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  1. That damn Obama! He just brokered a historic disarmament deal with Iran just to take our minds off his efforts to bring health care to the poor! He’s clearly making this a safer world just to distract us.

    • bobwhitenks

      John Kerry’s way of dealing with Iran,, has been so much better, so far, than John McCain’s way, e.g., “bomb, bomb, bomb …..Iran.”

    • R.D. Liebst

      LOL I have so much of the foods in this house I am not suppose to be eating. Because of this or because of that, but you know what when I am hungry. I eat what ever I find in the fridge or happens to be left over from some meal. ” I would eat Chinese every day of the week if it was around!”.

      Hungry people will eat what is available, feeding them is what the focus should be. No one should be going hungry in this country and when someone does with the glutinous way that we use and have food. It is not God’s fault it is people.

      • I like Chinese food – that is a food that can be cooked quickly and tailored to anyone’s taste preference.

      • I agree, R.D. It’s nothing short of a shameful disgrace that we have hungry people, especially hungry children, in America. As a farmer, I have a special outrage that people go hungry. There is Just.No.Reason.

        Food Network had a great special a year ago about how much food is wasted in restaurants and grocery stores. They talked about how consumers won’t buy the less than perfect apple or the marked down but still good meat. We want the best, and those of us who can afford it, buy the best. But… why must we waste the second best? I love the organization Second Harvest. They do such good work and should be in every community.

        It’s one thing to spill a trainload of wheat on the ground and waste some cleaning up. It’s another to waste already processed food from stores and restaurants. And, I understand that in our homes, we waste up to 40% of the food purchased.

        Oy. Don’t we all know that starving children in China, er, America, could use that food?

        gotta say it again. Jesus wept.

      • Oops. Spelled Joel’s name wrong. Google Acres USA or follow this link to Polyface farms, Joel Salatin’s operation. He is what I want to be when I grow up!

        Biodynamic farming. It’s the future if we want a future.

    • My husband and son are both on the gluten-free diet because of celiac disease.

      But – here’s the kicker – IMHO : I suspect the reason for their celiac disease is due to how our food sources have been manipulated and changed since the days of Jesus getting those fish and that grain to make the bread that day.

      I watched a documentary on the LOGO channel the other night – it was about our four major food companies have come to absolute power over our food chain.

      It is not a pretty tale………

      It’s one of those WHAT? documentaries entitled – Food, Inc.

      It’s nothing new – we’ve all known – or suspected – this has been going on for years. Now….we just have videos..

      And……consider all the fast food companies churning out their processed foods every day………high calories, high fat, high sugar and then we guzzled down our supersize soft drinks – and then wonder why our population is obese…..


      • I saw that too, Indy. It was on Link TV a while back and I saw it on Logo again. If you haven’t seen it, rent it or get it on-line. Anyone who cares about food and farming should see it. Michael Pollen and Joel Salatan are genius American heroes.

  2. Let’s make a contrast regarding Obama and our allies’ agreement with Iran over their nuclear program…..shall we?

    I just heard the news that President Obama first reached out to Iran in January 2009.

    And then…..there have been secret meetings between Obama’s select 3 people and the Iranians.

    Now – to my contrast…..

    Ronald Reagan also reached out to Iran – and then had the gall to say that he could not remember anything about that Iran Contra Affair – which had the ultimate goal of giving weapons to Iran. Basically – Ronnie gave weapons to our enemies – correct?

    NOW….for the really stupid part…….Republicans worship St. Ronnie and deeply resent and HATE President Obama ???

    In what alternate universe does this even make sense?

  3. I have a question for anyone on this blog –

    Do you know of any schools that are having total lockdown drills in the elementary age level?

    The principal announces on the overhead speaker that a man with a gun is in the building – the kids are instructed to head for the walls, sit down and press their face against the wall.

    As I understand this……..this is a new kind of drill – like a tornado/fire drill – and will be practiced as many times as determined by the school officials..

    I’ve never heard of this before………so I need to ask everyone I know if they have heard of this or if their own kids/grandkids have had to participate in one.

    BTW- my granddaughter also told this story while telling us about this new total lockdown drill……

    She has a necklace with a plastic cross that used to be like a glow-stick (but the glow has long since been gone -LOL). She got this necklace in one of those vending machines somewhere.

    Anyway – she made the statement that since she was wearing her Jesus cross necklace, so she would go to Heaven if she is killed by the man with the gun.


    Our family is not a churchy family – (as we all know from cynical Grandma) – and we don’t talk like that around the kids.

    Besides – I don’t believe in wearing any certain type of cross necklace will automatically get me into Heaven if some bad man with a gun decides to come in to the building and kill a bunch of kids.

    I just wonder…….do public schools allow any church groups to infiltrate our schools by giving talks or passing out any pamphlets on school grounds?

    I remember a lot of pamphlets being put into my granddaughter’s school backpack when she was in the 1st and kindergarten classes.

    Several of those pamphlets came from the same Baptist church……so I wonder, has the school allowed any of these church groups to come on their grounds to proselytize?

    I told my son that he needs to have a talk with her teacher and tell her that he is half Jewish…….so she had better not tell any kid that they need to wear a Jesus cross in case they are killed ….

  4. bobwhitenks

    Today’s post is exactly right. Oh, how easily we dismiss our history and forget.

  5. And… this is why we can’t have nice things. All our money goes to subsidies of big business or big ag. This particular article says, better than I could, why I am ashamed to have spent 20 years in the economic development profession, and why now, like a reformed smoker, I say “economic development as practiced today is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American taxpayer.” Doubly so for Kansas.

  6. Prairie Pond,,,,once again, I see we are thinking along the same lines of a number of issues.

    How I yearn for the days of my childhood – in the 50’s and early 60’s. Those were simpler times – IMHO.

    I grew up in a farming community south of Chicago. We all knew the farmers around us – and they were family farms…handed down from generation to generation.

    We knew where our food was coming from…..and who likely was growing it..

    Nowadays……who the Hell knows where our food is coming from – and what has been done to it along the way.

    In the documentary I mentioned above – there was a segment about Tyson chickens.

    The chickens are now grown to have larger and more breast meat – because the white meat is the highly-sought part of the chicken.

    It takes less time to grow those chickens – and towards the end of the growing time period – some of these chickens are so top-heavy from all the hormones and manipulation of the chicken to grow bigger breasts – these poor chickens are falling down because their little legs cannot hold up the larger weight of these birds.

    And this is all done in the name of more profit for the four major food companies?

    God Help Us.

    But…what’s even more scary – is the fact that there is talk of a trade agreement with China so that our chickens are processed over in China and then shipped back to America….all to save money and more profit for the food company?

    Romney said more than once that America is exceptional.

    Yeah, exceptionally greedy and exceptionally STUPID to allow this crappola to continue.

    • I was wondering when a group would come out with this comparison….and good for them

      I never could understand why the Jews in Israel loved St. Ronnie so much – considering the fact that Ronnie gave their arch enemy – Iran – so many weapons.

      It must have been that infamous Reagan’s gift of the silver tongue – too bad the damn thing was forked.

      But…….but….Ronnie did say that could not remember anything about the Iran Contra deal…..remember?

      What a buffoon…or just a down and dirty liar?