Monday, 11/4/13, Public Square

This is why the Republican Party must resort to restricting the vote.  The map below shows the way it ended five years ago today.

Four years later against Romney in the 2012 presidential election, President Obama won 281 electoral votes and Romney lost with 191.


electoral map


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  1. Will the Republicans now want to get rid of the Electoral College?

    • Why don’t Republicans just do as their white ancestors did?

      Sail in a ship, land on a rock, be saved from starvation by the natives and then plot to have all the natives sent to the barren parts of the country while the whites rape the country of all its natural resources…

      • Their corporate masters haven’t required this yet. Pretty much they do what they’re told, when they’re told, and they’re pleased with themselves for their efforts without ever recognizing the reality of having moved backwards to a time when the few buy, sell and control humans to suit their needs.

  2. While talking about the website being a failure….why don’t Republicans talk about how these stricl Voter I.D. laws are also a big fat failure..

    After all – Republican Foxxies do profess to be fair and balanced….don’t they?

  3. Anyone else remember how they felt this day five years ago? I was nervous. I had voted early so felt at odds with not going to the polls on election day, not waiting in a line. I watched as the news showed long lines in some places.

    I’m so against war. McCain scared me a lot! I can still easily remember him singing, bomb, bomb Iran… This is without mentioning Palin. I don’t need to go further with that subject and would prefer never hearing from her or even about her again.

    I had expected a close election and never dreamed of knowing the winner so early. I had prepared myself for not knowing the winner for maybe several days and couldn’t ignore the memories of the Bush v Gore election finally decided by SCOTUS.

  4. Kansas doesn’t matter in national elections. You can count on all six electoral votes going to whichever candidate has the little “R” beside their name.

    Six, currently.

    If our state’s population continues to decline that will be reduced soon.

    Kris Kobach, aided by our governor and state legislators, is doing everything possible to ensure all candidates elected will have that little “R.” The Kansas Democratic Party isn’t a worthy foe, and the majority of Kansas residents support this republican domination. Koback interprets SCOTUS decisions to further his agenda and isn’t challenged.

    Feels hopeless. Hawaii, Oregon, Maine are some states I’ve heard some of our merry band mention moving to. Maybe each of us will help the Kansas population decline…

  5. MAP: 9 States Besides Texas That Are Making It Harder for Women to Vote
    The GOP’s campaign for strict voter ID laws is affecting another voting bloc.

    Kansans, here’s where you check your voter registration —

  6. Come on people! Wake up. Insurance corporations are in it for the money. As much freaking money as they can get their hands on because their CEO is pulling in a salary of $48 million a year and their stockholders want their precious dividends.

    “If you’re an insurance company, you’re trying to hang onto the consumers you have at the highest price you can get them.”

    So when a consumer gets a letter from a mega-millions in profit health insurer that says “sorry we are cancelling your policy, blame it on the ACA and Obama” guess what you do? You call them up and tell them you will find a cheaper policy elsewhere!

    Across the country, insurance companies have sent misleading letters to consumers, trying to lock them into the companies’ own, sometimes more expensive health insurance plans rather than let them shop for insurance and tax credits on the Obamacare marketplaces. (DUH!)

    The extreme lengths to which some insurance companies are going to hold on to existing customers at higher price has caught the attention of state insurance regulators.

    Before Obamacare, Donna paid a $724 monthly premium for $10,000 deductible, catastrophic health coverage from LifeWise, a subsidiary of the state’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield affiliate.

    The Sept. 16 letter from LifeWise told her that her existing plan was being canceled to comply with the new requirements of Obamacare and that she would automatically be rolled over into a new plan that was the “closest match” to her old plan. “If we don’t hear from you, we’ll automatically move you to this plan and you’ll be covered starting January 1, 2014,” the notice read. Under the new LifeWise plan, Donna would have to pay more than $1,000 a month, a nearly $300 per month increase and a huge hit for a family with an income around $40,000. It was bare-bones coverage by ACA standards, with a $6,350 deductible.

    The letter made NO MENTION of the insurance marketplace that was about to open, where she could shop around for other options. A LifeWise spokesman told TPM that the Washington marketplace had done plenty of its own advertising and the company ASSUMES that customers know they have other options.

    So Donna got smart, she logged into the Washington ACA exchange, found a BETTER policy and she also discovered she would qualify for a federal tax subsidy that would knock her monthly premium to $80.

    Bottom line: Anyone whining about not being able to keep their insurance policy that they love oh so dearly that is in reality not worth the price of the paper it is printed on needs to pull their head out of the sand.

    • We’ve been told – more than once – by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas that if we drop our coverage with them – we can NEVER get back on with them – EVER.

      How is this possible with the new ACA rules in effect?

      My employer’s insurance is much cheaper……so why can’t I get on that policy and tell BCBS where to stuff it?

      But….if I decide to stop working full time when my daughter has her baby and then we need insurance coverage from my husband’s employer – we will NEVER get it back (according to their stated threats).

      And…I’ve been told that if you have insurance through your employer that does meet the minimum ACA standards – that you cannot even go on the ACA marketplace to see if you can get cheaper health insurance through them.

      Why is that also permitted?

      • Because Romneycare became Obamacare which is one way of saying the ACA is a republican idea and therefore stingy. A liberal idea would be Medicare for all!

