Sunday, 11/10/13, Public Square

Tea Party Jesus loves guns in a kind of creepy sexual fetish way. He loves the rich like a dog loves its abusive master. He loves the free market although he would be hard pressed to explain what it is. And Tea Party Jesus definitely loves the Constitution. Except, you know, for all the Amendments that aren’t #2.



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  1. 10,000 dead in a storm. All vestiges of civilization — water, power, shelter, communications — gone.

    I’m left without any words.

    • Sad to say, this is the power of Mother Nature.

      At the end of the day…..this is just a reminder that we are all at the mercy of our environment.

      I wonder…how many people read this news and react as you did – sorrow and left without any words? And how many people read the same news and thought – better them than me?

      Sad to say – I think the latter thought is more prevalent in America.

      Although we are the people that continually rape our environment and take-take-take away from Mother Nature without a single thought of giving back….

  2. The above cartoon is a slightly different version of what I call the Americanized Jesus.

    My Jesus would be more of a Rambo-type looking Jesus loaded down with as many assault weapons as he could carry.

    Oh – my Jesus also has blonde hair and blue eyes.

    You betcha….Wink…Wink..

    • The picture above reminds me of Ted Cruz — smooth talking, smiling, winking…

      I’m amazed when I hear or read the excuses given by the self proclaimed religious for why their gawd leads them to atrocities against mankind. I call it worshiping at the alter of the almighty dollar which seems way more important to them than loving others, doing for the least of these, humility…

      • bobwhitenks

        The caricature, today, is artful and it is wrong about Jesus. Is that the point? Jesus would not fit any Tea Party models. Jesus’ representation might be described as ‘the spirit of love and the truth of wisdom’; two things about which the Tea Party knows nothing; nor cares.

      • Yes, Bob, that is the point. I agree absolutely nothing about the Tea Party could be equated with the teachings of Jesus!

      • It’s not just that Jesus would not fit into the Tea Party – I think this cartoon also makes the point that people can use the name of Jesus and morph his image so that Jesus can somehow ‘justify’ their own selfish and hate-filled agenda.

        It’s done all the time …Bob…

        Why do you think we have so many different faiths in the Christian world?

  3. This is the first time I’ve checked into the PPP blog since Friday.

    Friday night – I crashed into bed and never got out until this morning. I was really sick at work on Friday with a bad headache and a nagging cough.

    I seem to be better this morning. At least I am up among the living. LOL

    PP – I read your comment yesterday about needing an Indy to take charge……just call me anytime you want to knock out some of those fake Christians who think they’re God’s favorites.

    I love to take these folks to the woodshed for their Come-to-Jesus meeting.

    Wouldn’t you just once like to take a big stick and hit these Neanderthal numbskulls…and their subservient women?

    • You were missed! I hope the rest helped. And I hope even more that you can regain health and not have to feel bad — enough is enough!

  4. Speaking of these fake Christians…

    I read in today’s paper where I can go and listen to the preacher talk about how the belief in Evolution leads to racism and slavery. And – my personal favorite – can one believe in Evolution and still go to Heaven?

    Here’s a thought – would it still be Heaven if this particular preacher is there?

    Just a valid question….don’t you think?

    • Well, this is the first I’ve heard of this. Sounds something like a community center to me. Will they be tolerant and make everyone welcome? How will decisions about both the space, the program, etc. be made? There are car clubs, programs that revolve around hobbies, pets, etc that bring people with common interests together so I guess I don’t see a big difference in this and those other groups. Are they planning to charge admission, charge dues, or pass a hat? Money will be required to keep the lights on… How long before someone thinks someone else isn’t doing / contributing their fair share? I wonder whether they also expect tax-free status which I would like to see removed from all ‘churches’ no matter what they do inside (and outside) their buildings.

      • I am like you – I would like to see churches removed from the tax-free status….but, hey, if these mega churches are tax free – then why not these Atheists – or maybe more specifically, folks who are not affiliated with any certain church?

        I heard last week the IRS is not going to be looking into these tax-free groups anymore – since that whole fiasco about the Tea Party groups being singled out for persecution (but factually, there was only one group that was totally denied and that was the liberal group).

        But…you know…..if they give tax free status to the likes of Terry Fox, Joe Wright, Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson – they can give it me..

        In fact, I might start my own church…

        Can I get an AMEN ???