Saturday, 12/21/13, Public Square

Winter Solstice

winter solstice


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  1. Today is the shortest day of the year, and I understand Ole Man Winter plans to make his entrance known. Stay safe, stay warm, and always know that you are loved!

  2. The Republican Economic Agenda over the last few decades.

  3. Here’s some good news.

    All four town council members in Exeter, Rhode Island, defeated a recall election and the voters sent a powerful message to the gun lobby and NRA — we support elected officials who support our public safety.


    A Federal Judge struck down the Utah same-sex marriage ban saying it is unconstitutional.

    “The court agrees with Utah that regulation of marriage has traditionally been the province of the states, and remains so today. But any regulation adopted by a state, whether related to marriage or any other interest, must comply with the Constitution of the United States,” the judge wrote.


    What good news do YOU have to share?

    • My very much anticipated new grand-daughter is doing well.

      My daughter and her husband were here last night – the baby was letting her mommy know that she was going to make her presence be felt.

      Today I worked my weekend – and I put in 12 hours. After my working that long, I went out to the parking lot and found my car buried in snow – and then I found a sheet of thick ice over every window on that car. My driver’s door was frozen – Luckily, the passenger door was not frozen – so I had to climb over the middle console to get into the driver’s seat.

      It took me an hour to scrape and shovel my way out of that parking lot.

      But, you know what? It sure was a beautiful snow coming down. I looked around – and the wind was not that bad (thank God) – with the snow glistening in the dark and the parking lot lights glowing….

      It was downright magical…..and it took my breath away.

      This world does have some beautiful moments….if we just look for them..

      • I hope today is much easier for you, Indy! I’ve forgotten the due date of your granddaughter but it warms my heart to hear all are well!

      • Thanks fnord…….today will be much easier for me – no work

        But this entire week will be stressful – we will be short staffed by 3 people (out of 5)….and nobody seems to think this will present a problem???

        Two of those 3 people will be out for the entire two weeks of Christmas and New Years.

        One of those is out on maternity leave (okay, good reason)

        The other one has already taken 70+ days off this year (she has only been with the company for two years – so this does NOT adhere to the employee handbook/policies).

        This woman’s excessive absence (all unpaid leave) has caused quite a resentment within the company.

        Kinda like when the uber wealthy Americans get all the tax breaks and then scream for more because they claim to be so – persecuted.

        This type of person is everywhere – and they just don’t get it as to why others around them start to resent them…… it pig-headed stubborn or these folks just don’t give a damn about anyone else?

        I suspect it is the latter..

        BTW – just to add another rub to this already resentment brewing – this woman is also one of those Proud N Loud Fundy Christians…..(just what I needed – huh?