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  1. I read a piece that contends if the conservative base hates Obamacare they’ll really hate the conservative proposals for both Social Security and Medicare. Of course it went on to explain the fact that buying from for-profit companies with means testing which varies the government subsidies and state level decisions is exactly what The Ryan Plan for Medicare is. I’ll link it, but I have to disagree with the author. I don’t think conservatives will ever realize this fact. They aren’t into facts, they simply believe the slant and the lies Fox “News” and those with the little “R” feed them.

    The author does make one prediction I sadly do agree with. He writes: ” If Obamacare — built on means-testing, privatizing and decentralization to the states — is treated by progressives as the greatest liberal public policy success in the last half-century, then how will progressives be able to argue against proposals by conservative Republicans and center-right neoliberal Democrats to means-test, privatize and decentralize Social Security and Medicare in the years ahead?

    I predict that it is only a matter of time before conservatives and Wall Street-backed “New Democrats” begin to argue that, with Obamacare in place, it makes no sense to have two separate healthcare systems for the middle class — Obamacare for working-age Americans, Medicare for retired Americans. They will suggest, in a great bipartisan chorus: Let’s get rid of Medicare, in favor of Lifelong Obamacare! Let’s require the elderly to keep purchasing private insurance until they die!”

    After you’ve finished reading that prediction for Medicare take a really deep breath before you begin reading the authors prediction for Social Security and step-be-step how it will be accomplished.

    Here’s how GOP Obamacare hypocrisy backfires

    • Gee, thanks, Fnord. Lovely way to start the day. It’s exhausting and disheartening that we have to work so hard and be so vigilant to protect Social Security and Medicare from both the pukes and the democrats. It’s hard to win a war on two fronts. Sadly, I agree with what is in the link.

  2. I heard Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate Halloween.

    Seems they don’t appreciate random people coming up to their doors.

    • ROFLMAO! I just told a friend that one of the good things about living in such isolation is that I don’t have to worry about trick or treaters. NO ONE is driving this far out to get candy. That means I can wrap up in a blankie, (if Summer will share) and watch Scandal. Ah…. life in the country.

  3. The nonsense Kris Kobach sells to gullible red states goes down in flames again! Too bad Kansans aren’t quite as smart and savvy. Alabama’s anti-immigrant pols cave in, gut law, & pay legal fees of immigrant rights groups who challenged them.

    Alabama, civil rights groups, DOJ reach agreement in HB 56 lawsuit

  4. Ok, so this is why I am SO pissed off at Sebelius for allowing such a crappy rollout of the website. Yes, I know the repukes have done everything they could to ensure a crappy rollout, but this is why it was important to do it well. She’s supposedly not stupid and should have known this would be the result of a failed rollout. Democrats have to be better than this no matter what obstructionist bullshit the repukes pull.

    Obama’s approval ratings are dropping like a stone, and he could drag down the tickets in 2014. Just when the repukes handed him a gift with the shutdown, Sebelius tanked him and the Democrats’ approval with this crappy rollout. I know it’s also affected by the foreign leader spying stuff, but you know the healthcare problem is front and center right now. There’s still time to recover, but, DAMN, Kathleen. Way to show your Kansas ass.

  5. The challenges of online journalism are different and measuring what is read, where advertising dollars will be most effective a new challenge. The company my grandson works for in NYC is Chartbeat and this article tells what they do and how it goes well beyond simply counting the number of page views. Such information as engagement time (how long readers stay before moving on), scrolling and mouse movements are detected, recorded on graphs and reported to help know what attracts readers. It’s a good article about the changes in journalism, marketing, and begs the question: what does all of that clicking really mean to a company?

    This man decides what you read
    Can Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile save journalism?

    If this article interests you, here’s Chartbeat’s website —

  6. Here’s some insight into how Fox “News” misleads. After reading this it’s a bit easier to understand how people vote republican.

    One Fox News chart that will mislead you about welfare and jobs in three different ways

  7. I just got home form an exhausting 11-hour day at work – this entire week has been 10 to 12 hr shifts for me because our department has two full time people decide to take a week off – knowing that the third full time girl was due to have her baby this week.

    Well- the baby came on Monday…….so we’ve been short-handed by 3 people all this week.

    And since I am in health care business – and deal with Medicare all day long – I have a few things to say….

    1) There is a lot of crappola that We the Taxpayers are paying for these Medicare recipients. And I mean this in an effort to educate – but is it really necessary for ALL seniors to be getting 5 pages of meds? (there are 9 meds to each page).

    And to clarify things even more…..when these people first are admitted to a long-term care facility (provided they are not acute patients from the hospital) – a lot of these folks come in with very few meds.

    But by the time the doctors and long-term care nurses are done with them – they eventually end up with 5 pages (on average).

    WHY – you may ask? P-R-O-F-I-T-S….plain and simple.

    The more meds prescribed – the more money in those deep pockets.

    2) Remember when the new regulation came into play that penalizes hospitals for too many readmits ?

    Well – it seems the new game is for hospitals to keep patients for 3 days under the ‘observation’ category and these are not considered an admit.

    So…..the game is to keep these elderly folks for up to 3 days at the hospital – then send them back to the nursing home – just to have them return to the same hospital for another round of the new game called – making as much money as you can without having the patient be ‘admitted’ – and then be penalized for too many readmits.

    Why is this happening – you may ask? P-R-O-F-I-T-S…

    3) I cannot tell you how many times I have processed new med orders for the latest and newest medications featured on all those television commercials – and soon after these ads appear.

    Is it is a coincidence? Or is just that more people watch these ads on television and then tell their doctor that they would like to try that new medication – and since Medicare is paying for it – why the Hell not?

    The doctor does not really care. (IMHO) – no skin off his/her nose – and I’m sure there is a drug representative that has been stalking their office with free samples and the strong motivation to get as many of their patients on the new drug as they can get.

    And why – you may ask? P-R-O-F-I-T-S….

    Do you see my theme here? \

    We will continue to have the highest cost of health care with the lowest quality rating of that health care until we get it through our thick heads that some fields were not meant to be all about PROFITS……

    IMHO – health care is one of those businesses.

    Instead of trying to get the best health care for our money – we seem to love to throw as much money (Medicare = taxpayer money) at these so-called health care providers and getting very little quality in return.

    The way we have approached health care in our country seems eerily similar to the way the government contracts for their services – and we all know what happens when taxpayer money is dangled in front of people lined up to take full advantage of all that beautiful money.

    We were just discussing the government procurement regulations – weren’t we?

    Medicare is really no different.

    There is so much fraud, abuse and waste in our health care system….it makes me want to puke.

    But…..I still have to sit at my desk for 12 hours and input all this crappola (IMHO) for patients that I wonder… they really even need all these drugs?

    • BTW – let’s no forget …..Medicare Drug Program was an UNFUNDED program that George W. Bush pushed through…

      Why didn’t these Republicans scream about all that taxpayer money being spent – when their boy was the one in the White House?