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by | November 13, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. I still don’t have many words for what is happening in The Philippines. These are desperate times and there is no way for these people to pull up their bootstraps — they have none. They have no water, no protection from the elements, without help they will die. There are no questions in my mind about the help being necessary and I can’t get it off my mind, out of my heart.

    People who experience poverty are also experiencing life or death situations — the ones it’s easier to forget, dismiss from our thoughts. The ones republicans call all kinds of words that mean lazy, unworthy, and worse. People from all walks of life, in every part of the world dying more slowly and with little attention to their plight.

    The most meaningful difference I see is whether or not a person thinks some lives matter more or less than another. Here in America The Republican Party stands for exactly that — some lives matter more than others and it’s part of their political platform. Cut food stamps so billionaires can have tax cuts… Privatize everything and that will help ensure only the deserving have a chance because if you can’t afford such things as shelter, heat, food, education… you’re obviously not trying hard enough. The poor, women, minorities, gays… don’t deserve the same rights and protections.

    I’m getting to the point where I can’t find the good I know must be there because isn’t it there in every person? I don’t like the way I feel or think and I don’t think it’s helpful either to me, my community, my country to feel this. I really need to see some elected republicans do something that is helpful, kind, somethings that helps regular every day people. I can’t get past all the hurt and damage a whole political party inflicts on the citizens of our country any longer.

    • R.D. Liebst

      I am not sure if there is a solution to the problems in the Philippines, it certainly is not a new situation for them. It has been happening even before recorded history. Other then changing weather so it does not happen. But do we really want such a power? To have such power would bring too much temptation to play God and whom would be qualified to do that? LOL shoot we can be lucky to manage our own life’s.

      • We did know for several days in advance that a very mighty storm was headed their way. Do you think those with “means” either live in a safe place or went to one?

  2. Here’s a piece that offers some facts about the tax implications of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Even has a handy-dandy graph.

    What YOU Need To Know About The Affordable Care Act And The Tax Man

  3. A map that divides America, by county, into 15 types of communities:

    Military Posts
    Aging Farmlands
    Rural Middle America
    Middle Suburbs
    African American South
    Native American Lands
    LDS Enclaves
    Big Cities
    Graying America
    Working Class Country
    Evangelical Hubs
    Exurbs (a district outside a city, esp. a prosperous area beyond the suburbs)
    College Towns
    Urban Suburbs
    Hispanic Centers

    Sedgwick County is colored pink for “Big Cities.” I suppose since it is the largest city in the state that makes sense, but I see many other categories where it could fit. Trego County is colored a lighter blue for “Aging Farmlands.” Overall, Kansas counties are mostly either “Aging Farmlands” or “Rural Middle America.” I found it interesting, hope you do too.

  4. How sad to see all this devastation.

    What is more sad to think is that I was taught by those Fundy Evangelical Baptists that God – in his infinite wisdom – has already pre-destined each of our lives.

    So….why would a loving God send all this devastation, sadness, heartsick, death, sickness and misery?

    Or is it because they are not white Americans – you know, the ‘exceptional’ folks – like Romney always said.

    If God has already pre-destined my life – then did he know I was going to tell these Fundy Evangelical Baptists where to stuff themselves?

    This is why I never truly fit into their group – I ask too many damn questions.

    • Just to show you what environment I was in during my Fundy College days – I was told on numerous occasions that when the Bible talks about the beasts in the fields – that is a reference to black people.

      Which is why some folks use the Bible to justify their hatred for black folks.

      I swear to God…..that came right out of their lily-white mouths.