Saturday, 12/28/13, Public Square

organized crime


by | December 28, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. In these days – miserly Ebeneezer Scrooge – is the type of successful 1% we should all emulate according to the Grand Old Party….

    BEFORE his transformation into a loving compassionate person.

    I guess Charles Dickens got it wrong?

    Of course, we are still in the Reagan Era of GREED – so that is why the old Scrooge seems to be the GOP mascot.

    Or ….is it Mr. Potter from the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’??

    • On second thought – it must be Mr. Potter – because Mr. Potter never did change his stripes – did he?

      The moral story of that movie was how the people got behind George Bailey and gave whatever they could to help him save the Savings and Loan and defeat the crook – Mr. Potter.

      Damn……if it takes everyone getting together on the same page to give whatever they can to accomplish a goal – we are SHIT out of LUCK in these days.

      Thanks to Hate Talk RAdio 24/17 and overpaid, no-talent, mouthpieces stirring the hatred pot 24/7 on certain fair and balanced networks….

      Then throw in these fundy mega churches whose annual budgets rival a small third world country’s budget needs…..

      Then throw in the fundy televangelists – whose annual budgets also rival a small third world country’s budget needs…..

      And each of the groups mentioned above just love to spread the HATE – because hate sells much more than love does – doesn’t it?

      Is money the root of all evil?

      Or is money just the motivation for all the evil in the world?

      • You be the judge…..doesn’t Dick Cheney actually look like Mr. Potter from the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’?

        Poor little thing………reportedly – he pulled a muscle in his back the day before the country’s first black man was sworn in as president.

        How convenient that this mean he would not be expected to stand up and honor President Obama.


      • I saw someone praising the A&E changed decision on Phil Robertson and they said this was an example of what people banning together could accomplish. I felt sick to my stomach to hear that saving a racist, misogynist, idiot millionaire was a worthwhile goal. Meanwhile, there are Americans without enough to eat… Is food security a worthwhile goal?

      • PLUS…..let’s not forget what a group of prominent Republicans did during the Inauguration that night – when they all met for dinner to plot how they were going to bring down Obama……

        I wonder….was Dickie at that dinner to actually sit and plot how their party was going to bring down the newly inaugurated president?

        And these folks are the ones professing to be the only TRUE patriots?


  2. fnord wrote: I saw someone praising the A&E changed decision on Phil Robertson and they said this was an example of what people banning together could accomplish


    But…I wonder if this person feels the same way when people ban together and push for marriage equality?

    I don’t see any praising for that accomplishment from these folks on the ‘right’ side of the aisle -do you?

    Earth to stupid people everywhere – the motivating factor behind A&E changing their position has to do with M-O-N-E-Y……..

    little else.

    Besides – if you take a good look at the A&E offerings of entertainment – a bunch of swamp people from Louisiana – fits right in there.

    Besides – like I said earlier this week – what did people expect to be this guy’s views – look at where this guy is from – it does not exactly scream out ‘progressive’ – does it?

    NOW…what I want to know is….where is the petition to sign to get this swamp guy off the television because he OFFENDED me by talking about male crawfish ding dongs and the female crawfish vaginas….

    I don’t see anybody getting their tightie-whities in a bunch over that…

    • Can you imagine if President Obama – or any other Democrat – had used the words ‘ding dongs’ to describe male genitalia?

      All HELL would break loose……and we all know that – don’t we?

  3. Why do these Faith Consumers get to pick which faith will be put on the pedestal to be worshipped? And when these folks spew their Biblical values – which Bible are they talking about?

    The Bible in which many marriages were between cousins – or the brother that married his brother’s widow – while still married to his own wife – in order to procreate in his dead brother’s place?

    Or – maybe the father who slept with his daughters……

    Is that some of those good ol’ fashioned Biblical values?

    If so – then THANKS, but NO THANKS. You betcha….wink-wink

    As far as accomplishing something – there were only 260,000 petition signatures… that really a lot when you consider the entire population of A&E’s audience?

  4. If this is what news the average American citizen is really only interested in….do we deserve to get the politicians we currently have?

    Seriously……….with all the problems in the world, this is what makes the news?

    As fnord commented above – people are without food – unemployment benefits are being cut off today for thousands – no real job prospects in the near future – still fighting about access to health care for everybody…..

    Then one of the main news stories is how one little 6-month-old gets a mini-me Ferrari like her daddy’s?

    But….mommy is to not be out done by the 6- month old – she gets a hand painted handbag with four nude figures on it.

    I just Don’t Get It…..