Tuesday, 11/26/13, Public Square

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  1. The Knowledge Movement
    By Joe Lerch

    I don’t like labels and I don’t wave flags (I’d rather focus on issues), but Liberals have been maligned by the right for some time and its time for a response.

    This country was founded in liberalism, and we shouldn’t forget it. The founding fathers were the super liberals of their time, fighting for the rights of man in the era of kings. Every amendment except one advances freedom. That one is the 18th (Prohibition), and it is also the only one ever repealed.

    Prohibition is the legacy of “conservatism”, and it exemplifies the right’s readiness to suppress. Nothing good has ever come of that. In time, our naturally liberal people reject the right. It happened with Social Security, with Medicare, and with civil rights, and it will happen with Obamacare. Our people are rejecting the onslaught of the radical right, and we’ll see more of it in the midterm elections.

    I don’t care what you call yourself. If you’re for human rights and economic fairness, now is the time to become active. We need to correct what the radical right has done to this country.

    • But….but…but…the Radical Right have all those Loud-N-Proud Christians who will stand in long lines to buy an overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love their Jesus.

      But.. I do have to add…..they stood in those lines primarily to homosexual-loving liberals that GOD loves the Radical Right – and we are destined for Hell.

      If the Radical Right is what will be in Heaven – why the Hell would anyone want to spend eternity next to them?

      All that damn yammering, whining and spewing forth of revised history..
      These Radical Right folks have even revised the real Jesus.

      Instead of Jesus being a dark skinner foreigner that healed the sick, fed the hungry and protected the accused prostitute from being stoned to death – the Americanized Jesus has emerged as the Radical Right’s altar of worship.

      This Jesus is blonde-haired, blue-eyed, loaded down with assault weapons with lots of lots ammunition and he is sitting on top of a mountain of money.

      Yes…beautiful – beautiful money.

      Today’s Radical Right folks sure do love their tax-free, country club churches with all the golden crosses and huge buildings.

      And don’t even think about telling these folks they are some of the worst folks walking this planet earth – you know, like child molesters and those who knowingly cover up the crime of child molesters.

      May I remind you that BTK – Dennis Rader – was a church leader for many years.

      The guy that killed Dr. Tiller in cold blood – he professes to be such a GREAT Christian and the killer does have his supporters – others who profess to be such damn find morally superior Christians.

      If you ever want to find a true pervert – don’t forget to look inside these tax-free churches.

  2. While most Americans are sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, astronomers will be looking up at an unusual comet passing near the sun. The comet, known as ISON, has been hyped as “the comet of the century.” It may not quite live up to that billing, but astronomers say it is a one-of-a-kind object.