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  1. You should see the headline in this morning’s local paper — it’s the biggest headline I’ve seen in a while, goes two-thirds of the paper and in larger and darker than usual type, reads: Vulnerable Democrats break ranks, back health changes

    Of course the bill goes nowhere and the votes were all symbolic and political.

    I’m not worried. Millions of Americans have health insurance available for the first time, they can afford it, and it covers enough to keep them healthy and out of bankruptcy. I believe the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and although it’s only the first step to single pay-or I think we’ll get there. It is the first step and it was finally accomplished, by who else but the democrats, after 100 years of trying! Social Security, Medicare and now reforming the health insurance industry — thank you, democrats!

    Secondly, I acknowledge two truths that will have more effect on future elections than current events: few voters are undecided and gerrymandering. We are divided and voters have chosen their ‘side.’ In many congressional districts the gerrymandering is adequate to get republicans elected, but beyond that republicans simply don’t have the numbers to win a national election and they’re doing nothing to attract new voters to their ranks.

  2. The republicans have no ideas or solutions. They have complaining, obstructing and blaming. A very wise woman tells about the republican blame game.

    • R.D. Liebst

      Well I will fire a shot across the bow of some of my hard line conservatives relatives. By Post this one to my face book.

  3. I posted the front page headline in the local paper before I got to the editorial page. There’s a large headline there, also printed in dark ink, that reads: Obamacare may take liberalism down with it

    Was it two weeks ago the headlines — at least those written by liberals — said the shutdown would end the conservative party?

    Lots of wishful thinking and exaggerating going on.

    Again, I say the sides have been chosen and current events mean something different depending on which side you’re on. It’s theater — very bad theater.

  4. A good piece written from the heart, and it is moving to anyone who has a heart.

    What It Feels Like to Be on Welfare

    via Shut Down The GOP:

    Okay, to all you dumbasses–let’s take just one provision of the ACA–the mandate barring companies the ability to charge women more money for the same care as men. To use a simple metaphor, this is like the banks charging women more than men for a comparable mortgage. No one would argue that it was somehow unfair for the government to outlaw this discrimination.

    But now imagine the banks, instead of simply bringing the mortgages into compliance with the new law, drop the mortgages of every woman in America, prior to the effective date of the law to avoid any financial loss; demanding women refinance the mortgages in such fashion as to make the change as lucrative as possible for the banks.

    Who of you would claim in this circumstance that it was the fault of the government that the mortgages were cancelled? If you claim government responsibility in the face of patent corporate greed, you might be a Republican.

  6. In 1913 a little thing called the 17th Amendment was added to the Constitution. The 17th Amendment established the direct election of U.S. senators. Before this amendment, senators were chosen by state legislators.

    Guess who is working to destroy that amendment with a bill they are pushing to different states around the country called Equal State’s Enfranchisement Act? If you said every Republican who can’t win a senate race you would be correct. But it gets more diabolical than that. Think ALEC. Yes, the same ALEC that brought us Stand Your Ground and voter ID legislation.

    Under the draft measure, a plurality of the state legislature would be able to nominate a candidate to appear on the ballot, alongside candidates nominated by the parties through the convention or primary process. So if you live in a state run by right-wing nut jobs in your legislature, they will get to nominate a candidate of their choosing to put on the ballot.

    Beautiful, right? According to Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) who believes the country “lost something when we adopted” the 17th Amendment, it is. According to Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R) is wonderful! When asked recently whether he backs a repeal, replied, “You betcha, kemo-sabe. Right now many members of Congress, United States senators and United States congressmen don’t have a feeling for what the states need.”

    Republicans…if they cannot win, they will cheat and if that means taking down a Constitutional amendment, so be it. Well, except the 2nd amendment because we all know how sacred that one is.