Friday, 11/1/13, Public Square

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by | November 1, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. People and our relationships SHOULD matter – but they don’t to a lot of folks.

    Just look at the numerous mega churches on every corner of our city and then ask yourself why America has the most violence, a lot of guns, a lot of hate talk radio and television and people who are proud to HATE their president and try make him an illegitimate president by screaming he is a secret Muslim born in Kenya.

    Then take into consideration how our country has become corporatized -…where there is very little competition in our so-called ‘free trade market’.

    Think of Walmart – when Walmart came into town – how many independent stores went belly up?

    And we dare to call our selves a fair and just country – let alone a Christian country.

    I am so angry as to what has happened to my country….and I blame Reagan for a lot of this crappola.

    The 80’s were called the Decade of Greed for a reason..

    When money and greed becomes the God – relationships and people no longer matter.

    • Agreed, Indy. I’m not generally a fan of “slippery slope” arguments, but electing Reagan was the beginning of a long decline and slide down a very slippery slope, and I’m not convinced we’re done yet with our downhill slide.

      I hope St. ronnie ray gun burns in hell for what he’s responsible for doing to America.

      • Sad to say – I think you’re right about we’re not done yet with the downhill slide…..

        As for Reagan in Hell…….I suspect even Satan would not want that particular man anywhere near him.

        Is there a sub-level of Hell???

  2. Look at this portrait! It warms my heart and makes me smile ear to ear!

    The women of the Supreme Court are the subjects of a new painting unveiled at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. on Monday. The portrait features the high court’s current female justices, Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan, as well as Sandra Day O’Connor, who retired from the bench in 2005. O’Connor made history in 1981 when she became the first woman ever named to the Supreme Court.

    • I know why she’s in there, but I wish O’Connor was not a part of the portrait. She’s another one who should roast with the devil for her part in bush v Gore. Not to mention the other damage she and her neocon buddies did. She does not get a free pass just because she’s a woman.

      Now the other three? Oh, be still my heart…. What a bunch of great women!

  3. (from the link): As a special Halloween treat, Mother Jones posted a speech that Rafael Cruz gave during his son’s Senate race last year. In it, Papa Cruz rants and raves about the “crisis” this country is facing because of its “Marxist” president. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the failed-businessman-turned-preacher goes on at length about how Obama and the rest of the Democratic heathen are trying to drive God from the public square. And once he really gets rolling, Rafael urges the assembled patriots to send our dangerous president “back to Kenya.”
    Clearly Ted learned his bare-knuckles, crazy-ass demagoguery at the knee of a master.

    Indeed, for anyone looking to understand the reckless, uncompromising, burn-the-village-to-the-ground side of Ted Cruz, the most obvious place to start is his ex-Cuban-revolutionary daddy. But for all his Tea Party street cred, Cruz does not qualify as any of the “antis” often associated with the movement: anti-elitist, anti-establishment, anti-intellectual… He is, in many ways, the consummate insider: well heeled, well connected, and absurdly well credentialed. (Princeton, Harvard, and a Supreme Court clerkship? Come on!)

    For a window into this more buttoned-down side of the strange political hybrid that is Cruz, the place to look is toward his equally—if not more—formidable wife, Heidi.

    House of Cruz: the Making of Ted Cruz

    • Pure hatred is something that is learned – IMHO.

      But – hey – Papa Cruz is a preacher man……what better way to master the art of a CON job?

      • BTW – For all Papa Cruz’s ranting ……isn’t Papa Cruz a foreigner – himself?

        But…..he is the ‘right’ type of foreigner….You betcha….Wink-Wink