Wednesday, 11/27/13, Public Square

The Republicans rage against the modern world, against modern science, against education, against government and economics and inclusion and diversity. 

It has turned into extremism, it no longer is conservative at all. It is a scorched earth policy of destruction and violence, anarchy at its worst.

scorched earth


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  1. The GOP’s scorched earth tactic is why I think our country has become the ‘exceptionally stupid’ country.

    One look at our country’s natural resources and how we’ve polluted our waterways and air and yet we STILL have RePUKES pushing for no regulations on these corporations doing the polluting?

    And what about this new Pope calling unfettered capitalism morally wrong?

    How ironic is it that the Catholic Church is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) churches that has massive wealth and only a group of robed men in power?

    This Pope says all the right words…..but where is the action?

    Kinda like the way the same church covered up the crimes of child molestation and then did not punish any of the perverts?

    I am still waiting for this Pope to take on that issue…..kick some of the perverts out of the church – or at least take away their seat of power within the church – and then maybe I might start believing one word this new Pope utters.

    Until then….business as usual??

  2. That graphic also says it all about Kansas.

    We’d rather destroy ourselves than make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. We’d rather destroy ourselves than feed children or make sure people have affordable healthcare. We’d rather destroy ourselves than give women, gays, voters, everyone their rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

    We do seem anxious to destroy ourselves and die on the barricades for all the wrong reasons.

  3. Oh.My.God. Thanks Governor Hypocrite. I guess when you are standing proudly at the top of the heap with your foot on the throats of everyone who disagrees with you, it’s easy to mouth the word “reconciliation.” This from the man who personifies “scorched earth.”

    TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Gov. Sam Brownback has issued a proclamation urging Kansas residents to observe a week of reconciliation as the nation celebrates Thanksgiving.

    The Republican governor announced the proclamation Monday, saying the holiday season is a time when families and friends celebrate traditions. He encouraged Kansans to “consider the importance of reconciliation and forgiveness.”

    Brownback has issued similar proclamations since being elected governor in 2010. He says forgiveness is a sign of strength and that reaching out to others who may have caused pain in the past is a way to build a bridge.

    • wicked

      Sorry, I don’t forgive him.

      Me thinks he only wants to hear less from the liberals, therefore, don’t talk politics with your mouth full.

    • Sorry, I don’t believe one word he says…….

      Republicans can say all the words about reaching out and reconciliation – but until they put actions to their words – these words don’t mean a damn thing – do they?

  4. Ideologues don’t even see themselves as extreme. I don’t understand how inflicting pain on anyone, let alone a country’s populance, to achieve an ideological goal is rational, but to the likes of Huelskamp, Cruz, et al, it is. And they seem so certain that a Theocracy based on Christianity would be so different from other Theocracies just because Christianity is to them a religion superior to others.

    I’m of the opinion there is no way to reason with such obsessions because they’re too unreasonable. I get robo calls from Huelskamp regularly. His voice is full of hate — it’s quite uncomfortable hearing that level of insanity and acknowledging he is a member of the U. S. Congress.

    • Sad to say…..that hate you hear in these idealogues voices is encouraged by alot of these tax-free country club mega churches…

      Gotta keep those sheeple throwing their money into the preacher man’s pockets…..

  5. giggles and grins … kinda … actually, I like this idea more than I should! In a very perverse way!

  6. My grandson from Portland made it to Wichita after spending last night sleeping in the Denver airport.

    Cooking is happening.

    I finally got all my summer pots on the front porch and back patio made into winter pots. An old artificial Christmas tree provided wonderful greenery. Pinecones, grasses and seedpods I colleccted at the park make those pots look great! I covered a big pot in burlap and it looks amazing. A cardinal, an owl and a squirrel I bought added to twigs and branches spray painted white finish my winter scene. I didn’t buy much — nature is beautiful! After Thanksgiving I’ll add some brightly-colored Christmas ornaments and some bows to the winter pots, plus some lights to a few sitting near outlets. We don’t do roofs as well as we used to so our holiday decorations are closer to the ground. I spray painted some pinecones red, gold, silver and made wreaths from them and the old artificial Christmas tree greenery. It isn’t splashy and will disappear (for the most part) at night but it sure looks great in the daytime! I don’t think our house will get noticed in the neighborhood contest for decorating — they go out at night and do the judging.

    • Sounds like you are all ready for the holidays, Fnord. I’m glad your grandson made it and I hope more of your family arrives. I can smell the cooking from way out here!

    • wicked

      Good news on the grandson! Nasty weather going around the country.

    • Glad to hear your grandson made it to Grandma’s house safely.

      Your house sounds like mine……cooking but you’ve got me beat on the decorating ………

      We have some Christmas decorations up ….but the grandkids like to help Papa and they will be here tomorrow night and Saturday….

      Fun times ahead….