Sunday, 11/3/13, Public Square

Restricting the right to vote has become policy in many states thanks to the ‘remarkable’ leadership of Republican legislatures who can’t prove more than one, and often zero, cases of voter fraud.

So let’s say that I am a reasonable person and that I understand that asking for photo ID to vote, to prove you are the person you say you are, is reasonable. I understand that I have to show ID in many situations. I used to have to show ID to purchase beer or wine or liquor; at least until even the nicest check-out clerk could no longer pretend I might conceivably be under twenty-one.

So now let’s pretend that those folks on the right are reasonable people. I got my voter ID card with the photo on it to appease your unproven, fact-free fears of voter fraud. Why can’t I take my brand spanking new voter ID card to the polls on Sunday? Why can’t I brandish my legal proof that I am registered to vote a week or a month before Election Day to vote early? Why, if I am standing in line for hours to vote with my fancy voter ID card in hand, would the law prohibit the polling place from staying open until I could exercise my right to vote?

I could go on and on with the restrictions placed on what has been until now, the simplest way, the ONLY way, for Americans to have a voice in the so-called democracy of the U.S.

So there is my compromise to the folks on the right. I’ll drive my elderly neighbor Margaret to get her voter ID card if you let me take Margaret to the polls on Sunday after church so she can vote. Deal?

No, I didn’t think so. Because the bottom line is it’s not about voter ID, it’s about making sure not everyone votes. The ultimate gerrymandering.



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  1. Great post and great graphic. And, Fnord, 617 and Norma, Castle Rock is GLOWING this morning. It’s kind of a dark, cloudy day, but the sun in shining on the bluffs and it’s the only bright spot on the horizon. A picture just wouldnt do it justice. You’d have to see it to believe it.

    I’m gonna miss seeing it, and the windmill, out my kitchen window someday.

    • That view from your kitchen window is special whether Castle Rock is or isn’t glowing. It’s a blustery day in Wichita. I’m glad I’m not trying to keep a car on the road in this wind. So even tho Castle Rock is lit up we chose the better day to travel! I hope all the leaves in my yard travel to Nebraska…

      • Yes indeedy, Fnord. This would be no day to be on the road. It’s gusting to over 40mph here. It would be no fun to be out and about. Better to curl up with the corned beef I had in the crockpot for 15 hours and the cabbage/saurkraut I cooked to go with it. Taters on the way…

        Hope you and yours have a great Sunday. Summer and Lucky the Wonder Dog are sending well wishes to Ginger!

      • R.D. Liebst

        I keep thinking it might be a good day to hang clothes out to dry, but it seems if you want rain just let me hang clothes out!

  2. This one is for you, Indy. He uses the term “twist-o’-flex mind” regarding conservative christians.

    It’s also for anyone who thinks as a society we should care for the born as much as we care for the unborn.

    • PP – you know me so well…….and we’ve never even meant .

      I know I have ranted ever since we were all on the other side of the blog fence (you remember that place ..)

      BUT….I know from personal experience how these Twist-o’-flex mind Christians operated.

      It is NOT a pretty picture.

      But….I am an alumni from one of their Fundiest Baptist Colleges but I opened my eyes – and my mind – as to how things work in the real world.

      I think these Fundies are about getting power – and money – so they can set up their own government under the pretense that they follow the teachings of Jesus.

      When the Hell did Jesus ever charge an outrageous amount for his healing of the sick – or raising Lazarus from the dead?

      Wow – that dead raising feat would have brought in millions…..huh?

      Just one drive going east on North 21st from Rock Road to Andover – just count how many mega churches are sitting on tax-free prime real estate….

      And yet our society thinks the poor and hungry children do not deserve to eat because they picked the wrong parents?

      The commandment that talks about not taking God’s name in vain – a lot of these Fundies truly believe that is about cussing….

      I think it means something entirely different….

      When these mega churchy folks use the name of Jesus to justify their own selfish, greedy and hateful agenda – that is taking God’s name in vain.

      My son has often said….if you want to find a true pervert – look inside the damn churches..

      example #1 – Dennis Rader – convicted BTK killer.
      exampled #2 Sanduskey – convicted child molester from Penn State
      example #3 – That Roeder guy who is the convicted killer of Dr. George Tiller

      And while we’re talking about child molesters – how about the Catholic Church leaders who knowing made the choice to cover up the crimes of child molestation? When did the Pope ever kick anyone of these perverts out of the church?

      And now that Pope Paul is going to become a saint..??

      THIS is the work of the twist-o-flex minds of Conservative Christians.

      I just don’t understand how people who profess to be so morally superior can justify what they and their church leaders do – all in the name of God and Jesus.

      The height of their hypocrisy is when they all stood in line for the overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love Jesus and hate the gays.

      I also wonder….how many homes were filled with kids and parents that did not have food in the house …did these Churchy people pass on their way to that chicken restaurant?

      PP – may I borrow your most favorite line?

      Jesus wept.

      • R.D. Liebst

        You and I have the same thoughts when it comes to going down that road. It is the picture definition of too much money in the pockets and not helping the poor.

      • I know we have the same views about that row of seemingly endless mega churches – which are nothing more than profit-making business – if you ask me.

        I have more respect for this smaller churches who do what they can to help their neighborhoods – but these folks NEVER get the fancy buildings or to have their faces plastered on all these neon-flashing billboards.

        Yes….I am talking about Joe Wright and Terry Fox. There is a billboard off East Kellogg that has these two men’s faces on that sign.

        I wonder…..did Jesus ever have to put his face on a billboard – or did the people around his town KNOW that he was the guy that healed the sick, comforted the downtrodden and even dared to protect that woman from being stoned to death.

        My grandpa was not a church-going man. He had one suit and he only wore that when there was a wedding or a funeral.

        But yet…when Grandpa died…there were countless people who came into the funeral home and told the same story over and over…

        Grandpa helped them when they needed help. Sometimes it was a bag of groceries – a tank of gas to get to work – some extra dollars until payday – when my own Grandpa did not have a lot of dollars to spare.

        This is the man that truly lived what Jesus taught….and commanded his followers to do..

        I am afraid in these days of mega church corporations – Jesus would either be turned away at the front door or he would get spit on by these self-professing Christians who are nothing more than members of an exclusive country club that has all the tax free money…..but yet continue to bitch about ‘those folks over there’….

        This mentality of ‘Us vs Them’ is straight from these mega churches – IMHO.

        Sarah Palin used this strategy in her failed bid for Vice President in 2008 – remember?

        Which is why we still hear Fundies and Tea Pots ranting about Obama being a secret Muslim born in Kenya.

        You know….Obama is ‘not like us’ ……..You betcha ….Wink-Wink

  3. Here we go again….folks…

    Why did the Town Supervisor (a Catholic) feel it necessary to change the previous moment of silence to an actual prayer?

    I always find these folks who do not believe in separation of church and state – are generally Fundy Christian Republicans.

    But – when asked what they really want – these folks want the benefits of the government (being tax-free status) but yet these folks want to dictate to the government what laws will be passed, etc.

    There was a good reason for the separation of church and state… cannot overtake the other – in the true sense of this idea.

    There is a good balance – with a separation….IMHO