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  1. If the real Jesus came up to these White Evangelical Conservative Christian Republicans – what do you think would happen?

    Would Rick Warren be there pressuring Jesus to buy his latest book – the diet plan?

    Or would Rick Warren even lower himself to be meeting with someone new to the group?

    I can still remember a nurse telling the story of how one of the nursing home residents was in her last days and she asked for someone to call her preacher at that fundy mega church up in North Wichita..

    When the nurse called – she was asked as to which preacher did she want. The nurse was taken back for a moment and then was told – they have 10 preachers – so what was the person’s name and maybe they could find out which preacher she really wanted.

    When the nurse said what the resident’s name was – she was really taken back by this response – we don’t have anyone in our listing by that name. Maybe you need to go ask another church.


    Would Jesus turn away someone who was reaching out for some type of comfort?

    Maybe the reason this residen’ts name was not on their listing was because she never gave a bunch of money to the church – or maybe she gave cash – which is not traceable….

    There could be several reasons someone’s name is not on the list…but rather than trying to find out – this church decided to just send them away.

    Hey – here’s a novel idea – maybe come out to the nursing home and see this person – even if they are not on your top 100 donors listing…


    But – hey – these mega churches are all sitting there in their tax-free country clubs being assured that Jesus is a white man because some blonde bimbo on their Foxxies channel told them that was a fact.

    So if the real Jesus came walking through the door – what do you think his welcome party would be like?

    • Then there’s the story of my ex-friend – the devoted Catholic Conservative Republican – who asked me for my thoughts when she called into her local parish to ask to be placed on the prayer list because her daughter had just experienced a miscarriage.

      The response my ex-friend got was this – I don’t know if Father would agree to this – I will have to go ask him.

      Again….WTF…….someone reaching out for comfort to their own damn church and they get this attitude of…….we’ll see if you qualify for our help?

      I call B.S. on all these damn fake churches.

    • bobwhitenks

      I think I know what Jesus would do, i.e., WWJD; but what I don’t know is what mega-church in north Wichita would do such a thing: to anybody?

      • Exactly…..the Jesus I learned about from the Bible was a man helping people all the time…..from healing the sick – to feeding the hungry – to protecting the suspected prostitute from being stoned to death.

        The only time Jesus ever showed his temper was when he ran those money vendors out of the Temple…….

        IMHO – we have far too many money vendors using Jesus’ name in vain……pretending to be a follower of Jesus’ teachings – when in reality, their churches are nothing more than tax-free country clubs…..sitting on prime real estate – also tax free.

  2. This is what Fundy White Conservative Republicans do when they get caught spewing their nonsense….

    It is NEVER their fault – it is because the critics are race baiting…

    Or , in the scenario of rape – it is ALWAYS the woman’s fault – as we have heard numerous Conservative Republicans spew that nonsense….haven’t we?

    My boss is like this…….she says something outrageous, belittles people and then when confronted, she claims she was just kidding….or the employees took it the wrong way… other words – it is NEVER her fault.

    Would it be a surprise to anyone here that my boss is a White Conservative Republican?

  3. Freedomwriter

    The Hays Daily News 12/8/2013

    One of the most vexing intersections in politics is that of religion and democracy. Faith deals in absolutes and senses of clear right and wrong. But citizen politics traditionally lives in the grey area between extremes, the land of compromise and uncertainty.

    Religion teaches us that some things simply must be, while politics is (to quote Otto von Bismarck) the art of the possible. Those differences have not kept political candidates and officeholders from embracing a deep connection between religion and politics, even though they are a volatile combination.

    Take Gov. Sam Brownback for an example of that delicate mix, given Catholic faith that shapes much of his moral and political ideology. Like many on the right, Brownback makes the religious inspiration for his policy preferences quite overt, and voters have embraced conservative candidates using religious rhetoric similar to that of the governor.

    Lest the right take complete ownership of religious iconography, though, the religious left has emerged and now presents a puzzling challenge. Pope Francis, an exponent of the social justice movement championed by the left, recently issued a broadside against Brownback’s style of politics that threatens to open up a philosophical rift among the religious. The pope’s comments last week strongly indicted conservative economic theory, saying “some … continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world. This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts, expresses a crude and naÃØve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power.”

    From the beginning of his governorship, Brownback has consistently asserted the trickle-down theory of economists such as adviser Arthur Laffer in his effort to eliminate all forms of income tax in the state. Brownback thus becomes one of the defenders of the ideology that Pope Francis condemns. While the governor and pope might agree on a number of things, their economic theory differences are irreconcilable.

    The governor may find the pope’s logic unconvincing, but what will voters in Kansas think when presented a choice between the two visions? Catholics comprise about one-sixth of the state population, according to, but their preferences are unclear.

    Ever since the Summer of Mercy in 1991, Kansas’ conservative and Republican majority has been closely allied with religious conservatives, at first associated with the pro-life movement but then in a progressively wider swath of issues including same-sex marriage, taxes and economics. The casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that the right has earned exclusive ownership over religiously inspired public policy.

    The pope’s edict means that a shift in religious rhetoric — and perhaps behavior — may be underway. The left would like their social justice agenda, focused primarily on social services and wealth redistribution, to reach a level of notoriety equal to their conservative counterparts’ stands on issues like abortion.

