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  1. What infuriates me is – when the House Republicans vote to cut food stamps – they voted to increase farm subsidies (of which several of their own Congress Critters are so-called farmers on paper).

    If you’re cutting food stamps on the premise of cutting the federal budget because we spend too much – then DO NOT take the savings from the food stamps and give it professional farmers that are already sucking at the government teat.

    And NOBODY is upset about this?

    KInda like the way all these people have forgotten about the Catholic Church leaders knowingly MADE the CHOICE to cover up the crimes of child molesters.

    I still do not understand that one……

    And then to add salt to the wound – these same folks want to make Pope John Paul a damn saint?

  2. Indy, I read yesterday’s thread about your hives and such problems and your problems with BCBS. Give me a call or shoot me an email. You can get that info from fnord if you don’t have it. I had a similar hives etc. problem a long time ago and it ended up taking months to clear because my GP didn’t get it. I had to go to an immunologist to get fixed. 617’s friend had a similar problem. You may have an autoimmune disease and it may have just been set off or amped up by the vaccine.

    Wishing you better health and less frustration with BCBS. I have a nice insurance lady I work with at BCBS and I think they can help if you call customer service and not your designated plan rep there. I don’t know if my person can help because she’s the small business person, but they have always gone out of their way to get me what I need.

    Cheers. Don’t give up. Allergic/autoimmune problems are among the most discouraging things to deal with, but it can be done.

    • Thanks …PP…

      Just knowing someone else has had to deal with similar problems is good news to my ears.

      My PCP just laughed in my face……then turned around and billed $200 for my last visit to him.

      This doctor used to be compassionate, caring and took time with his patients – that is, until his office got bought by Via Christi.

      Now …the prices have gone through the roof and he is constantly running from patient to patient. In fact, that was what this guy said to me – twice – in the short amount of time he was allowed to see me – about 5 minutes total time.

      Money is the God in our country that all these so-called morally superior people worship – IMHO

  3. Indy, I sent you a reply, but point number one is YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! Autoimmune things are really hard to diagnose, and when doc’s don’t know, they just say it’s all in your head, especially if you are a woman.

    It’s not in your head. If 617 reads here, maybe he’ll share some of his friend’s experiences with autoimmune disease. It’s a biotch.


  4. Where oh where is Zippy?

    Zippy, come back. We need you. Net neutrality was one of his many areas of expertise. I’m not as smart as Zippy, but I’m worried about net neutrality too. Here’s why, and it may affect our little blog eventually.

    WIRED: We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It
    Net neutrality is a dead man walking. The execution date isn’t set, but it could be days, or months (at best). And since net neutrality is the principle forbidding huge telecommunications companies from treating users, websites, or apps differently — say, by letting some work better than others over their pipes — the dead man walking isn’t some abstract or far-removed principle just for wonks: It affects the internet as we all know it.

    Once upon a time, companies like AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and others declared a war on the internet’s foundational principle: that its networks should be “neutral” and users don’t need anyone’s permission to invent, create, communicate, broadcast, or share online. The neutral and level playing field provided by permissionless innovation has empowered all of us with the freedom to express ourselves and innovate online without having to seek the permission of a remote telecom executive.

    But today, that freedom won’t survive much longer if a federal court — the second most powerful court in the nation behind the Supreme Court, the DC Circuit — is set to strike down the nation’s net neutrality law, a rule adopted by the Federal Communications Commission in 2010. Some will claim the new solution “splits the baby” in a way that somehow doesn’t kill net neutrality and so we should be grateful. But make no mistake: Despite eight years of public and political activism by multitudes fighting for freedom on the internet, a court decision may soon take it away.

    How did we get here?


    • Jay

      How did we get there? By cooperating with it. Even helping it along.
      Like how the liberals abandoned the WEBlog?

      You’re gonna lose this forum? Big whoop. Nothing goes on on this one or recently the WEBlog anyway. Know why? Because our side has always played too nice.

