Wednesday, 12/18/13, Public Square

chhose birth control


by | December 18, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. AT the very least – stop taking my tax dollars to pay for Viagra and other erectile dysfunction pills.

    Using Republicans’ logic of defunding things we don’t like – let’s not stop at defunding paying for Viagra…..

    Defund these damn wars for profit.

    Defund the pension plan for the Congress Critters.

    Let’s stop giving tax dollars to record-breaking profit making oil companies – or any other company (for that matter)

    Let’s stop using the military for the security of corporate shills making those record-breaking profits – off the sweat and deaths of our soldiers.

    Let’s stop paying for the health care of all those Congress Critters.

    Let’s stop giving tax dollars to foreign countries that don’t like us -and Israel and Saudia Arabia also included.

    Let’s stop using tax dollars to find peace in the Middle East. Here’s a way to solve that centuries-old problem – Put Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Arab Leader (whichever one it is this week) into a locked room. Hopefully, they will kill each other. And then tell their followers – you’re next.

    These are just a few of my suggestions.

    I wonder if and when John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly or any other self-important Republican would have the cajones to take any of my suggestions and put them into action?

    Or…we could put it up for a vote to the American People…

    I suspect there would be a lot of people wanting to see two world leaders in a locked room fighting it out…..

    Maybe we could sell tickets – Pay per View – and pay down our national debt?

    Hell….there would be money left over….

  2. When I saw the picture above of the young woman holding the various possible methods of male birth control… made chuckle.

    But, then, I remembered the case of Lorena Bobbitt – does anyone else remember what she is famous for doing?

    Hmmmmm…..that is another thing these Republican males need to learn – how to control their little minds…

    At the very least – stop pushing this idealogy that God commanded men to be the masters and women their slaves.

    Get rid of that ridiculousness – and maybe we could stop all this of ‘Boys will be Boys’. You betcha….Wink-Wink

  3. Who is this guy and what have they done with the real pope? He’s just too good to be true…so far….

    Really? Christians should humble themselves and serve others?

    I’m no fan of the Catholic Church, but I think I like this new pope. Now, if he’ll just put some action behind those words, it would be a revolution hundreds if not thousands of years overdue!

    • bobwhitenks

      I Agree.

    • I like this pope’s words also.

      And, like you, I am waiting to see what action he puts behind his words.

      As I have always freely confessed on this blog- I am huge cynic when it comes organized religion .

      So, let’s just say I am hopeful Pope Francis can succeed where so many other flawed popes have failed in the past..

      But…..exactly how can a Church revolutionize itself when they are putting Pope John Paul on the fast track to sainthood?

      Seriously? A man who knew what was going on behind closed doors and chose to do nothing until the courts made him dig into their coffers (or their insurance carriers’ coffers?) and pay out millions to victims of child molesting priests..

      Proof of a true revolution would be to see Pope Francis kick out a few of those old perverted ways – and the robed men who liked to play those ways.

      That one act alone would make me – a confessed deep-rooted cynic – become hopeful that maybe – just maybe – the Catholic Church can be a source of good in the world – and not just a depository for all that golden treasure – and the many buried ugly secrets…….

      • I am puzzled as to how people react to Pope Francis.

        One would think he is the best thing slnce sliced bread.

        People are flocking to see him – and they are lavishing high praise on the man for his words (which is a good thing).

        But – just like when people talk about what they want in a president – most people will say the same thing….

        Someone who is honest, truthful, trustworthy and strives to do the right thing.

        But – yet these same folks have voted for men who did nothing but take us to war on a false promise – and run up our deficits to give tax cuts to their wealthy friends.

        So….I guess the meaning of ‘doing the right thing’ means different things to different folks?

        We had a president who was honest, truthful, trustworthy and tried to do the right thing – he was named Jimmy Carter.

        And who did the people choose to replace Jimmy Carter (the true Christian IMHO) – Ronald Reagan.

        Reagan was a gifted Hollywood actor with the gift of the silver tongue.

        It’s just a shame the damn thing was forked….

        People say the characteristics they want in a leader – such as this new pope – but when the rubber hits the road – the people really want someone that will benefit THEM….