Sunday, 12/15/13, Public Square

lower abortion rates



by | December 15, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. I would rather have my taxes used to provide free contraception than for Medicare and Medicaid to buy Viagra…

    and this has been happening for a LONG time…

  2. Does unfettered capitalism – the kind the CONservative Reoublicans brag about – allow for these ‘legal high’ drugs to be sold with horrendous consequences – and yet, there is nothing that can be charged legally?

    Wow – with this news – and our country’s obvious obsession with Guns and Ammo – what does the future hold for our kids?

  3. bobwhitenks

    My “Reply” to today’s post is to make the suggestion regarding the Post’s final statement, ‘that the Republicans can no longer do anything “right or helpful” for either the common good or the public interest and that the voters should never vote for any Republican. Today, to be Republican is to be both immoral and conservative. It hasn’t always been that way.’

    • I agree. I do know Republicans who are good, moral and compassionate people.

      But in today’s Grand Old Party – these good folks are now called RINOs and driven off the cliff.

      The only way to break this cycle is for these RINOs to stop, turn around and start pushing back against this tide of Fundy Churchies and their perceived version of what is ‘white and right’ in their Christian Fantasy Land.

      I suspect all this hatred and evil became even stronger the moment Barack Obama was first inaugurated as president.

      How else could one explain a blonde bimbo on that network stating that Jesus was white – and that is a fact.

      These Fundies need to be fed that cotton-candy crappola in order to make themselves feel superior – IMHO.

      • I have to wonder – do these Republicans really expect the rest of the country to simply forget how they treated President Obama if and when one of their white guys gets back into the White House?

        That evil hatred horse has left the barn…….and ain’t ever going to come back.

        If these Fundies truly believe that half of the country is just going to turn around and kiss the white butt of their boy when he finally gets in there…..then they are more stupid than I thought.

  4. Listen to this video and just think of how Conservative Republicans have been dealing with science and technology these past 17 years since Carl Sagan passed away.

    Pay close attention to what Carl Sagan said the Republicans abolished…..and it seems these fools are still on their quest to see how fast they can drag America to the bottom..

    • Speaking of science and technology…….read this article and then ask yourself one question….

      Why does America never have trouble finding money to go to war – but then those same folks who vote to go to war, will vote to cut federal spending on science and technology – or to deny someone health insurance – and then try to cloak themselves in some robe of moral superiority?

      In a country as wealthy as America – there is NO reason why anyone should be denied the opportunity to benefit from science and technology…

      that especially goes for health care for EVERYONE..