      By the way, it’s Jay, or JR, BlueJay. Contrary to posts from former friends and standing enemies on WEBlog, I am not dead, institutionalized, or otherwise. I was marginalized to the sidelines by the WEBlog and the originators of this forum, because I was found too extreme.

      Well, I’m still here. And I do not like being out of the fight. I only see two people here who I remember and I was only cross with one of them when she found me just too unwilling to play nice with the bad guys.

      THAT is how we got here.

      • Good to read you. You’ve never been far from my thoughts.

      • But why sit and continue to rehash the same fightin’ words with CONS that do not care – nor do they have any real power……which is why they sit on one little blog in Kansas.

        Let’s not forget – Kansas has been a Republican state for a long, long time. Kansas only has 6 electoral votes.

        So – why should I continue to fight with the same CONS and make my blood pressure go sky high when these CONS have no real power?

  5. November 5th, 1994…….Ronald Reagan announced that he had Alzheimers.

    But there is a controversy over exactly when Reagan’s Alzheimers really start. According to his son Ron’s book – he had early stages when he was still in the White House.

    I found this speech after hearing this was the anniversary of Reagan’s announcement. And how brave the Reagans were to share such a personal story to bring awareness of this disease.

    Isn’t it a damn shame that the Reagans also seemed to not care if people had health insurance or not – to be treated for Alzheimers – or any other of a multitude of diseases that cost a lot of money.

    Just look at my last visit to my primary care physician – $300 – and that was not including any lab work, testing or anything. He just sat there and listened and typed in my symptoms on his laptop for a grand total of 5 minutes and then he referred me to the cardiologist – that has billed double his amount.

    And I am still without a definite diagnosis – nobody knows what is causing my hives/welts and those chest pains.

    But a few people are sure more wealthy than they were before I walked in their door 6 weeks ago for my well-woman exam and got that shingles vaccination.

    Excuse me if I don’t get all emotional and teary eyed about Ronnie Reagan having to face Alzheimers. He had the best health care that WE the TAXPAYERS could buy – huh?

    And – they had Secret Service men there to protect them – at taxpayer’s expense.

    And – they had a pretty fat pension check for Nancy to put in the bank – also provided by WE the TAXPAYERS.

    PP asked up above – how did we get here? (totally another topic)

    But……how the hell did our country become this place where only the ‘right’ folks get the free health care?

    Where only the ‘right’ folks get the corporate jobs with the multimillion dollar paychecks and a golden parachute if and when they bankrupt the company?

    Speaking about bankrupting companies – how about those Wall Street buddies that just had to call their good friend George W. Bush – on the weekend, no less – and the Little Cowboy made sure they got their taxpayer-provided bailouts.

    When will WE the TAXPAYERS finally get sick and tired of this crappola that Reagan started – all for the Corporations and only the tax bills for the working man to pay?

    Reagan did a lot of damage to our country……and then to top it off, his defense of the Iran Contra Affair was – he did not remember?

    And these morons still worship St. Ronnie?

    This is how we got here……in a sorry mess – if you ask me.

    Our priorities are all wrong….but don’t you fret about that. Some Fundy Christians will be glad to cloak their selfish and greedy agenda with the name of God and his son Jesus.

    And the sheeple keep following on their way to the slaughter house.


    • I would like all these Reagan worshipers to come with me and look at the real victims of Alzheimers.

      These are the folks that do not have millions in the bank – nor health insurance – nor the families that have enough money in the bank to help.

      A lot of these folks are in long term care nursing facilities – and most are in secured units (so they will not wander off).

      Many are on Medicaid – because their money is long gone……nursing care is not cheap.

      Our country has a dirty little secret – we have a lot of places that keep such patients warehoused – and they get their medications – through Medicaid or Medicare (if they quality).

      But I will also let you in on another dirty little secret – the age of being diagnosed with Alzheimers seems to be getting younger and younger.

      This is no longer just a senior citizen’s disease.

      Where do those folks go for help – the ones that don’t have Medicare?

      It is sad…..so damn sad…..that we have so many morally superior Godly Christians in power and professing that America is a Christian nation that cares about people the way Jesus cared – and we have warehouses of patients with Alzheimers.

