Saturday, 11/30/13, Public Square

argue or agree


by | November 30, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Two problems with the above statement –

    1) If we stop arguing all day – corporations would lose a lot of money because their base would not be riled up enough to go stand in line to buy an overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they hate homosexuals.

    2) Some folks don’t want the ‘other side’ to get any credit – so there is obstruction to any and all attempts to resolve any problem.

    • Here’s a thought – if the Radical Right would just stop and think…..the Republicans had total control from 2000 to 2006.

      If these social issues – ie abortion, gay marriage, birth control – were such hot button issues – then why didn’t one Republican in all that time try to pass legislation when they had TOTAL control?

      Perhaps ….these social issues are needed as political footballs to be brought out at appropriate times to rile up the above mentioned base ..??

      • As for the fighting over the federal budget – Republicans are only interested in one thing – how much of those tax dollars are being directed to all the ‘right’ people…

        You betcha….Wink-Wink..

        Case in point – the House voted to cut food stamps all in the name of ‘saving money’ – but yet these same folks turned around at the same time and increased the farm subsidies (which just happen to go to several Congress Critters and – let’s not forget – those corporate farmers.

        So….where were the savings in the actual federal spending?

        I suspect this is why Republicans need to keep their sheeple riled up enough to go stand in that line for that freakin….sandwich..
        It helps that corporate farmer (selling more chickens to hate-filled folks) and the sheeple will pat themselves on the back as if they are really accomplishing something good.

        I truly believe – both political parties are capable of the same bad behavior…..but, at least the Democrats don’t tell me how to run my personal life.

  2. bobwhitenks

    Seems to me to be an excellent way to begin …. first, identify not just what we think are the problems, rather, just one problem that we agree exists and work to resolve only the first thing about that problem upon which we agree that will fix at least that first part of the problem. What’s to argue about?

    • Republicans think that tax dollars used to feed people is a waste of money

      But these same folks see nothing wrong with taking those same tax dollars and giving them to corporations, who in turn use tax dollars to exploit cheap foreign labor overseas ….so, it is double-whammy – IMHO.

      How can we resolve this issue when one political party does not see the problem with giving tax dollars to corporations with no strings attached and no loyalty to America?

      I still remember Romney bragging about that Chinese factory with warehouses of young women with only one bathroom down the hall.

      Is this really what Republicans want for Americans’ future?

      Must be…..because Republicans applaud every time a Corporate CEO sucks off the government teat – then privatizes all the profits – and socializes all the costs.