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what day is it


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  1. Christmas IS on hump day…

  2. I’m like the kid who is too impatient to wait so even tho I had planned to share this on Christmas Eve, here it is. Steven wrote to us on the only blog Christmas we shared. This was written December 24, 2009. At the age of 56, Steven died May 2, 2010. This writing was made on his last Christmas.


    Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night…

    • Steven was truly a nice man Doesn’t seem possible it’s been 3+ years since he’s been gone.

      My uncle (Dad’s youngest brother) died yesterday. He was suffering from Alzheimers and had been placed in a nursing home for the past six months.

      It was the same nursing home that his wife was a resident for two years before her death (about2 years ago). She also suffered from Alzheimers with emphysema thrown in as an added problem.

      In some small consolation – when my uncle was placed in the nursing home – some of the nursing staff remembered him from his many visits to his wife when she was there. These folks treated my uncle very well – and he liked them.

      Taking care of folks with Alzheimers can be very frustrating……and not everyone in the nursing home business should be in their jobs….if you get my drift here….

      I’m sure some strict Pro Lifer would find fault with what I am going to say…..

      there are worse things than death…….I’ve seen them and it’s not a pretty sight.

      I choose to believe that whatever happens to us after this life – the love we shared on Earth will somehow find us and reunite us with loved ones that have passed on before…

      But I sure don’t believe in some Heaven with streets of gold and only the ‘right folks’ are on the right hand of God helping him to throw down that fire and brimstone just drooling at the mouth to throw us heathens into Hell.

      That just goes against everything Jesus taught in the Bible….doesn’t it?

      • R.D. Liebst

        I understand, perhaps in some respect better then I ever wanted to. There were times I looked out from 27 floors up and wondered if it would really hurt that much the sudden stop as I would hit the pavement of the parking lot? There really is a point when it does stop being your life. The reality is far worse then the end coming.

        I so felt for Amanda, 18 and she was reduce to living in a world that was so frightening for her. , Her days were screaming fits and sobbing endlessly.
        Bob my “friend” once a wise and successful now he spend mindless hours setting in his wheel chair not able to walk or take care of his personal needs.

        I am so thankful that I improved and learned to if not hide my shortcomings then over come them. I am still kind of nutty at times but I do not think any more then I was in reality!

      • R.D. – I am glad you got better – and I am grateful every day that I beat the odds and won my battle against cancer.

        I believe in Karma – so maybe there is something that you and I both are meant to accomplish on this Earth?

        If nothing else – at least try to bring some sanity into a world that has obviously gone C-R-A-Z-Y…..