Wednesday, 12/11/13, Public Square

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by | December 11, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Hey, where is everyone today? It’s noon and I’m still the first one here?

    Today’s Zappadan Quote directed to the people in the graphic header today.

    If your children ever find out how lame you really are, they’ll gonna murder you in your sleep.
    — Frank Zappa, quoted from Whole Grains, an early 1970’s book of quotations

  2. I’m still expecting miracles even though none have shown up. Today’s Zappa music.

  3. R.D. Liebst

    I just got back from an excursion to Wichita, took my mother to her heart Doctor for a routine check up and follow up. The appointment was for 11 and it took till now to get back. I just love being at the Heart Doctor’s.

    LOL I start watching the Political channels then switch to bonanza just as much bull headed action except by the end common sense wins out. I can not say the same for the Political channels!

  4. I spent the morning at the doctor and then this afternoon had a visit from my great-granddaughter. She will be five months next week and is the cutest, sweetest, most fun, smartest… you get the gist. đŸ™‚ This sure is a fun age (I say that about most ages).

    I had scheduled this morning’s doctor appointment weeks ago for an annual physical. My doctor holds me hostage and won’t renew medications unless he sees me once a year for blood work and such. [eye roll] Well, meantime, I fell last Sunday morning on that invisible ice when I went out for the paper. Bruises, minor abrasions and a sore tail bone that won’t let me walk or sit without being detected got the doctor’s attention. He felt around and asked questions then decided he better get an x-ray. I asked why. He said he suspected a fracture of the tail bone or compression fractures… I said if your suspicions are confirmed what are you gonna do. He’s been my doctor for 30 years so we pretty much have one another figured out. Anyway, we agreed that neither he nor I needed confirmation of something he couldn’t do much of anything about with or without the confirmation. I know I hurt. He gave me a prescription for some mild pain pills and I will take those to help me sleep and I’ll use some alternating heat and ice… I used only ice for the first three days. Now I have doctor’s orders to do the same things I was doing before seeing him. But, now I’m supposed to keep him ‘informed.’ Folks, in case I haven’t said this recently or one of you suddenly found a fountain of youth that allowed you to forget about aging — THIS GETTIN’ OLDER HURTS !

    • Sorry to hear of the bumps and bruises…….but, things could have been worse….

      Let me guess…..even with a sore tail bone, I bet that did not put any crimp in your Great-Grandma role of holding, cuddling, playing and all-round-spoiling that we Grandmas get to do….

      Am I right?

      I got to see my pregnant daughter and her husband last night. It is such a great feeling to see those two so happy about the baby coming. And she is really getting big……but she is going into her last two months…..

      She goes to the doctor tomorrow for that glucose tolernace test…….so, keep your fingers crossed. If she passes this first test, then she will not have to go through the longer – and more involved – glucose tolerance testing.

  5. Andy Borowitz tweet —
    GOP Repeal Obamacare Update: website working, but President still black.

    • And Obama was asked to speak at Mandela’s memorial service…for the entire world to see…..

      You know it’s ONLY because Obama is black……right?

      Seems Obama cannot win with these CONServative Republicans.