Saturday, 11/23/13, Public Square

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by | November 23, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Way to support the troops. Anyone think Walmart and the Koch brothers are behind this to get the troops to buy their goods at higher markups in the private sector?

    Jesus wept.

    We cut their education benefits, cut their food stamps (and we are not even ashamed military families are ON food stamps) make their VA care as difficult to access as possible, and then take away their commissary benefits to buy food and goods at volume discounts?

    I’ll say it again. Jesus wept. Way to support the troops…

    • The Republican Party uses their constituents as tools to advance the agenda and wealth of those who have the most and are the most greedy. Pure greed and evil. I do feel sorry for the ignorant people they use. Facts interfere with the propaganda.

      • Sad to say….. some of those people tools do know what they are doing and the do NOT care.

        I’ve met a few – and these people are so deep in 24/7 hatred of Obama that I truly believe they have left all sense of reality – and morality.

  2. Have you ever noticed that individual conservatives rarely defend the ridiculous positions that their Teapublican Party holds? Face-to-face, that is – behind a keyboard or collectively, they can spout their hateful rhetoric or ignore a request to back up their position.

    It’s the same issue when facing racism, sexism, homophobia – it takes the mob mentality or the anonymous safety of cyber-land to bring out the hatred. They generally lack the courage, one-on-one.

    • Hey, Dude! Good to see you here. Hope we see you more often. You are missed. No one has quite the way with words you do.

    • Ditto on what Fnord said…..

      Good to see you again here on PPP – WSClark

      And – as usual – you’re spot on about these Tea Pots.

      They seem to meander around the world, dragging their women by their hair to show how manly they are…..and they do tend to travel in groups…

      I suspect it is because the group is sharing the one working brain cell?

  3. Republicans can count on women!

  4. They’ll never learn will they? They have no idea that women are who they decide to be. And we all know Politico will be critical of First Lady Mrs. Obama for no reason, just like they find fault with President Obama where no fault is to be found. Oh well, republicans will continue to lose elections as long as they denigrate women.

    (from the link): Politico Magazine’s cover story declares Michelle Obama “a feminist nightmare,” a label no doubt intended to stir up controversy in feminist circles. Politico’s premise is that Michelle Obama, despite her high-powered corporate law background, has “leaned out” by failing to engage on policy. Instead, writer Michelle Cottle scoffs, “the Ivy-educated, blue-chip law firm-trained first lady” has embraced “safely, soothingly domestic causes” like “gardening” and “clean drinking water.” The Politico screed follows a cultural arithmetic that devalues certain kinds of labor as “women’s work.” Traditionally, domestic and child-related fields like teaching, cooking, housekeeping, childcare, nursing, and, yes, gardening, are considered women’s work.

    • gardening, housekeeping, childcare (nanny) and cooking are women’s work?

      In the White Male Republicans’ utopia – these duties are more in line for minority women…..

      The white women need to save their strength and endurance for more important duties……

      you know….those wifely duties…..after the WMP gets his hormones raging while watching numerous erectile dysfunction ads and/or informercials about how to pop that pill – or use that pump – to be a manly man….

      You betcha….wink-wink

    • I look up to many. many women in the world – there are so many stories of brave, principled women that one cannot help but admire. There are so many that are deservedly role models for women of all ages.

      Michelle Obama is on the top of the list.

      • wicked

        We all know if she spoke up for anything, they’d blast her because of it. No matter what she does, she can’t do it right…as far as the Right is concerned. Fight against child obesity? They threw garbage at her. I’m sure she and hubby knew it wouldn’t be easy, and they’re now waiting it out, until they can go home. How do they deal with all the b.s.?

      • I think they are true public servants. They’re doing their duty to society. They certainly will have deserved any and all rewards it brings!

  5. giggles and grins …

    • wicked

      Yeah, I LOL’d at that one last night. And others. I’m rarely disappointed with Bill’s New Rules. Even my youngest comes in to watch it. But then she’s surrounded by liberals and sometimes things naturally sink in for her. Yeah, I raised the right. It’s good to know I did something to be proud of. 😉