Sunday, 12/29/13, Public Square

clown car


by | December 29, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. In Kansas the clown car is more crowded than most.

    It is discouraging. It is more difficult to remain kind when surrounded by greed and “The Party of Mean, aka, The Republican Party.” Luckily, we are up to the task!

  2. Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever
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  3. Society has many subtle ways of teaching that women are inferior to men. This is one such example.

  4. Let’s not forget – that clown car is also filled with majority of white Evangelical Men who want to ban birth control.

    Yeah, that’s a good idea – big eye roll.

    BTW – I wonder how many of those same white evangelical men in that clown car also have absolutely no problem with the Catholic Church having been made to pay millions in settlement for child molestation cases?

    Excuse me, but how many CAtholic Church leaders were kicked out of the church (or even demoted from their comfy, powerful jobs) when they were known to have made the choice to look the other way and cover up for these child molester priests?

    I just don’t know how some people live with themselves…..let alone continue to have thousands of supporters/cheerleaders protecting these self-righteous, pious, gold-blinged robed men.

  5. The in-depth investigation on the tragedy in Benghazi. The one Darrel Issa has known all the details of for over a year, but kept them his own secret so he could continue wasting taxpayer money attacking President Obama.

    Issa has wasted taxpayer time and money for three years looking for Obama Administration scandals he subsequently never found, including the tragic deaths of 4 American diplomats in Benghazi Libya on September 11 2012. Issa’s scandalous investigations aside, it was revealed yesterday that an extensive investigation into the attack on the diplomatic outpost that claimed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three diplomats’ lives found no involvement of al-Qaeda or other international terrorists groups whatsoever like Republicans have claimed for over a year. Instead, the attack was precipitated by, as first reported, by extremist Christians in the United States.

    A lengthy and comprehensive New York Times investigation informed what Republicans are desperate to keep under wraps because it revealed the Benghazi attack was “accelerated in part by anger at a U.S.-made video denigrating Islam.”

    • Facts do not matter……. not when these White Evangelical Fundy Christians can keep their coffers filled with money comng from the sheeple being fed 24/7 that Christians are being persecuted…

  6. I suspect those clowns in that car are also Duck Dynasty fans – at least they are now, because they can jump on that old bandwagon of how Christians are so persecuted – yeah, right……big eye roll.

    I am still waiting to find a website with a petition to sign to register my objection to Phil Robertson using the words ‘ding dongs’ and vaginas when talking about the birds and bees using crawfish.

    IMHO – this Phil guy crossed the line when the television camera taped him rubbing the male crawfish in such a way that you could actually see the ding dong…

    Come on you Morally Superior Evangelical Christians….where is your outrage ???

    Or, is a male crawfish ‘ding dong’ too close to the ‘ boys will be boys’ theory that all those White Evangelical Christians believe in so much?

    • I don’t tolerate stupidity well. I’m positive there are people who have NO access to learning and they are NOT who I’m speaking about. I think all the members of the family in the Duck Dynasty show and probably many of their viewers have access to education. From what I’ve read the show capitalizes on stupidity of many different forms, some of it very cruel. I will avoid that.

      This morning’s local newspaper printed what they titled, “Best of Opinion Line.” Some made me chuckle. This one was among those: When I hear someone say “I seen,” I know the next words won’t be “a book.”

      People who could learn and don’t, show their lack of curiosity, and other traits, in many ways. One of them is being entertained by cruel stupidity.

      • Personally, I believe all this reality television crappola is just that – crappola.

        Does anyone remember the first reality t.v. show where the millioniare bachelor picked his wife out of a bunch of contestants?

        It was on the Fox Channel (surprise, surprise) and it was during the 90’s.

        I cannot remember the name of the show – but I do remember the woman ended up marrying the guy and then publicly acknowledging that it was the worst decision she had ever made and she condemned reality t.v. shows.

  7. Again…..what do you expect from a swamp man from Louisiana?

    Deep Southern States are full of Bubbas just like this………this one just happened to get lucky and land himself a show.

    Just because a show is on television does not make it the gospel..

  8. Pay close attention to the two points this author is making in this article.

    1) The EFFECTIVE tactic of making Christians feel disrespected and persecuted.

    2) The media illiteracy of the television viewing public.

    Just like I posted the other day – Sarah Palin admitted she never read what this Duck Dynasty guy said BEFORE she ran to the nearest television camera to defend this guy….

    All she had to know was that this Phil guy made some anti-gay and racist remarks – and she was on that Jesus Bandwagon with Bible ready to thump..

    And isn’t SP just like all the rest of these CONServative Christians? Just blow the dog whistle and all the coon hounds come running….

    • IN thinking back to the 2008 presidential campaign – don’t you remember how the CONS used the #1 tactic of making Christians feel disrespected and persecuted when SP and fellow Fundies started saying Obama is a Muslim?

      This tactic of ‘persecuted Christtians’ is always on the CONServative Right Wing Republicans mind……….

      This is what keeps the mea churches’ collection plates full and certain multi-millionaire Bubba the Televangelists can keep their pockets lined with all that beautiful tax-free money….

      Welcome to America!!