Friday, 10/25/13, Public Square

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  1. Anyone noticed the ACA website is a cluster***? Anyone notice even the ACA website (which ISN’T more than a website which is only ONE way to gain access to affordable health insurance) is still 100% better than the republican plan for improving access to health care?

    • wicked

      I smell a rat in the making of the ACA website. I could be wrong. But this crazy witch hunt the’re on about the glitches is making me wonder if somehow it isn’t a ruse. You know the old saying, he who yells the loudest is the most guilty.

      Either way, if they never thought this would work, why didn’t they offer their own plan? Oh, that’s right. The Dems beat them to the Romney plan.

      I have read once that this may be the door that opens to single payer. Of course, even that is a dastardly Dem plan. 😉

      • Being acquainted to a small degree with federal government procurement regulations, the odoriferous rodent here is the process required thereunder. Byzantine in nature, these regulations reward those who have gone before as opposed to those who might more competently do the job. There are valid reasons for many of these regs, but in all honesty, the innovators are not particularly interested in or suited to complying therewith. Little comfort here, I know, and not as much fun as wondering about sabotage, but methinks more accurate.

      • wicked

        No matter what, the job was botched. I read (and don’t believe everything I read) that it was a mishmash of too many involved and very little integration among them. Pitiful, is all I can say, but I haven’t given the site a real test myself.

        But how dare you dampen my dream of sabotage! LOL

        One of my close friends has a son who is a wiz with computers, especially websites. He set up the original site that covers the three major credit reporting agencies. That was one of his earlier jobs. He’s also worked for Microsoft, and before that more biggies than I can name. This guy graduated after four years of college with a $50 grand offer from Sprint, and he left southern Illinois to go to KC. Since then, he’s moved from KC to North Carolina (Charlotte, I believe), somewhere else in the South, and is now settled in Seattle with his wife and two little girls. And he’s left 50 grand far behind. Far, far behind. The government should consider hiring him to do nothing but oversee the operation. However, I doubt he’d leave Seattle to do it.

        Oh, and he used to be a BIG conservative. His liberal parents just shook their heads. Now that he’s in Seattle, he’s seen for himself what liberals do for people, and he’s done a complete turnaround, politically. I am so proud of him!!

      • The too many involved directly relates to the procurement regs I mentioned. Lack of integration is the result of “too many cooks”. Your friends’ son is the type who should have been under contract, but I suspect his employer (or he, himself, if self-employed) doesn’t have the small stable of attorneys and CPAs needed for compliance, and likely not interested in hiring or entering into retainer/fee agreements with the same. Big, established companies are the beneficiaries of this, to the detriment of getting the job done. Sigh.

      • Not only did the usual government procurement rules for vendors need to be followed — meaning, just as 6176 said, those hired weren’t necessarily the best for the job only that they had jumped through the hoops necessary to be on the approved vendor list — but all this needed to be tied to and interact with existing insurance web sites all across the country. Each of these insurance web sites was different…

        After all, it’s buying insurance from existing companies sometimes with a government subsidy. Pretty much exactly what The Ryan Plan is for Medicare.

  2. Andy Borowitz says —

    “Just to keep this in perspective: Obama has a horrible website. But it’s not like he invaded a country for no reason.”

    • bobwhitenks

      Great insight!

    • wicked

      I couldn’t have said it nearly as well. I can’t believe the B.S. that’s going around. I had to shut down a website today, thanks to the idiots who call themselves “patriots” and all their hysteria and rumors. I really need to start skipping the political stuff, at least until I can deal with my irritation.

      • wicked

        Make that: “at least until I can deal with their madness.”

      • I think these Republicans are just the angry mob with pitchforks looking for any monster to kill.

        I suspect many of these folks do not even have the slightest clue as to who they are mad at – or why….

        They’re just kept riled up by Foxxies and the Hate Talk Radio shock jocks whoa re all overpaid…

  3. Wicked – this is where a lot of that madness you referred to comes from – IMHO.

    Beck and his Buddies are making a lot of money to line their own pockets by keeping these rubes riled up all the time.

    • One good thing – at least Beck and his Buds are now going after Grove Norquist.

      And for the reason that Grover is a Muslim lover?

      I swear – no fiction writer could make this crappola up – could they?

    • wicked

      I saw that headline, indy, but didn’t go on to read the article. I can only take so much “good grief” in one day. 😉

      • This is true… at least this is a spark of hope that the Tea Pots and Social Issue Fundies declare war on the Establishment Republicans and if we’re lucky, they will all kill each other – and leave the rest of us alone..