Wednesday, 11/6/13, Public Square

hump day



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  1. OMG, aint that the DAMN truth! As I was stumbling out of bed I groaned to myself, “Could there be any way this is possibly Friday? Or even Saturday?”

    Followed by yet another groan.

    As we frequently say here, gettin’ old aint for sissies. I never dreamed I could feel this bad in the mornings with no night-before-drinking involved!

    • LOL I hear that! Every morning when wake up the first time I look at my cell phone I say the same thing! ” It is only ….!”. I am hardly fit to be getting up and getting grandsons ready for school. My wife has a bit of bronchitis and stayed home this morning and she got the boys ready.

      I have yet to see what is on the news channels so for now I do not know what to call B.S. or that is right? Fox might be accusing the President of starting WWII who knows?

      • Yep! Obama started WWII in September of 1939. I think he did that right after he created an announcement of his birth in the two major Hawaii newspapers, the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin, for August 4th, 1961. Amazing man!

  2. Robert Reich posted —

    Pundits who are already describing the victories of Terry McAuliffe in Virginia and Chris Christie in New Jersey as a “return to the center” of American politics are confusing the “center” with big business and Wall Street. A few decades ago McAuliffe would be viewed as a right-wing Democrat and Christie as a right-wing Republican; both garnered their major support from corporate America, and both will reliably govern as fiscal conservatives who won’t raise taxes on the wealthy. They look moderate only by contrast with the Tea Partiers to their extreme right.

    The biggest game-changer, though, is Bill de Blasio, the mayor-elect of New York City, who campaigned against the corporatist legacy of Michael Bloomberg — promising to raise taxes on the wealthy and use the revenues for pre-school and after-school programs for the children of New York’s burdened middle class and poor. Those who dismiss his victory as an aberration confined to New York are overlooking three big new things: First, the new demographic reality of America gives every swing state at least one large city whose inhabitants resemble those of New York. Second, he won notwithstanding New York’s position as the epicenter of big business and Wall Street, whose money couldn’t stop him. Third, Americans are catching on to the scourge of the nation’s raging inequality, and its baleful consequences for our economy and democracy.

  3. Six of 11 Colorado counties voted by strong margins Tuesday in favor of seceding from the state, the Denver Post reported.

    Cheyenne, Kit Carson, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, and Yuma counties voted for a 51st State Initiative, according to incomplete results. Voters in Weld County resoundingly rejected secession, voting 58 percent to 42 percent against the measure.

    The 51st State Initiative would require the approval of the state legislature and U.S. Congress for the secession effort to succeed. As the Post points out, the last time a state willingly ceded territory was when Maine split from Massachusetts in 1820.

    • Why make them the 51st state?

      If these folks want to leave – there is a ship or plane that leaves this country about every hour on the hour – don’t they?

      Pick one…..and make it a one-way ticket.

  4. It’s just over a minute and speaks such a basic truth of being a citizen, of being a part of our society, of being responsible. You know, those things today’s republicans don’t remember or attach value to.

  5. Such a good (although painfully sad) read.

    Why Do Poor People ‘Waste’ Money On Luxury Goods?

    • Although not a woman of “color,” I have been where that author has been and learned those lessons. Do you know how new the things for sale at such places as garage sales and second hand shops in wealthy neighborhoods are?

    • Agreed, Fnord. I watched Joyce navigate all of this and boy, was it an eye opener. I think she owed her law degree to the fact that over the phone, she did not “sound black.” I watched her shop for designer labels in high end second hand stores on the west side of Austin because the rich folks lived there. I watched her take special care of the details of her appearance and her jewelry, always important to a southern woman. She managed to achieve a life the rest of her family did not simply because she had a great education, (two masters and a Juris Doctorate) and had observed how the white folks acted.

      It was a real lesson for me in what I took and still take for granted. Including not being waited on in restaurants because were were a mixed race couple, or being followed in stores because they thought Joyce would steal, and maybe me too since I was overweight and with her.

      The world can be cruel but she managed to rise above it. I wish I had half as much grace as she did.

      • You’re right! I’ve always had the ‘acceptable’ color of skin so my uphill battle from poorer than dirt wasn’t nearly as steep.

  6. This map identifies the Unelected Government that has immense impact on our lives, and which we are powerless to hold accountable.

    Which Companies Dominate Your State’s Politics?
    See which sector wrote the biggest checks to political campaigns in your state in 2012.

  7. Where is the U.S. population growing and where is it declining? Seems everyplace but the plains and the rust belt are seeing growth. Doesn’t look too good for those trasitionally ‘red’ states down the center, huh…

    Take a look at the map —

  8. This 27-yr-old – ‘gets it’ – IMHO.

    I wish him well and it sounds like he is off to a good start to that healthy and happy life he talks about.

    This young guy also feels the same I do – I have never wanted to be a millionaire. I just want to have enough money in my lifetime to be happy and to help others along the way.

    I’ve been blessed – some years were better financially than others – but I survived and I learned to live with a lot less and be content

    I think that is what is wrong with our society today – very few people seem content – they always want more.

    When Romney said that everybody wants to be a millionaire – that bothered me. Like I said above – I have never wanted to be a millionaire.

    I’ve known wealthy people and I’ve known poor people.

    The poor people seem to know how to handle life and whatever gets thrown their way.

    Have you ever seen a wealthy person when they have lost their money? Even just a small portion is a loss – these folks seem to just not be able to cope……

    How sad……IMHO