Tuesday, 11/12/13, Public Square

gun vs insurance


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  1. It’s one of those days. It’s 11-12-13. So people are being married, I’ve heard of labor being induced…

    My question of the day is: What in the hell is Palin doing in the news? Why in the world would anyone outside her family and friends want to hear anything from her, about her … ??

    Other news:

    President Obama talks about the problems of government procurement policies. Prairiepond already explained some of this to us.

    Christie has support for a 2016 run for president, but doesn’t beat Hillary in polling.

    Polling at this point for 2016 seems frivolous to me. But, 24 hour news channels needs something it seems. Ya know, since

    –there isn’t a tragedy in the Philippines,

    –since Congress could block GOP food stamp cuts—by killing the farm bill — http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/11/house-progressive-food-stamps-farm-bill,

    –Virginia changed the rules for counting ballots in the middle of counting ballots and only for certain parts of the state where changing the rules might help the republican candidate,

    –since immigration, climate science, people starving… is old news and those who might be able to actually address these challenges won’t or aren’t.

    BENGHAZI !!!!!!! Why aren’t we talking non-stop about Benghazi?

  2. I found this link interesting. I’ve encountered several of the points they address.

    5 Things Red State Liberals Want Blue State Liberals To Know

  3. Looks like the wheels are starting to come off of yet another Brownbackistan program, this time the privatizing of Medicaid “insurance” providers. Remember Gov. Brownstain privatized Medicaid in Kansas, especially for the disabled, and awarded contracts to three “managed care” providers who sort of essentially provide insurance for Medicaid users.

    Now comes this article in the Salina Journal today that Salina Regional will no longer accept one of the providers (United Healthcare) and is publicizing that during the current Medicaid enrollment period when people are choosing their managed care providers.


    Seems United does not pay its bills in full or on a timely basis. I know our local hospital is having the same problem with Brownstain’s medicaid cronies and had to raise our county property tax mill levy to enable the hospital to stay open until the “reduced cash flow’ problem is solved regarding Medicaid. I don’t think it will be solved until Brownback and his Kochsters are gone from the state.

    Remember also, Medicaid is the largest provider of nursing home care payments in the state. Nursing homes are already struggling and can’t afford to carry Brownstain’s budget and tax reductions on THEIR backs.

    Kansas. The state that should be known as Dumbfuckistan for electing these ALEC brainwashed, Koch funded, AFP hillbillies in the first place. The tea party and Koch brothers are well on their way to destroying the state. This Medicaid Debacle is just the start of the repercussions of Brownstain’s tax cut experiment.

    • bobwhitenks

      Prairie, et. al., Brownback has really messed up the Kansas state revenue by cutting taxes, and messed up Kansas healthcare on purpose affecting, first, Medicaid services, then the new exchange, and Brownback messed up Kansas school finance which will get a decision soon, and Brownback has begun to appoint his own Kansas judges. Brownbackistan is an experience of growing trouble for Kansas voters. And my bet is those same Kansas voters will re-elect him. Try as you may, some Kansas people just cannot be helped.

      • All true bobwhite. I’m afraid he will be re-elected and then be long gone to some cushy job in some wingnut welfare “think” tank. We’ll be left behind to spend decades cleaning up the mess of his failed experiments.

      • I agree with your prediction and must add that whoever is elected after him will be blamed. Republicans don’t seem to be able to connect the dots and have piss poor memories.

  4. Trying to post a link to Lauren Zuniga’s TEDxOKC TED Talk, since I’m obsessed with TED talks lately.

  5. Ok, here’s Lauren’s TED talk. Sorry for the mispost earlier

  6. If she’s going to put herself back in the news, let’s repeat all her word salad and laugh at her. Then we can laugh again at her ‘supporters’ who think she said anything that made any sense!

  7. When we think we cannot stand to hear any more about Brother Brownback or Sarah Palin – just think about how a community came together to help one sick boy to have his final wish come true.

    NOW this is what our country COULD be and SHOULD be.

    You know I have an uncle that told me 50 years ago that he believed our life on Earth is the real Hell…….

    and you know….after listening to some of these blubbering political big mouths and watching them destroy peoples’ lives with their insane idealogical political B.S……

    I wonder…..is Uncle Marvin correct??


    • I was thinking just this morning…

      How did we get to this point where our society now values Mr. Potter from that old Christmas movie – ‘It’s a Wonderful LIfe’ or that Ebeneezer Scrooge is now the type of man Republicans think is a great and morally superior man – just because he had money and was selfish and mean.

      Just when did our standards of what used to be valued change?

      I still remember Mitt Romney saying that everyone wants to be a millionaire.

      NO they don’t….I have NEVER wanted to be a millionaire.

      Money does not mean everything to me. Money is just a tool we use in this life to pay for what we need and – if we’re lucky – to buy things we want.

      When I was growing up……. we were all taught that …..

      Needs and Wants are two different things.

      My father worked hard to provide what we needed and he was lucky enough (thanks to a union job) to be able to buy some things that we wanted.

      But we were always taught to be thankful…..and to share what we had……no matter if the day came when we only had enough money to buy the basic needs…

      My father operated the road grader on many road construction sites. That meant he worked like a dog through the summers and when winter came – he went on unemployment and we ate the fish that he caught during the summer and winter – and we liked it or else.

      We always had enough food…….even when it got down to the last part of winter……those last few weeks when the freezer was not as full as it was in the beginning of winter……

      But we always ate…..and we always had our needs met……

      Maybe the problem with today’s society is that nobody knows how to be contented with what they have?

      They always want more…..more …..and more…

      I blame the corporatization of our country for that…..and the Reagan years were known as the Greed years……and for good reason.

      Consumerism………marketing B.S. just to sell more crappola that we do not really need….

      We have become a disposable country……we no longer ‘fix things’ anymore – have you noticed?

      maybe that is why the characters of Mr. Potter and Ebeneezer Scrooge are the ones we are encouraged to emulate?

      • The epitome of consumerism is when you have satellite television with 500 channels to choose from….and all you can find are the same damn commercials selling the same damn useless products that will be put on the shelf and not used after the first 6 months?

        So many houses have the same collection of ‘must buy them now’ products – don’t they?

      • Jay

        We needed more thinking like yours 10, 20, even 30 years ago. I’m not the most and maybe the least regarded blogger here. Fight on. You write well and it is needed.