      Just think….with all the billions spent on all these political election campaigsn every time – couldn’t we use that money for a better cause?

      Like – taking care of our fellow Americans?

      How much damn election confetti does a political P.O.S. really need?

      • wicked

        I don’t know how I tripped on this particular day and thread that I’d missed, but I can offer a sad story about Alzheimer’s. One of my best friends was diagnosed with it years ago. Fifteen years or maybe a little less. When it came time that her husband couldn’t take care of her anymore–and he did, for a long time–she went into a nursing home. They divorced so Medicaid would step in. He still spent time with her, even after he remarried, which I don’t begrudge him doing at all.

        She didn’t know anyone or where she was and had gotten to the point where she couldn’t close her mouth. In a wheelchair for I don’t know how long, she got to the point a week and a half ago that she couldn’t/wouldn’t swallow. (I’ve heard this can happen with Parkinson’s, too.) She died just a little over a week ago.

        What a crap adult life for such a wonderful woman. Even knowing it was inevitable, it still hit hard to know she’s gone. While I know she’s at peace now and is probably laughing at us as she watches our stumbles, I’ll forever miss her. She was 62.

      • Wicked…..so sorry to hear of your dear friend’s passing.

        As I tried to say in my comment above….. Alzheimers is such a devastating disease to go through……

        And this is just one of many diseases that ordinary Americans have to deal with —and on limited money…….limited resources to get help.

        There is not one damn good reason that a country as rich as America – why do we tolerate people having to suffer needlessly….when they are already going through the most horrific circumstances – through no fault of their own.

        BTW – I think the reason you tripped on to this particular thread is because your voice was needed to add a personal touch to what I was bumbling around trying to convey.

        I have watched countless elderly couples having to legally divorce due to their financial needs in order to get health care for their loved ones.

        AGAIN – for being such a Loud-N-Proud so-called Christian country- then why do Republicans STILL want to hold on to a health care system that punishes – rather than heals?

  6. Jay

    I have a tendency to cause trouble. Ask anyone. I SO admire your passion and your compassion. It reminds me of me.

    Upthread, or comment, or whatever, you said that fighting was useless.
    It isn’t. And we are way behind the cons on that.Yeah bashing heads with them like I did is not particularly productive. But it does still keep us heard.

    And THAT is what needs to happen. Keep fighting. Keep the message out there. Because lots louder voices with lots more money are doing everything they can to shut us up. You can’t hold back attacking them and expect the same.

    • The constant partisan sniping on the other blog is useless fighting – IMHO.

      But I never said progressives need to keep their mouths shut.

      I prefer to do my talking to anyone and everyone I come in contact with during my day.

      I learned something – there is a lot more people who are fed up with the draconian and selfish agenda of the Tea Party and Republicans than one would ever think if they just kept bucking heads with those CONS on the other blog who are people with apparently empty days and empty lives – which is why they are on the blog 24/7 doing their partisan sniping.

      Those CONS on the other blog are just the loud empty noise that bullies like to throw up to distract the real bully in the room….the entire GOP agenda.

      You can keep on fighting with the CONS on the other blog – if that is the way you find the most helpful.

      But, as for me, I have learned talking and listening to everyone I come into contact with everyday makes me hopeful that not everyone on the GOP side is buying into this Tea Party/Corporate Money B.S.

      I might add – I’ve noticed a lot of women are fed up with the anti-women sentiment they are seeing from the GOP.

      If only the women showed up to vote….a lot of this current Tea Party/GOP crappola would be voted out – IMHO

  7. Jay

    Well, I have not had a part on the WEBlog for some years. I probably could hack my way back in. I choose not to. They could not banish the bane of the blog but he did get them to banish me. With that policy change and their most recent ones, that forum, once one of the most posted in the country let alone the State, fell into irrelevance. You have to PAY to blog there and they thought they could make money off it.From hits in the thousands, they must be down to less than a hundred a day.

