Tuesday, 10/29/13, Public Square



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  1. The Ryan Plan wants to take Medicare backwards to the point where The Affordable Care Act begins — give a government subsidy to buy insurance from private companies. Of course, if Ryan and republicans ever realized this goal at least the products available would have been greatly improved by the new standards and regulations The Affordable Care Act put in place.

  2. Wonder why people say governor brownstain’s tax cuts for rich folks will make property taxes go up for the rest of us? Well, here’s one of many ways he’s making up for his budget shortfalls. He’s taking money that belongs to counties and keeping it for the state budget. Oh, and then daring the counties to sue the state. They are. Counties can pretty much only raise funds by sales tax increases or property tax increases since they get no income tax money. Both sales tax and property tax are regressive in the extreme. Thank the Kochs and Brownback when your property taxes go through the roof.


    FYI–Don Heineman, quoted here, is my state rep and a pretty good guy for being a repuke. I wish he’s be a moderate challenger to brownstain, but he doesn’t have enough name recognition.

    • bobwhitenks

      If we absolutely must have a Republican as representative for Ks CD1, how about Heineman? We need to replace “Daffy Duck” Huelskampf. Really! He should not be in D.C. He was terrible in Topeka.

  3. Heineman would be a great choice to replace timmy. I don’t know that he has wingnut support though, and the Big First is pretty tough to win when you are a moderate from Dighton. I’d support him, though, since the democrats can’t find their asses with both hands, a map and a flashlight in the Big First!

    • I’m pleased to know there is such a thing as a moderate republican! In Kansas no less, that’s impressive!

      • He’s a really good guy, Fnord. And, he beat out an incumbent big time wingnut and has managed to hold on to the seat for a couple of elections. I hope he continues. Not as good as having a real democrat, but that’ll never happen in this district.