    A poll by the left-leaning Public Religion Research Institute this summer suggests an opportunity for liberal Christians to thrive as younger voters enter the political system. Less than 20 percent of those surveyed under the age of 33 identified themselves as conservative. Twenty-five percent of those under-33 identified themselves as liberal, implying a fertile ground for messages like Pope Francis’ to take root. Older voters, much more likely to self-identify as religious conservatives, could be replaced by more liberal Christians as the electorate ages.

    For some time, the governor has had little problem selling his economic theories to the public as divinely inspired. However, the pope’s repudiation of his trickle-down ambitions suggests a much tougher sell is ahead for Sam Brownback.

    Chapman Rackaway is a professor of political science at Fort Hays State University

    • Freedomwriter

      Maybe there’s still hope.

      • IF the younger generation starts to pay close attention to politics and then becomes INVOLVED – that is the time there will be a chance for real hope.

        As I’ve said before on this blog….. although Pope Francis has said some mighty ‘purty’ words – I have not seen any action started by this Pope’s church.

        Or, have I missed the memo stating when the Vatican plans to hold their Yard Sale?

        I was told by some closely involved – the local Catholic Parish gave a million dollars for a chapel to built inside a brand new assisted living facility.

        The kicker is – right next door across their adjoining parking lot is a brand new Catholic Church not more than a year old..

        I have personally seen this chapel in question – and it is beautiful.

        But – when there is a brand new Catholic Church in the same damn parking lot….why the hell was the decision made to give a million dollars to this one assisted living facility to have a duplicate place to do their prayers?

        A million dollars could have been spent in a lot more positive ways – to provide seed money to help families thrive…

        But…..NO….the decision was made for – once again – a flowery, beautiful place to do your prayers…

        Prayers for what – asking God to bless them even more?

  4. Freedomwriter

    Using their time, rather than their money, to visit those in the assisted living facility would have been more charitable. But in reference to the Hays Daily News piece, any efforts spent trying to broaden the discussion to assist in bringing the conversation back to a point of reason are welcome. I’m not religious so I naturally challenge any who believe they have all the answers. I’m just thrilled to hear someone among their ranks beginning to counter some of their rhetoric.

    • I hope this new Pope can do some good…..but I suspect he is more of a marketing ploy so that the world will forget about that -child molestation problem the Church had to pay millions to the victims because their church leaders made the choice to look the other way.

      I am a cynic….

      • The reason I am saying this ….

        I watched as two Bishops were on national television and they were both happy – and laughing – when they said Pope Francis was a breath of fresh air to the Church.

        And then both of them said – the collections are up – way, way up.

        These two men were talking about their Pope as if he was some rock star – that was going to save them all.

        But….I did find it more than interesting that the one single thing both of these robed men latched on to was – more money is coming for the church.

      • Maybe with all the additional money – some more assisted living centers can have their own lavish chapel at a million dollars a pop?

        Like I said before – I am a cynic – and I am the first to admit that fact.

      • Freedomwriter

        LOL! And I am an eternal optimist!

      • Glad to hear you’re an eternal optimist…….I used to be that way…a long time ago…before being personally affected by churchy-religionists.

        I’m glad you’re there to balance out my cynicism..

  5. Freedomwriter

    The two priests missed the message as the money should be going to help the people. Religions like most institutions get side tracked from their original purpose. They are to be of service—not to further entrench their organizations into perpetuating the status quo.

    • FWIW – I work in the health care field and have seen firsthand how the Catholics have bought up the lion’s share of the hospitals and doctors clinics.

      My own doctor’s clinic was bought out by the Catholics a year ago – what was once a $98 office visit for my yearly exam is now $300…..

      Hmmm……..and when I call into that office, I get an automated message as to which button do I choose to push – and, if I am the lucky one that day – someone might just return my call.

      It’s alot like winning the lottery – IMHO. Maybe my number will be called and maybe not..

      which means another visit to that automated message loop-de-loop into which I throw my lottery number in the hat again – and MAYBE, this time, I will be called back.

      I’ve also noticed that this same automated message system seems to be robot caller which calls me to remind me that I need that test – or that lab – or that recommended procedure……

      So, I suspect someone is mining the medical records to see which patients have insurance that pays and how much can we gouge this patient for – this month.

      I’ve just gotten off their merry-go-round – and I have found there was not a damn thing wrong with my heart (after several expensive tests) – and yet I still have the same symptoms – the damn hives from that damn shingles vaccination – of which my doctor laughed in my face when I questioned him if these recurring hives are a side effect from the vaccination.

      Imagine that – being laughed at for asking – what I thought was a reasonable question.

      And then – on top of that – I get a bill for my portion of all these tests they sent me on my wild-goose chase – and they demand payment in 30 days.

      I asked for a payment plan for 6 months – they wanted 3 months.

      Then, after agreeing to the payment plan of 6 months, I get this form letter from them informing me that they have made ‘special payment arrangements for me’ and if I am late for just one of those payments – they will immediately turn me over to collections.

      Yeah – there’s that good ol’ Catholic Church compassion…..huh?

      As I started this – I work for in health care – and I know that these Catholics have found several ways to use the government funding to provide their perceived ‘charity healthcare’.

      Charity my Aunt Fanny……..these groups make money off the government funding and then these same Churchy People go out and blame the black man in the White House for the federal budget spending being too damn high?

      I would wager that the average person does not know where these Catholics get their funding for their health care empire…….it’s taxpayers – that’s where.

      I also have to shake my head when these same Churchy people demonize Obamacare.

      Let’s think about this – if Obamacare is really going to bankrupt the health care system – then why have the Catholics become the monopoly of health care in our city?

      Catholic Church is not a poor church……not by any stretch of the imagination.