Thursday,12/12/13, Public Square

what gop is FOR



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  1. Fnord, sorry about your accident. I sure hope you get past the pain and discomfort quickly and completely. I bet having the great granddaughter there was the best pain reliever of all.

    • A little perspective. Humans. We sure can mess stuff up quickly!

      • R.D. Liebst

        But …but… But we are the most intelligent creatures on earth! Ok we did not ask any other of the creatures on earth…. And we uses ourselves as the bench mark to decide that… And used the characteristic that we only seem to have since we do not understand what any other creatures are saying so they must not use a langrage? And they do not use any manufactured exterior products other then what is needed for they basic survival.

        They don’t seem to need fancy coffees or more then what they need to survive. We are so much more intelligent then any other animal on earth.
        we should prove It by setting fire to our homes and using our food for toilet paper…

  2. This is an interesting piece about a subject I hadn’t given much thought to — the Bush administration’s failure to groom conservative leaders. And, the comments from the ‘conservatives’ prove both their lack of ability to read and understand, plus how they’ve expertly honed their skills in being jerk-offs. Arguments that have nothing to do with the article and everything to do with off-topic hateful criticism. They don’t even any longer pretend to have more than hate. Just like their elected leaders they’re just against and devoid of alternatives.

    Rachel Maddow: How George W. Bush failed the GOP

    • R.D. Liebst

      I put my two cents in LOL man that runs fast on comments! spit balls fill up that blog faster then on a boys locker room lockers!

  3. Words like Marxism, Socialism, Communism or any of the other “isms,” are used regularly without much thought by people who seem not to have much understanding of what they speak about. Many people much smarter than I may argue what type of “ism” the United States is but I am intelligent enough to know that capitalism run amok is destroying it. Pure, unadulterated greed. This author finds the words I cannot, puts them together and ends up saying much of what I know to be true.

    A few excerpts:

    “That may be the ultimate tragedy of capitalism in our time, that it has achieved its dominance without regard to a social compact, without being connected to any other metric for human progress.
    One of the things that capital would want unequivocally and for certain is the diminishment of labour. They would want labour to be diminished because labour’s a cost. And if labour is diminished, let’s translate that: in human terms, it means human beings are worth less.”

    “The last job of capitalism – having won all the battles against labour, having acquired the ultimate authority, almost the ultimate moral authority over what’s a good idea or what’s not, or what’s valued and what’s not – the last journey for capital in my country has been to buy the electoral process, the one venue for reform that remained to Americans.”

    David Simon: ‘There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show’
    The creator of The Wire, David Simon, delivered an impromptu speech about the divide between rich and poor in America at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney, and how capitalism has lost sight of its social compact. This is an edited extract