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  1. Is everyone enjoying this weather!? I hope you are all happy, healthy and have someone to share the day with!

  2. How low will the Reich Wing Regime go?

    Cartoon claims Obamacare means men will get STDs from women who can now afford birth control. From that irrational comment it really gets weird and stupid. Oh, poor right-wing men… women are ONE of their problems but it has NOTHING to do with Obamacare. [eye roll]

    • wicked

      When will they understand that nothing is free? Birth control under Obama is not free, only required to be a part of the insurance policy.

      It’s hard to believe that I once paid $2 a month for B.C.

  3. I hear Fox news has decided to help The Republican Party rewrite history to make it seem republicans haven’t waged war on women’s rights. I don’t know many women who are dumb enough to fall for that line of bullshit, but I will admit I don’t spend much time around right wingers — especially the females — so I guess they’ll fool the foolish.

  4. bobwhitenks

    I like this cite very much. I visit it regularly. My reasons are because of the concern and attitude toward religion, as in faith, politics, as in progressive, and rights, as in gender and race.

    • I am the first one to tell you that I biased against Fundy Evangelical Christians – which is I why I am so cynical about that particular group.

      But….as all the PPP regulars will tell you – I have had up close and personal experiences with these folks – and fnord’s posted cartoon IS spot on.

      My sin in the Evangelical World was that I fell in love with a Southern Baptist seminary student and – GASP – I was going to leave my Fundy Baptist Church and help my soon-to-be husband with his Southern Baptist church.

      My church was one of these mega churches (this was 1976) and my preacher actually told me that I was marrying the Devil himself. When I asked him how could he say that when he had not once talked with my soon-to-be husband – this preacher replied – his hair touches the top of his ears.

      HOLY CRAP – bring out the flogging post – because my fiancé did not make enough money to keep his hair trimmed at all times.

      My fiance’ had a small church – was paid $75 per week – attended seminary and drove about an hour each way – but he was given the parsonage to live in – which was an old house and during the first winter I lived there – the old furnace finally died and was not fixabled. There was no money in the church fund to buy a new furnace. – so the deacons asked us if we could wait a month before they would be able to replace the furnace.

      NOW , mind you, the cold winter gusts were blowing through the old non-insulated walls and the water pipes were already freezing – not to mention the 6-foot snow drifts all around our house.

      So – the fact that my fiancé’s hair above his ears was a bit too long – was the least of our worries.

      The REAL reason for my fundy preacher’s demonization – IMHO – was the fact that he knew I was going to leave his church.

      He did NOT want my parents to potentially leave his church also. My folks gave a lot of money to this fundy preacher so he could build and build and build his own mega monumental campus.

      We’ve all seen these current mega church campuses – haven’t we?

      This Fundy Preacher caused such a divisive rift within my family and between my fundy church and my fiancé’s little church.

      A total Hatfield and McCoy feud was started…..and all because the Fundy Baptist preacher did not like the young Southern Baptist preacher?

      If this is what churches are like….then NO THANK YOU…..I will pass on this Holy Crappola.

      I’ve often said – I lost my faith in churches throughout all that – but I did not lose faith in God.

      God has nothing to do with religions and churches – IMHO

      • BTW – my husband’s little Southern Baptist Church was not much better.

        These folks were just as mean, hate-filled and spiteful. I was told several time – to my face – that I was not welcome there and they had picked out a different girl for him to marry.


        My husband and I tried to make this situation work for 7 months…..and then we had our fill ….and that last sermon by my husband was a H-O-O-T.

        He talked about how Jesus used his love and compassion to help people.

        He then started on how church people use their hatred and their spiteful tongues to ruin people.

        He began to name names…….especially that woman who bragged to me that she was watching us through our bedroom window with her binoculars.

        It was a two-story house….and she told me exactly what color my bedspread was and what type of furniture we had in the house.

        So….I decided to give this old crow something to look at the next time.

        I made a poster-board sign and taped it to the window. I left nothing to imagination on that sign. I stated plain and simple how I felt about anybody mean, hateful and spiteful enough to snoop with binoculars.

        I even threw in a couple Bible verses. -just for fun.

        Imagine my surprise when this old crow – and her old bitty crowettes – when they were mad at me for posting that sign. How dare I say those things to them.


        What I should have done was to call the cops on their old prune asses……

        So…in today’s Fundy Evangelical World – nothing these folks do or say amazes me anymore. That is what happens when folks get this stupid notion that God loves them the best and the other guy is always wrong and going to Hell.

        Twisting the Bible to fit your own selfish and greedy agenda is not hard to do…….It’s done all the time.

        And…it’s very profitable….just look around you at all these mega churches……

      • R.D. Liebst

        I too have had that close and personal experience with the fundy Baptist. Setting in some class and hearing what is being said as Absolute Gospel. I often at best could not keep from having a “huff” coming out. It could lead at times to being a focus brought on me and then asked to explain why I disbelieved? Turning around and pointing out the Bible, it often ended in them accusing me of thinking I knew more then those who spent a life time studying. I shut them up with I study to see the word of God not to look for some justification for my own personal bias. yelps I have been asked to leave more then one church. .

