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by | November 18, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. To the thread header —

    I don’t know whether republican men see women as adults or not. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they’ve never asked that question of themselves or given it any thought. It seems in their selfish minds, women have a place and a purpose. I feel pretty confident women aren’t thought of often beyond what they can do for the republican man who thinks of himself as being superior in all things to ‘the little woman.’ They treat women as their tool which provides creature comforts, stimulates and satisfies sexual drives, and cares for his children and home… Look at the legislation introduced by republicans at every level of government and it’s fairly obvious what might be best for a woman isn’t given much, if any, thought. Equality isn’t ever part of republican legislation, and they fight to keep control over the lessors like females, minorities…

    On the other hand we have OUR men who value a woman as a partner, who show us that our opinions and thoughts are important, respected and valued. Men who would put a high priority in mutual satisfaction during all interactions with a woman.

    It’s an easy distinction and we’ve all seen both kinds of men. I can tell you it’s difficult for me to return more respect than what I’m afforded and I can’t think of a republican man I do respect.

  2. Really, really hard to believe [eye roll] that George Zimmerman has found himself in trouble with the law again. A gun was involved again.

    • This is what happens when a bully gets put on that pedestal….and walks away without any consequences…..IMHO

      • He locked himself inside HER home and called 911. I heard the conversation and when the 911 operator determined the police were there — outside the house where he barricaded himself — and asked, “Why are you calling me?” He didn’t (of course) say there was someone out there who fears for her life so I can’t let her in (her own home!). He learned after murdering Trayvon Martin that calling 911 worked for him! Offense / Defense — he claimed defense and got off. I think this might up his creds with the idiots who support him and get a dangerous person behind bars all at the same time!

    • When have Republicans ever fixed anything – but their fix on the throat of every working class American – and the throat of our fragile economy…

      I just told someone today – if you think you’re going to shame or embarrass a Republican into doing the moral thing – you’re just setting yourself up for a big disappointment.

      I truly believe Republicans are incapable of feeling shame….

  3. Here’s a thought…..

    Republicans had total control from 2000 to 2006. If they are so pro-life and want to ban abortions…..then why wasn’t anything done at that time?

    Hmmm… you think it’s because Republicans want to keep this social wedge issue of abortion to pull out of their GOP bag of dirty political tricks when they need the Fundy Evangelical sheeple to come bleating to the polls……

    Could be…..that may be just the reason……IMHO

    • I keep wondering when these Fundy Sheeple will finally wake up to the fact they are nothing more than just bleating blobs of mutton…..

      • Or ….maybe…’s the same reason these Fundy Preacher Men and their cousins – Bubba the Televangelists want to keep the same sheeple bleating about those poor unborn babies.

        Let’s not forget….with every pleading tirade of a sermon about how evil these abortion-loving Democrats are – the more TAX – FREE dollars go into the Preacher Men’s and Bubba’s pockets.


        Can I get an Amen up in here?????

  4. For over 30 years conservative ideology has broken the American dream and the middle class has gone with it. From the seed that was planted during the Reagan administration to the crash caused by George W. Bush, Republicans have done much damage to the American people and their future.

    From Reagan to Bush, how the GOP has broken the American dream

    • My only complaint is that the beginning was more likely with Nixon than Reagan, with the notorious trip to China. The seeds were sown then, with the Watergate matter delaying the early harvest.

      I’m well aware of the purported reason for the visit. An examination of what began to happen in the commercial sphere shortly thereafter leads me to my aforementioned opinion.