Sunday, 10/27/13, Public Square



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  1. The monster is loose and now the GOP Billionaires do not know how to control their monster.

    Here’s a hint….STOP funding them….

  2. Remember the case of the Tennessee Judge that ruled a baby’s name could not be Messiah because that is a title and only one person – Jesus Christ – has earned that title?

    It appears this judge is now in trouble……

    Hmmm….look for the above GOP monster come out with their pitchforks against those liberal judges on that court panel….

    How dare they say this judge was wrong when she cited Jesus Christ as her answer to why she changed a baby’s name ….against the wishes of the baby’s parents.

    • wicked

      I read that a few weeks ago and am so glad they’ve nailed that judge. Since when do judges get to name a person’s child, only because they don’t personally like the name chosen by the parent(s)?

  3. There’s a really good op-ed piece in this morning’s local paper about the Tea Party.

    Thomas L. Friedman: Tea party tactics crossed line

    Read more here:

    • But these Tea Pots do not care. These are folks that are so convinced they are doing God’s work….that they do not care – cannot be shamed nor do they even get embarrassed by their actions.

      There is no reasoning with these zealots. Take my word for it – I’ve been in their midst and these folks are VICIOUS people…because they know they’re right and everyone else is wrong.

      End of story…..or else their God will throw YOU into the bowels of Hell.

  4. I found this op-ed interesting too!

    Effects of Sam Brownback’s revolution yet to be felt in Kansas

    • wicked

      Brownback and his handsy group of legislators have cut so many programs, they’re about to disappear. Add in the Federal cuts, and there’s little left to help people who need it. If something isn’t done, we’ll all be living a serfing life.

      • Sigh, WIcked. Some of us already are living the serfing life. I agree with 617 and everyone who says Brownstain will be long gone and ensconced in some cushy think tank, kock funded big money job when the real impact of his voluntarily created disaster hits us and must be cleaned up by those of us who remain.

        Hawaii looks better and better….

  5. Yesterday I drove up to see PrairiePond. She is, as always, a warm, welcoming hostess and one of the best cooks ever — scrumptious roast pork with roasted potatoes and onions, sauteed fresh spinach with garlic, glazed carrots, the best three bean salad I’ve ever tasted… I made a pig of myself! She tells history like a story and is so well informed and interesting it is a special treat to spend a day visiting! She and her girls, Lucky and Summer, were exemplary hostesses! It was such a great day — thank you, PP! 6176 and his dear friend went along too so the ride to and fro was equally fun and interesting! Thanks for the great company!

    6176 thinks Kansas won’t see the worst of Brownback’s policies until after he has finished his second term — a dismal prediction but one I fear is too likely. I thought of that discussion when I was reading the op-ed linked above.

    • Isn’t that almost always true of the really bad politicians – their policies are not felt until AFTER they leave office.

      That way….the current guy gets the blame – not the originator.

      I present as a prime example – Ronald Reagan.

      We are seeing more and more each year the devastation that Reagan’s policies have brought our once great country….

      And yet the GOP still worship their St. Ronnie Raygun..

    • Echoing fnord’s comments on the visit to PP. fnord is a great traveling companion as well. She is also quite adept at backing. 😉

      • Really. Turn THIS right, not THAT right. 🙂 The other right…

        I remember one conversation that went something like:

        PrairiePond: (gesturing) THIS right.

        Me: Yes, but I’m yeilding at the YEILD sign.

        PrairiePond: Why would you start that now?

        Even after all that practice I still can’t back up…

      • ROFLMAO!!!

        Fnord was such a good sport about us teasing her regarding her driving. Truthfully, she’s a great driver and we were just poking her for fun. And… had you all seen the terrain I took her over, you’d be amazed she drove it so well. It was those five point turns we laughed about, and the washed out, steep hills on the way to the bluffs at the lake.

        I tell ya, I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I do hope we can do it again soon. Heck, we might caravan around western Kansas or I’ll see if I can find a bus. We could even make like Yogi and have “pic-a-nic baskets!” Because, ya know, I’ll be eating leftovers for two weeks!

      • wicked

        Aw, fnord, don’t feel bad. My 3-point turns always have at least 4, and that’s on a wide road, not those skinny country ones! You’d think that living on a skinny one for 24 years would make me adept. Alas, I am not.

      • Heh, Wicked. These were the countryest of the country roads. Dirt, not sand! Ford navigated them like a pro, and in a car to boot! Hell, they’re hard to get around on in my truck, much less a city car. She did fine, but still, it was so damn much fun to tease her because she’s such a good sport!

  6. Sounds like you all had a good time at Prairie Pond’s place.

    It was a beautiful day for a drive to see a good friend – huh?

    P.S. – did you bring me a plate of that roast pork with the trimmings?

    • Go with us next time! PP said yesterday how much she would enjoy meeting you! I agreed wholeheartedly!

    • Sounds like an offer I can’t refuse…

      Maybe sometime soon, before the winter sets in, we can all plan to meet somewhere?

      BTW – On Friday night, my daughter and her husband gave us a Pink Baby Photo Book to announce they are having a girl.

      Another granddaughter will be here in about 4 months.

      The miracles of modern technology – we saw the CD of the sonogram pictures which they had done on Friday were awesome

      What can you say about a baby girl who is looking straight at us and playing with her toes. I swear I saw a little smirk on her beautiful little face.

      She is only a little more than 14 ounces at this stage – but I think she is showing signs that this little girl will be a handful…….LOL

      The son-in-law said the sonographer made the comment that this little girl even knows how to entertain herself…….

      It’s such a feeling of joy to see my daughter and husband so happy and excited about their little baby girl.

      Isn’t it a shame that all babies are not this wanted?

      This is why the issue of abortion is such a hard one for me.

      I do not support the random killing of babies – but I don’t think the government has the right to tell women they have to go through with their pregnancy.

      I would much rather have this issue of abortion be null and void by having birth control available to everybody – so we can prevent a baby in the first place.

      Why is that so hard for these Pro Life people to understand?