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  1. No Child Left Behind ….my Fat Fanny…….

    My granddaughter is in 2nd grade. They no longer get report cards. They are rated on numerous things – on a 2-page assessment.

    Her teacher said she was not focused enough on reading because one time the teacher caught my granddaughter looking out the window – instead of reading her book.

    NOW that is something that needs to be punished……and labeled as a loser..

    Imagine – a 2nd grader having the audacity to look out the window.

    Now, I would be worried if my granddaughter was not reading everything in sight.

    Books, newspapers, billboards, canned goods, boxed food – etc.

    This kid can sound out the biggest words and still get them correct.

    So…what the hell is the problem?

    A potential future slave had the audacity to look up and look out the window during one of the mandatory study times?

    Funny thing though – the kids only get 20 minutes for lunch – and they are constantly told to ‘hurry up’ – but yet mandatory reading times can go on for 20 minutes in complete silence and if you look up from your book just once – you’re now labeled a loser?

    This teacher is not exactly the poster girl for effective teachers……I find her methods lacking in a lot of areas.

    • wicked

      Sounds like my 4th grade grandson’s teacher. He does have problems with staying on track, but he also has a person (J) who is with him in the classroom and is supposed to sit next to him to keep him focused and on task. Teacher said J couldn’t. A letter from his therapist/counselor demanded that teacher allow J to sit next to him. Guess what? It worked.

      But the administration in the school is horrible. I really liked the other principal, but this one? Oh, hell, no. How anyone could have passed this person up to a position of authority is beyond me. Why they put 4 or 5 problem students in a class with a teacher straight out of college is also beyond me. One of those students is the above grandson. His teacher last year was excellent. She understood and worked with him. This one? OMG

      Good luck to your granddaughter, Indy. I truly hope her teacher hasn’t caused any lasting damage.

      • Wicked and Indy and RD, and anyone else, hope all the grandkids find someone to help them have the best possible school experience. Not easy these days.

        “How anyone could have passed this person up to a position of authority is beyond me.”

        Wicked, I don’t know how schools work, but I imagine they do the same as what happened when I was with AT&T. Sometimes someone would get a promo and we’d all look at each other and go “WTF?” Then someone would say “yeah, he was so bad at his job that just to get rid of him, they kicked him upstairs.” Yeah. They wanted him outta that dept. so they recommended him for a promo because he had too much political juice to get fired or demoted. So… they kicked him upstairs.

        Sounds like that may be going on with your admin.

      • wicked

        Okay, friends and brilliant ones, I signed a petition on MoveOn and urge you all to do the same, then share with others who are like-minded on the issue of legalizing medical marijuana in Kansas. I’m in favor of this. So far, there are only 28 signatures. More are definitely need. I know several people this would help.

        Legalize medical marijuana?

      • wicked

        PP, the sad thing is, in addition to what’s generally going wrong in education, this school has slipped in performance since these two women (principal and vice-principal) were put into place. If memory serves me, this is their third year. The school nurse, who’s an angel, left at the end of last year, basically because of the admin. In the past, it was a good school, but what I’m hearing from those who have to work within it doesn’t make me happy.

        There’s a variety of kids in the school, so much so that I remember looking around, the middle of first year my oldest granddaughter started kindergarten there, and noticed the rainbow of race and cultures. Not a bad thing. Just a surprise. It’s not like I’m new to the school. This is year 7, and it’s going to be a while before they’re all in middle school. I truly hope something is done to change things and make it the school it was before the dastardly duo stepped in. I’m not holding my breath, though.

    • wicked

      Indy, I had a couple of teachers in school–grade and high school–who left lasting impressions. Many good ones, but there were a few bad apples. I blame one for my dislike of math and science. I hope this teacher doesn’t have a lasting effect on her. I’m sure you’re handling it very well, on your end. 🙂

      • Thanks wicked and PP for your support and caring.

        My granddaughter LOVES school. Her KIndergarten and First Grade teachers were excellent.

        This second grade one – I withhold my final judgment until the end of the year….but, let’s just say, she is not on good standing ground with me – so far.

        I know how a bad teacher can affect one’s entire life.

        I had a horrible teacher in my 4th grade. She was an absolute BIOTCH….and to make it even worse, she was my mother’s cousin.

