Saturday, 10/26/13, Public Square

skid marks


by | October 26, 2013 · 6:00 am

2 responses to “Saturday, 10/26/13, Public Square

  1. Republicans forced the shutdown – and many of them still voted for our country to default on our bills and become a deadbeat – let’s not forget that fact.

    Ted Cruz is still saying the shutdown was worth it . Seriously? We wasted $24 Billion on that stupid political stunt and it was worth it?

    Only in a Republican’s mind is that even feasible.

    But….let’s not forget…these same Republicans are on the state level trying their best – and succeeding – in denying their fellow Americans the right to vote with all those new Voter I.D. laws.

    These same Republicans are trying desperately – and succeeding – on the state level to deny women their right to make their own health care choices.

    These same Republicans are trying desperately – and succeeding – in getting rid of Affirmative Action – because these same folks truly believe that the white man is the most persecuted species.

    Then we come to issue of illegal immigration – and we all know how these Republicans feel about the Mexicans – don’t we?

    So……even if these Republicans had never shut down the government – they are still very dangerous people when given any political power – anywhere….IMHO

  2. The above graphic captured the true Republican – shitting on democracy and still professing how they are the only true patriot.

    The elephant should be wearing a three-corner hat with tea bags stapled around the brim – to make it even more a true representation of these Far Right Tea Pots.