    I’ve not enjoyed my self and others imposed exile from chat war. But I have learned from it.

    Blogging is dead. Or dying anyway. With Twitter, you have to get what you need to say in what, 60 characters or less? The American attention span is down to next to nothing. I’m not really happy about that….

    But the GOOD news about it is that our side is ahead of the curve. I mean, the right is still attempting to engage with BOOKS. They sell lots of books to old people, old people’s grandchildren, and other people they have convinced to think just like them.

    But among the young? I see an embrace of this creative age. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is true. Videos and other original creations can be worth millions of words.

    We kinda sorta GOT the young folks. We have to keep them. The right is just starting to see this and making their own efforts. But they’re always behind. They’re starting to know this. When a child hater like Rush Limbaugh writes a best selling children’s book??

    So search the internet. Find the young and creative. They get little or no support from Government thanks to Republicans. Support their efforts. it doesn’t HAVE to be financial. Youtubers and such get such energy from just reinforcement and encouragement. I’ve seen it.

    • Jay ….we both have the same goal – but I have just chosen to not stay and snipe 24/7 with CONS that really don’t have any power other than the run their mouths and to post hateful comments 24/7 on some blog that is – like you said – a mere pittance of what it used to be..

      My hope is with the younger generation.

      Younger folks do not have these social wedge issues in their craw – like the CONS do.

      Younger folks in my kids’ age – mid 30’s – were the ones raised under the Reagan Greed Years and they know how bad CON Repukes govern….

      Don’t get me wrong….when a CON wants to tangle with me about political issues – then I’ll take them on and won’t let go until they know they’ve been dealt a blow by my progressive WOMAN’s hand.

      And I think that the women will be the biggest voice heard in the midterm and 2016 elections.

      WOMEN are pissed off…..and just let the CONS keep up their unrelentless attack on women’s rights and voting rights….

      It’s not going to be a pretty sight…

      • Jay

        Well Good on you. I’m sorry I’ve been away. And you are right and I said so. Trading fight for fight with them on blogs is OLD. It won’t work. It’s what THEY are trying to do and on Twitter too.
        The old and the rich, they see their distance from young people. How else does a child hater like Rush Limbaugh write a children’s book?

        We’re in a war. And, for now, we have the kids. But we have to keep them because the right is after them.

      • I agree…we have to keep the kids ….and I’m afraid if Obamacare does not get it’s website together soon…..even the kids will get disillusioned and start looking elsewhere.

        I heard a news report awhile back that the percentage of people calling themselves – independent – is higher than it has ever been.

        Democrats and Republicans have been entangled in this tit-for-tat crappola for so long (especially since Obama took office – IMHO) – that nothing ever gets resolved…..which turns off most voters.

        I think that is what we are witnessing today….and is why the percentage of people not affiliated with either party is at an all time high.

        Today’s politicians (in both parties) have made it their career to ‘stay in power’ – and if that means not doing anything of real value for the American people – then so be it.

        THAT is the thinking we need to be fighting………where one group of people are so powerful that they don’t care what they do, how they do it or who they do it to….

        And in that – I think we can both agree?

  8. Jay

    Agreed. For the most part, our elected representatives have become two sides of the same coin. They win one day, we win the next day and then they win again. SO LONG as it keeps those making money more money.

    The affordable health care act….that the right calls Obama care. It is something the progressives have been fighting for for a VERY LONG time.
    In what civilized nation WOULD’T health care be a right? The older take care of the younger and then the younger give back, as their heirs do the same. It only makes sense. Conservatives fight this with “keep what you got” anybody, even your kids trying to benefit is a thief.” Cons are about “my, me, mine” That is NOT what built this nation. It is not what makes this country better.

    • But….this MY, ME, MINE attitude was what the Reagan Years were all about – wasn’t it?

      Reagan did a lot of damage to our country.. – IMHO ….and he did it with that crooked CON smile, waving the American Flag and thumping the Bible.

  9. Jay

    And I was there. And in 1988 I voted for Reagan. It was a mistake I am determined to spend the rest of my life correcting.