhaps this is why the old Pope had to go – and remember the incident with that Pope’t butler? He ended up in prison , for a while, but now he is back with his beloved Pope – living within the safe borders of the Vatican City.

        2) Women who are divorced and had an abortion are refused communion.

        What the hell? So, the divorced man and perhaps paid for an abortion are sinless and can take communion?

        And….seriously……why are these Catholics hung up on divorce? Half the Catholic men I know are divorced – some are on their 3rd and 4th wives – but that is okay?

        As long as the men get their piece of paper of annulment – they can continue to follow that old Golden Rule – boys will be boys?

        My friend’s 20+ years marriage ended in divorce when her husband found himself a mistress. Neither the man nor my friend were Catholic.

        But the mistress is….and now that they are married – with an adopted kid they found overseas – the ex-husband converted to Catholicism and then this local priest started harassing my friend to sign these WTF annulment papers. She refused each and every time.

        But….yet…..her ex-husband and his trophy wife and their adopted kid – were featured in the local Catholic church’s newsletter as to how he converted and there is happy little family.

        Disturbing factor here……nowhere in that glowing article did it mention this man has an ex-wife and 5 kids.

        This is what I mean about not believing one word that comes out of this Catholic Church’s spokeman’s mouth.

        THIS is what needs to be reformed……not whether some divorced woman can take communion.

      • Sorry for my rant about this issue…..but I am so sick and tired of all this B.S.

        Life is not black and white.
        Shit happens – deal with it.
        But don’t pretend that the shit was never there – it leaves a scent.

  3. What moral lesson do we all learn here?

    Above all else – let’s not hold those in authority accountable for their actions – especially when it the victims are ‘only young boys’.

    When I see these supporters of this priest – I can only say that the Catholic Church has NO moral standing on any issue – IMHO.

    Yes, I know, this conviction reversal was based on strictly a legal loophole – the law did not specifically include those in authority ( such as the damn priest that gave aid and comfort to he abusers) . The law only stated parents and caregivers.

    Wow ……I wonder ….is God happy that this priest got off on a legal technicality – and with the prospect that the Penn State officials will get off on their choice that they made to not tell authorities what they knew about Jerry Sandusky?

    What a shameful and pathetic bunch of hypocrits we are in America…

    On one hand we proclaim and preach about the sanctity of life and the godliness of a happy family…..

    Then on the other hand – we really do not give a rat’s ass about kids when we allow a powerful bunch like the Catholic Church to continue to give aid and comfort to these child molesters.

    But…..let’s not give up all hope….these Catholic robed men do still continue to blame women for everything that is wrong with this world…….don’t they?

  4. I suspect Foxxies Hen House will cackle about how the Duck Dynasty’s leader’s religious freedom has been stomped on ….

    But…….each episode of this show that I watched – the camera kept rolling as they all said their prayer before the meal.

    And these swamp people freely spoke about God and their version of God’s morals.

    So…..where did this perceived ‘stomping of religious freedom’ take place?

    Well…..let’s see…I suspect there is a lot of money to make off the sheeple that eat this B.S. up like it’s cotton candy.