        I don’t believe BCBS can keep you from buying one of their policies in the future if you cancel, I don’t even think they would want to do that. They are a for-profit business and customers are how they make profits. When insurance companies could turn down people for pre-existing conditions it would have been true that once you dropped the company they wouldn’t insure you again, but not now.

        Yes, I do believe if your employer offers insurance that meets the minimum requirements you aren’t eligible for Obamacare (insurance through the marketplaces). I think you could still see what, if anything, would be a better buy, a better plan, etc. So it makes sense that the employer would offer reasonable insurance at a reasonable price. And, if your situation changes — you had coverage through your employer and now don’t — I see no legal reason you couldn’t go back to the coverage offered at hubby’s employer.

      • BCBS stated this was their policy even before ACA became effective.

        We’ve had them for the past 6 years – and they have always used the threat if we ever drop them – we could NEVER get back on – EVER.

        I could understand that before the ACA rules came into play….but how the hell does BCBS get away with this?

        I know…I know….. big corporations can do whatever the hell they want to do…..

        It’s the American way….don’t you know.

        You betcha. Wink-Wink

      • But to tell you the truth…..with my past experiences with our health care system (and especially the last 6 weeks) – I am FED UP with all this crappola.

        I just got the EOB from my PCP that spent 5 minutes with me – just to refer me to a cardiologist and then submitted a claim for $300..

        $300 for listening to me for 5 minutes and then passing me off to the cardiologist – which billed $600 – but at least that doctor did some testing on me.

        Geesh………talk about highway robbery..

        Jesse James and his Gang should have been doctors….they would have made off like better bandits.

      • Even after multiple office visits, a trip to the E.R. and the cardiologist for testing….nobody can tell me what the hell is wrong with me.

        I still say it’s a reaction to that damn shingles vaccination.

        I would NOT recommend that vaccination to anyone….

      • I’ve been to the government website to report my symptoms of what I think was caused by the shingles vaccination.

        I was also told by my pharmacist friend that I am NOT crazy to think my troubles might be a reaction and she asked me if my PCP reported my case to the government.

        I seriously doubt if they report it – since the last time I saw him, he laughed in my face when I asked him – again – if this could be a reaction to that shingles vaccination.

        My pharmacist friend told that any health care provider is obligated to report any patient presenting with reaction symptoms – whether they think it is related or not..

        Hmmmm…..good think that website wanted names, dates and addresses. And I answered all the questions.

        I hope the FEDS make a call to one certain doctor’s office…..

      • It seems they can tell you only what isn’t wrong with those tests. I get so upset with how many times no one knows what is wrong! This is modern medicine?

        I’m worried my friend! Are you still experiencing pain and feel ill? Is there anything I can do to help?

      • The symptoms are less severe than before but I still get those severe hives and chest pains (same as before)

        The hives start with intense itching and then turn into the biggest welts. They last for about 10 to 15 minutes and then goes away. When my feet start to itch on the top and bottom at the same time – I know I am in for several places of the hives and welts to show up on my body – taking those 10-15 minutes intervals. Like I said before – my hives/welts are better in the amount of attacks – but they are still the same symptoms.

        As for the chest pains – they are still like they were – but not as often. It feels like severe heartburn – at first – and then my shoulder blade region hurts – so the pain goes through from the front to the back. Again – not as many attack as before – but they are still just as intense.

        After spending all this money – wouldn’t you think the ‘best health care in the world’ – would come up with a better response than – we don’t know…

        I am just done with our health care system – all they seem to care about is when they get their money…

        Did anyone see the news about the Johnson & Johnson settlement over their marketing of Risperdal?

        I can tell you from experience – I see a lot of Risperdal being prescribed for long term care patients.

        This is what I was talking about last week when I went on my rant……do these patients really need all those drugs that are prescribed for them?

        Or are they just ‘in the system’ of a nursing facility – so they are given whatever drugs are the most profitable because Medicare will pay for them?

        No skin off the patient’s nose – nor their family’s nose.

  7. Everybody’s talking about Christie, or the teacher he’s yelling at. Look at the wife. Look at the smile on her face. Realize… a moment like this isn’t a surprise for her, it’s happened before, and she’s probably just glad it’s not a reaction to something she said. Not. Presidential. Material.

    • Why do Republicans hate teachers and other public service employees so much..and calls them lazy leeches when corporate CEO’s have their hands out for their government checks in the form of subsidies and those special tax breaks?

      Those CEO’s are just fancy dressed leeches – are they not?

      At least the public service workers are doing a SERVICE for our society. What do these CEO’s do to earn their multi-million dollar salaries?

      Ship American jobs overseas…..that seems to be their #1 goal.

      I still remember Romney bragging about that Chinese factory where women were housed in a dorm with 10 women to a room and there was one bathroom down the hall.

      HE BRAGGED about this factory……because these women wanted to work and were saving their money to find a man to marry and become wives and mothers.

      I call B.S. on that crappola.

  8. obviously no comment is required.

  9. Five years ago if you went to bed early you woke up to find that at 11 p.m. Tuesday, November 4, 2008, Senator Barack Obama was projected as the 44th President of the United States.

    • I remember that day. I also remember his first inauguration. I took pictures of my granddaughter next to the television running the coverage.

      Even when I do not agree with President Obama – I am still thankful we have him in the White House and not McCain or Romney.