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  1. Jesus showed his temper only once when he ran those money vendors out of the Temple.

    And not just the Tea Party Caucus room……several of those mega churches deserve a good whoop-ass….IMHO

    I think it is time Jesus to do that again…

  2. A big deal is being made of President Obama apologizing because some people were cancelled by their health insurance companies because their plans did not meet the minimum standards.

    Since we are into expecting apologies from our president- when will George W. Bush apologize for saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction – and that the sale of the Iraqi oil would pay for the war?

    If and when that moment arrives – I will indeed know that people in Hell got ice water that day.

  3. If you’re going to rant about what is wrong with Obamacare website – then tell the rest of the story about the successes of the very same Obamacare.

    Wasn’t it Paul Harvey that used to be on the radio with that infamous line …..and that’s the rest of the story?

  4. Did everyone notice in the elections that were held earlier this week that women and democrats showed up? Back in 2010 when we didn’t show up we got these tea party evangelinuts, and that was a hard way to be taught a lesson. But, if turnouts in those elections last Tuesday are an indicator it was a lesson we learned.

  5. I don’t even want to understand the heart and mind of those people who scream about their morality being superior and then hold up a Republican Jesus that isn’t recognizable to anyone with love, kindness, compassion and humility in their hearts.

  6. wicked

    In reference to today’s lead photo…
    Someone must have been channeling me last night. I’d read an article about a high school boy who was expelled because he carried a purse at school. Nothing in the article mentioned whether he’s straight or gay, and the purse was a designer bag that looked much like a woven satchel. You know, square, zipper at the top, over-the-shoulder handle. He’d been carrying it since school began, and no one had said a word…until recently, when a teacher took umbrage and had him expelled for it.

    So I’m thinking of how “Christians” like to pull quotes from the Old Testament about “men lying with men,” which has nothing at all to do with homosexuals. Or heteros, for that matter. The OT is the book/history of the Jewish people, before Jesus ever appeared. (One-sided, of course.) “Christians,” who say they follow Jesus (New Testament), rarely do what they say.

    So here’s the scenario I want to present to a homophobic Christian, who’s putting down gays.

    WWJD if John the Baptist had been gay? (Let’s face it. There’s no proof he wasn’t.) Jesus turns to John and says, “Hey, John-boy, you can’t hang with the 12 of us, ’cause you like guys. You know, in that way.” Is that what Jesus would have done?

    Come on. 12 guys following another guy around for years, and they were all pure and pious? I’d say the sheep were getting a workout, at the very least. Not that I care what they did in their spare time, of which they must have had a lot. Listening to stories and parables all day and night would soon have me catching a quick snooze. Let’s face it, I don’t do audio books for the same reason. 😉 I really am beginning to think that’s why Mary Magdalen has been trashed throughout history for being a prostitute. Men know their own sexual urges and assume the apostles were at least tempted, right? Jesus being MMs husband makes a bit more sense to me, so why not 12 gay guys lusting after their leader? Or at least a couple of them.

    I hope I haven’t insulted anyone here. My intent was sarcasm, laced with imagination.

    Okay, back to work. I’ve played most of the morning…as usual.

    • Yes, I believe a movie like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ could have been made much earlier, probably before any ideas of how to make movies were known. Sexuality is as natural and takes as many forms as being human. We humans are diverse, thank goodness. Personally, I wish those folks who seem so fascinated with the sex lives of others could figure themselves out and find contentment with who they are. They could probably do that more easily and quickly if they quit worrying about the personal life of anyone else.

      • I guess this is where I should paraphrase Gandhi when he said he liked “your Jesus” just not so much his followers. Or my favorite bumper sticker about “Jesus, Please Save Me From Your Followers.” Of course, those digs don’t apply to all followers. Just the toxic haters.

  7. bobwhitenks

    Yep! We all, and especially immoral conservatives, need to focus upon the teachings of Jesus instead of the teaching of religion and churches. They’re not the same thing.

  8. Ok, I never fail to hold President Obama’s feet to the fire or take him to task if he says or does things I don’t like. Today, he did something I DO like, so I’d like to give him kudos and post his statement here regarding ENDA (employment non-discrimination act) for the lgbt community. I’m living proof you can be fired for being gay. If this act would have been in place in 2005, I’d still have my good job with benefits. The Senate passed it yesterday, but, of course, the House repukes and Boner are being jackasses and not even bringing it up for a vote because Boner says it is unneeded and unnecessary. Maybe he’d like to discuss the loss of pay for me over the last 8 years…..

    Anyway, here’s what the Prez had to say.

    “One party in one house of Congress should not stand in the way of millions of Americans who want to go to work each day and simply be judged by the job they do. Now is the time to end this kind of discrimination in the workplace, not enable it. I urge the House Republican leadership to bring this bill to the floor for a vote and send it to my desk so I can sign it into law. On that day, our nation will take another historic step toward fulfilling the founding ideals that define us as Americans.”

    Thanks, Dude!

    • My question concerning the subject of denying employment based on sexual orientation. Does the State and Federal Government state it does not want revenue from the taxes withheld in income taxes? Are they going to not want Taxes from the Homosexuals and the Bi-sexual of this country?
      It does not matter to the work force or at least the example I could give. It was at a machine shop at a manufacturer. I work there for almost a year before I ever heard that they were in fact married in another State. I liked both of them and they were good guys. I still see them ever so often and they seem happy. I am glad when every a couple can be happy, Marriage is not always easy and it is so good to see a couple that is happy.

  9. I laughed, think some of you might too.

  10. Maybe you’ve all seen this. I didn’t see it until today and I admire this woman.

  11. Fnord, thank you for posting this. I love TED talks, just mostly don’t take the time to listen to them. It’s my dream to one day be invited to do one. Hellifiknow what I’d talk about, but they are all so real, and smart, and authentic that, wow, wouldn’t it be an honor to be asked to speak?

    Most of you know Lauren Zuniga is my favorite writer/performance artist/slam poet. You can see her and her work at

    But this graphic from her website goes along with Fnord’s posted TED talk.

    Indeed. The world does not benefit from you hiding your badassery.