      • bobwhitenks

        I share your disdain for fundamentalists, evangelicals, religious right, and conservative Christians; and I would add High Church, Churchianity, those who adhere to “religious creeds” and “preaching-the-word” (nothing against your husband because many pastors are the only practicioners (sp) of the word–they just should not preach to others: teach, yes; preach, no). I do respect very much persons who are humble in their faithfulness, believe in the lessons taught by Jesus the Jew and pursue as their faith-practice the actions like social justice, common good, the public interest, like ‘feeding the poor, healing the sick and freeing the captives’.

      • Bob – my husband left preaching and went into nursing home work.

        The reason he was preaching was because he wanted to help people, make our community a better place to live and to try to do the best we can by following the simple message of Jesus – which was to treat others like you want to be treated. And to make our surroundings a good place to be.

        And – there are people in nursing homes that need help – and someone to help them when they don’t know what to do or where to go.

        My husband has had more satisfaction doing nursing home management work than he ever did in the preacher’s pulpit.

        There are a lot of good people in this world. But from what I’ve seen in the last three decades (since these mega churches came on the scene), too many churches have become nothing more than tax-free country clubs.

        No soul….no love for anyone that is not exactly like them – and No compassion.

        Now – I ask you – how could the real Jesus be a party to some tax-free country club with a penchant for huge monuments and grabbing all that money?

        My grandpa never went to church – unless it was a funeral or a wedding.

        But my Grandpa lived a very fulfilling and spiritual life. He went through this life on Earth and he gave whenever he could and he gave whatever he could – most times when he did not have it to spare.

        When he died at the age of 64 – many people showed up at his funeral and nobody from the family knew who these people were. But they all had very similar stories…

        Grandpa gave them a sack of groceries – a tank of gas – a shoulder to cry on – or maybe just a ride into town to look for a job.

        THAT is what is missing from today’s society – IMHO.

        That idea of people helping people – and not expecting any repayment.

        My Grandpa was not a wealthy many with money in the bank. But he and my Grandma were married for 47 years and raised 6 kids. They never went hungry…

        When my Grandpa died – we found that picture of when Jesus was knocking on the door (remember that one?). On the other side was the Lord’s Prayer.

        For those folks who looked down on my Grandpa because he was not a church-going person – did not know the real person he was – or the life he led.

        One does not have to belong to a church or go every time the church doors are open to be a true light in this world.

        My husband has never regretted leaving his preaching days behind us. And knowing me and my big mouth – I would have NEVER made it as a preacher’s wife – and in looking around these churches today – I don’t want to be anywhere near these folks.

  5. While all this fuss about the new Pope Francis is being thrown around – I have to say one thing.

    Pope Francis says all the right words – but where is the action?

    Words without action are just empty words.

    I suspect Francis was just a smart marketing move on the Catholic Church’s part – because these old men have still not held their fellow priests, cardinals and bishops accountable for their knowingly making the choice to cover up child molesters – have they?

    Pope John Paul is right on track to become a saint – isn’t he? Pope Benedict has been relegated to his personal bachelor pad in the Vatican City.

    So….exactly what has this church done to right the wrong their colleagues did to those victims?

    The church paid out millions – when forced to by the Court – but where is the justice?

    So…excuse me if I don’t jump on the Pope Francis Love Bandwagon.

    I am waiting to see some action behind his words….

  6. As far as this stupid claim of men getting STD’s from women using birth control….what is any different than before Obamacare?

    Some men have always used and abused women – IMHO.

    Hell – look at these preachers and televangelists pushing the ideology that men are the masters and women are to submit to them.

    In our dealing with prostitution – who gets arrested, charged, jail time and/or fines?

    It’s the women……. rarely do the men get their names dragged through the mud.

    Hell……Congress Critters even get their names elevated to celebrity status if they get caught with this mistress. Especially if you’re a Conservative Family Values Republican.

  7. Outstanding talent!

    Pentatonix, an a cappella music group consisting of five members, posted a cover of “Little Drummer Boy” on YouTube on Nov. 25. In less than a week, it has become a viral sensation.

      • In that Fundy Baptist College – I had an admirer. He was from North Carolina. He was a nice enough guy…..good looking and nice manners.

        But…Christmas time came around and then he started spewing this nonsense about how Santa Claus was pure evil and of the Devil himself.

        Tommy did not want anyone around him to even say the words – Santa Claus – because if you did – you were tempting the Devil himself to come into your life and destroy everything.

        Hey….that was the last straw – Bucko!

        On the last day of classes before the campus would soon be empty due to most kids leaving to travel home for the holidays……we had our usual lunch time in the cafeteria.

        At my Fundy Baptist College – we had a family-style seating arrangement.

        Tommy, our friends and I were having lunch and we’re all excited about going home.

        After I finished eating…..I quietly got up from my chair and went right over to Tommy and said – Ho, Ho, Ho – MERRY Christmas!!!!!

        He was so mad………and he never forgave me for that….

        Wow – I dodged a silver bullet with that relationship -huh?

        Santa Claus reminds us of how people could be and should be………giving, oving, sharing, and making others feel good….

        What the Hell is wrong with that?

      • BTW – I did mention above how I have a big mouth – didn’t I?

        I had a mouth on me back in 1975…..and I was quieter back then…

        Can you imagine what I would tell that Tommy today?????