        I never claimed her as my relative……..the old Ass-Bag…

        Maybe it’s just me…..but whatever happened to letting kids just be themselves and have fun at school – and learn during the process?

        All kids learn in different ways – like you said Wicked. Your grandson needs help – and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

        I just hate our education system…..too many damn rules and tests to make a certain level in order to bring in more money and it seems that any real teaching dedication has long been gone…

        All I know is …. if this teacher makes my granddaughter hate to read or hate to go to school – that little perky little frizzy-blonde will have me to tangle with……

        And she won’t like it..

        Do you know what is worse than a Mama Bear defending her cub? The Grandma Bear defending that same cub.

      • wicked

        Indy, I completely forgot about my 2nd grade teacher. I’d really like to, but maybe it will turn out for your granddaughter the way it did for me.

        Sister Mary Christet. (I’m not sure that was how it was spelled, but close enough.) She. Did. Not. Like. Me. Catholic school, and I was an outcast. A Catholic outcast, in fact, because my parents were involved in Knights of Columbus and all the rest, not to mention I had constant earaches and needed tending to. She refused to put me in the Bluebird reading group, the best one. The one all the good readers were in. I could read rings around them, but she kept me in the middle group. There’s a streak of stubborn in me a mile wide, and I didn’t let her opinion put me down. I read. And read. And wish I had more to time read now.

        P.S. Have I mentioned that when we made Christmas cards for our parents with spray snow and stencils I accidentally (truth!) sprayed her very black nun habit with the spray snow? If a nun had been allowed to swear, the air in the room would have been blue.

  2. Yep!

    Jon Stewart: Obama ‘Somewhat Dishonest’ About Healthcare But Republicans Are ‘Lying Like Motherf*ckers’

  3. In an upcoming column sure to shock many subscribers, the editor of Guns & Ammo magazine makes an argument for gun regulation:

    (from the link): “I bring this up because way too many gun owners still believe that any regulation of the right to continue to keep and bear arms is an infringement,” Metcalf writes. “The fact is that all constitutional rights are regulated, always have been, and need to be.”

    • Understand Mr. Metcalf was fired today. So much for truthfulness.

      • I used “the” google, and sure enough —

        The Florida-based gun enthusiast magazine Guns & Ammo fired longtime editor Dick Metcalf on Wednesday and apologized to readers after Metcalf’s column in the magazine’s December issue sparked an online uproar from readers, gun bloggers, and other corners of the conservative movement.

        Sad. No room for veering the tiniest iota from the ideology, no room for discussion…

      • wicked

        Pitiful, just pitiful.

  4. wicked

    I didn’t mean to hide the post above, so here’s a link to sign on to get MoveOn to present a petition to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas. There are 28 signatures, but they need 50.

    Legalize medical marijuana?

  5. I’ll definitely sign it, Wicked. Thanks for posting this.

    The so called war on drugs has only emboldened bad apple law enforcement officers and officers of the court. It’s also responsible for much of the government overreach in violating our rights to privacy. The so called patriot act would not exist had law enforcement and the prison-industrial complex, enabled by the judicial system, had they not all cut their teeth hunting down and violating all rights of even suspected drug dealers or anyone who happened to know those under suspicion. The crazy stuff they’ve done to confiscate money and property of those suspected is waaaaay beyond constitutional.

    And did I mention the prison-industrial complex where the cradle to prison pipeline for African American boys is alive and well? Not to mention poor folks of all colors. Yes indeedy. Those making money on the “war” on drugs are mostly wearing suits, badges and robes, not those selling or using.

    I HATE what the so called war on drugs has done to our freedoms. More than any foreign terrorist could have accomplished.

    • wicked

      Thanks, PP!! I doubt we’ll get what we want, but it’s worth a try. And, BTW, I don’t do weed. Tried it once, thought my throat would never be the same, and decided it wasn’t for me. However, times change, and I’ve come to the point where I believe it should be legalized, and not just for medicinal purposes. (Hey, I grew up!) Then we can tax the you-know-what out if. LOL And while we’re at it, let’s legalize the growing and use of hemp, too.

      An old hippie-wannabe

    • People would be amazed at who are really the drug addicts in our society.

      Some of those folks wearing suits, badges and robes are the worst druggies.

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