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  1. AMEN………..these Fundy Evangelicals that want no separation between Church and State need to think their plan through……. IMHO

    If Church can interfere with State – then the State can interfere with Church – correct?

    This is WHY there should be a separation of Church and State….

    Geesh…..I knew Americans have been dumbed down…but God Almighty….

    I suspect these Fundies want to handle the separation of Church and State thing like they cherry pick their Bible verses……these folks only want to TELL the State what to do……and ignore the rest of that equation of the State having the right to tell Churches what to do..

    Rick Santorum summed it up quite well when he said during the 2012 GOP presidential primary – Republicans will never get the smart people to vote for them…

    That’s the only time I ever agreed with Rick Santorum

    • Another prediction you can count on is that each of these people will have their own definite idea of which religion is the only true one and absolutely no respect for even tiny differences that don’t change a thing. More wars, death and atrocities caused by those who perceive their flavor of religion is being persecuted. Religious zealots are the worst kind.

      Each time you find a Christian claiming their beliefs are under attack you will have also found a person who attacks non-Christians for their beliefs.

      Note to faux-christians: if a society begins including more people than just you, that is NOT persecution OR a war on anything. Now, Happy Holidays and getthefuckoverit.

      • Example – prayer in school.

        I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and I do not remember ever saying a prayer during school time.

        We said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning….but no prayer.

        I don’t understand these folks who are beating this school prayer drum?

        NOW, if these folks want a prayer in school – that would be okay IF all prayers are welcomed…..and therein lies the problem…

        Have you noticed that these folks who demand school prayer want ONLY their Christian prayers?

        When confronted – these folks will then fall back on their desire to see NO separation between Church and State.

        Hmmm……..if Churches want to tell the State what to do….then they can damn well pay taxes on all those mega church campuses built on prime real estate……..

        And this is generally the point at which these same folks will cry…….for….separation of Church and State….and the State has no right ot tax them.

        Yeah… I said above….these folks love to cherry pick their Bible verses and they love to cherry pick the advantages of being a tax-free institution in the eyes of the State.

        But these folks still want to tell the State what to do….

        Hell – did I miss the memo where God died and named these folks as his successor?

      • indy, I attended school in Whitewater KS from 1956-1963 during the “start every day with a prayer” days; and they did, with a most-definitely Christian prayer. This came to a screeching halt in 1962. No explanation was ever given the students. Meanwhile, the trivialization of the Pledge of Allegiance continued apace with the daily rote recitation thereof.

      • 6176 – I think I am a few years younger than you – and maybe the difference is between schools in Kansas and those in Illinois?

        I can remember several Jewish kids – a lot of Catholic kids – during my elementary school days. By the time the Catholic kids were junior and senior high school age – they went off to their Catholic schools.

  2. I did not watch this Sound of Music live event – did any of you?

    Seems Carrie Underwood has some harsh words for her critics.

    Okay – I can understand being hurt by critics not liking your acting abilities….and the critics did say Carrie Underwood is a wonderful singer – but to come out and actually use a Bible verse to call your critics mean people and they need Jesus.


    • Correct me if I am wrong….but why would Jesus even care if some former costars of the Sound of Music went to Twitter to criticize a singer’s performance as an actor?

      BTW – don’t we also celebrate the right to free speech in this country?

      Or, is that only reserved for certain ‘right’ folks??

  3. There are at least two ways this meme could be interrupted: The first is the obvious that most republicans have NO CLUE when it comes to women and their party policies prove that. Another possibility is they will first send Sarah out to do a pole dance in a short skirt to get the republican mens attention and then use smaller words in their lessons where old white men attempt to teach old white men about women. We can count on the fact they won’t think about changing their policies…

    • bobwhitenks

      Certainly, not all Republicans are this stupid and, yet, it is very obvious that a vast majority are.

      • Women don’t easily forget the legislation introduced, the votes taken, and the platforms and policies that are attacks on women and women’s rights. I do know there are republican women (they are a minority of women however), I just have no understanding of why they hold themselves in such low regard.

        Workplace and pay discrimination, violence against women, military sexual assaults, domestic violence, restrictions on women’s health care and protections for women and their families, restricting contraception, cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood and Head Start and education at every level, state-mandated, medically unnecessary ultrasounds, abortion taxes, abortion waiting periods, forcing women to tell their employers why they want birth control, and prohibiting insurance companies from including abortion coverage, policies that prove the only time they’re “pro-life” is when you’re talking about an unborn fetus — after it’s left the womb, “pro-life” goes right out the window are all on the short list of reasons women vote Democratic in large majorities.

        The majority of women recognize that when a group of men needs lessons in how to talk to women about laws and governance those men need to understand much more than how to talk to women. When you have men (and some women) who believe that women are somehow not worthy of the same respect as men solely because of their bodies, nothing is going to change. It’s not just a question of laws; it’s a question of attitude. It’s not “men and women” — it’s “human” and “other.”

    • I thought the reason they used small words was to confuse the Neanderthals….

  4. bobwhitenks

    I like today’s post and agree with its point. However, I also think it is very important to understand exactly who did write the Bible, and why, and that it was not God.

    • The only part of the Bible that specifically says it was written by God’s own hand were the Ten Commandments…

      Remember the story? Moses came down from the mountain with two tablets purported to be God’s own handwriting

      But….how many of these same Evangies break the Ten Commandments every time they tell a lie about President Obama and not give it a thought?

      Bearing false witness (ie telling a lie) is a big No-No on the Top Ten List.

  5. Happy Zappadan! I thought this quote was especially appropriate for the topic.

    “Yeah, I tell them to change the channel if they see some guy in a brown suit with a telephone number at the bottom of the screen asking for money.”
    – Frank on being asked by Tipper Gore if there was anything on the TV he didn’t allow his kids to watch

    Bonus Zappa quote for the day. “Tax the FUCK out of the churches.”


    There is surprisingly little Zappa music on You Tube. So today, instead of posting a clip, how about some Zappa lyrics appropriate to the thread?

    Those Jesus Freaks
    Well, they’re friendly but
    The shit they believe
    Has got their minds all shut
    An’ they don’t even care
    When the church takes a cut
    Ain’t it bleak when you got so much nothin’
    — Frank Zappa, “The Meek Shall Inherit Nothin'”

    • Jesus Freaks also seem to call their critics mean people that need Jesus…

      I refer you to my post above about Carrie Underwood and that Sound of Music live event she participated in…