Monday, 12/2/13, Public Square

pants hangin down


by | December 2, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. The current GOP talking point is that Obama lied about the website being fixed by the end of November.

    I heard several Republicans on the Sunday news talk shows complaining that people are having their insurance cancelled and they are fighting cancer or one example was they’re expecting a baby and don’t know what to do if they lose their insurance.

    Hmmm…..all these things were happening before Obamacare…..and did the Republicans care at that time?

    Oh HELL NO….

    This sudden compassion for people facing the possibility of no health insurance is nothing more than another GOP talking point – IMHO.

    As for telling lies – ask Republicans why they no longer say – Repeal and Replace Obamacare….

    That word – replace – has been dropped from their GOP talking points – hasn’t it?

    Talk about telling a big lie……..

    • R.D. Liebst

      If it makes my point…. It does not matter if it was yesterday or a hundred years ago. The simple truth is it is the point I am wanting to make so that is the point of repeating it! whether it is that in the South Blacks are being hung and tried to trees and whipped or that women could not express their rights by voting. It could also be that men who sexually assault little boy must be homosexuals. since they did not rape a little girl, it must be that homosexuality leads to child molestation.

      There My point is at time more important then reality or truth.

  2. If you haven’t heard the ‘conservatives’ spreading this conspiracy theory, here’s what you need to know. Remember they ignore facts, pick and choose bits of information (the same way some select verses from the Bible) and try to make them fit into their revision of history.

    • The truth is as foreign to these Conservative Republicans as the real Jesus would be foreign to these same morally superior folks.

      Could you imagine what these folks would do if the real Jesus came into their midst and started talking about his radical views of healing the sick for free, feeding the hungry, protecting a woman from being stoned to death?

      The shock….the horror of it all…..and then these ‘temple vendors’ would really go to town demonizing Jesus for his simple robe, long hair, sandals and not piece of gold blinged jewelry on the man…

      This image would never do for such morally superior temple vendors……would it?