Thursday, 11/28/13, Public Square

Think positive thoughts and be thankful.   Be kind and generous — it WILL get back to you!



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone…….

    Staying positive is my biggest challenge. Lately, I’ve looked around and all I see is how our society seems to value the wrong things – IMHO.

    President Obama is demonized for reaching out to Iran and come to an agreement about their nuclear program.

    Now, mind you, Obama did not do this all on his own – France, Germany, Russia,China and Great Britain (I think?) were allies with us in this deal – were they not?

    Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly denounced this deal as a horrific mistake…

    Wow – if talking to Iran is a horrific mistake – I wonder what the Jews thought about Ronald Reagan when he sold their enemy (Iran) those war weapons?

    Oh, excuse me, I forgot……we are talking about St. Ronnie – and we don’t every disparage his good morally superior name…

    No wonder America is so upside down in it’s thinking………

    What used to be called – good and moral – is now considered – weak and immoral.

    You know – kinda like Sammie Brownback said yesterday – reconciliation and forgiveness can be used to build a bridge.

    I guess what Sammie really meant was – empty words to make himself appear good and moral – while all the time , Sammie and his RePUKES continue to show the rest of the world how exceptionally STUPID our country can be………

    • P.S. – when Reagan said he could not remember anything about the Iran Contra deal……you did notice that he never said that he did not actually sell weapons to Iran

      The old coot just said that he could not remember….

      Also – I’ve noticed the GOP talking point about how Obama lied about healthcare reform….

      Hmmm….GWB lied to get us into war with Iraq – and there were alot of deaths and alot of taxpayer money wasted on that debacle.

      Reagan lied all the time ….but that’s okay?

      Oh, now I get it.. GWB and Reagan are both wealthy white men from the Elephant Club.

      Obama is the black man from the Donkey Club.

      You see the difference – don’t you? Yeah that makes me feel better too.

      heavy sarcasm///

    • wicked

      Sammie and his RePUKES continue to show the rest of the world how exceptionally STUPID our country can be………

      Not to mention how selfish and greedy they can be. Marie Antoinettes. All of them.

      • Off with their heads…….now that would be a fantasy I could enjoy watching unfold.


      • Heads rolling….I’m sorry…..I was thinking of the Queen of Hearts in ‘Alice in Wonderland’…

        Marie was the lady with the cake – correct?

        RePUKES take our tax dollars to give some corporation to bake that cake, then the 99% of Americans are expected to sit back and watch the 1% eat that damn cake that we paid for…..and THEN be the maids that clean up the mess when the 1% are done ravaging the cake – and everything else they can grab on to…… Wall Street Bail Out – remember…

        And all in the name of their God somewhere who has destined the 1% to be so wealthy – am I on the right track for the new and improved so-called Christianity as preached and practiced by these RePUKES?

        Besides – if God is truly that mean and vindictive….then why the Hell would I want anything to do with that God? I cannot stand his so-called selfish/greedy groupies here on Earth……

        An eternity with these hypocrits would truly be HELL…

      • P.S. – that corporation gets tax dollars to go overseas and exploit cheap labor to bake that damn cake – I left out the cherry on top of the RePUKES pile of B.S.

        Even the baking of the cake is a slap in every American’s face – and then these Marie Antoinettes wonder why the 99% of Americans don’t like them?

  2. R.D. Liebst

    Just a few minutes ago on the news they were saying that the reason that stores were closed on Thanksgiving was because of puritan laws and that it was an out dated and based on religious concepts. Now its that nice? Letting people have a day off so they could spend some family time together.

    Never mind that to have the stores open when many people are off would increase revenues and give an excuse for the influx of cheaper made products to be sold at higher cost! Whom is the winner in that ?
    The lower paid employees work and the corporate stores gain added income.

    Yes it is the Puritans fault that the large stores were bypassing a opportunity to increase profits and give the lower end of the food chain a chance to have time with family and friend!

    somehow I am thinking I should be feeling some moisture on my pants legs and looking for the rain clouds!

    • But yet we have a company – Hobby Lobby – making the argument that they should not be forced to provide health insurance coverage that includes birth control – which goes against their religious beliefs.

      But….we are to do away with the traditional stores closing for Thanksgiving because it was based on some outdated Puritan laws?

      Now – to be fair – Hobby Lobby does close on Sundays (don’t they?) I don’t shop there – and not because of their religious beliefs – I just don’t like their products and their less-than-friendly customer service.

      Let’s just call it what it is…..G-R-E-E-D……pure and simple.

      Besides – I thought the reason we are seeing so many stores open on Thanksgiving is because those Muslims are taking over….

      And they are the enemies of our Judao-Christian heritage….

      • Just a thought……since so many Republicans think that Muslims are taking over America – should we follow in the tradition of St. Ronnie Reagan -and sell these folks weapons?

        Just asking….

  3. R.D. Liebst

    I swear that every time I go to the East side of Wichita I see more women in the traditional dress of the Middle east. Head to foot covered and some with even their faces covered except of their eyes.

    • I suspect it is because the east side of Wichita is home to Wichita State University, KU Medical Center and a lot of health care jobs.

      I’ve noticed a lot of traditionally-dressed Middle Eastern women around the Rock Road shopping.

      And I mention the KU Med Ctr and health care jobs because I work in the health care field – and there seems to be a lot more foreign health care workers than ever before.

      Like I said many times before – my oncologist came from Sudan and I suspect he is Muslim – but he was a hell of a lot better than the White Fundy Christian dude that was way too busy to help me – his patient. This guy was too busy being on the phone with another patient and then turned around to me and asked me if I had any questions about my cancer – and all during this time – he and his staff kept calling me by the wrong name!!

      It does not make a patient feel good when toxic chemotherapy is being given to your veins and the doctor/nurse calls you by the wrong name…

      • To tell you the truth…..I do not care if my oncologist is a Muslim. He was the one that helped me and my family to win the battle over my cancer.

        The first thing this doctor from Sudan said to me was — it will take you, your husband, your children, all your family and friends to work together and stay positive to fight this battle. I am only the doctor – I am here to help you – but this battle takes EVERYONE…..not just me telling you what to do…

        FINALLY…somebody ‘got it’ – and I listened to this doctor and I won my battle against Stage III colon cancer.

        This doctor gave me a choice of one of my cancer drugs in pill form or I.V. bag. That white Loud-N-Proud Fundy Christian dude never told me there was a pill form……and why you may ask?

        $10,0000 per I.V. bag……which is what the going price for chemo I.V. bags……


        BTW – the pills came from the pharmacy……so, the doctor did not even get any of that money……

        NOW this is what true doctoring SHOULD be about…..healing the sick.