Tuesday, 12/3/13, Public Square

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by | December 3, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. R.D. Liebst

    OK… I answered the phone and it started with a recorded message saying ” This is Best buy… If this is Mary Liebst please press “1” so I pressed one and it then said “According to our records you do not have a Mobil phone number. Please press five and enter your seven digit mobile phone number!”

    If they records indicate there is no mobile phone number then why would they think that she could enter a mobile phone number? And if she did have one and had not told them.. Why would she then give them one?

  2. OMG. Sometimes, you just can’t even make this shit up.

    On Black Friday, a small, locally owned business in Hays was handing out tiny complimentary bottles of water tagged “Keep Calm. Shop Small” as part of it’s promotion to shop with locally owned small businesses. The picture was on the front of the Hays Daily website.

    The funny part? The label on the water was “Great Value.”

    Ok, boys and girls, which giant retailer, you know, the one that refuses to pay a living wage and holds food drives for its own employees at Thanksgiving?

    That’s right. Wally World. So… to promote shopping downtown at locally owned small businesses, they purchased water bottles from Walmart.

    Facepalm. I guess I should just be happy they were not using Trego County’s water or water from Cedar Bluff.

    Jesus wept. Some people truly are too stupid to live. Like most of Hays…