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  1. I fully expect Ted and his Gang to threaten another shutdown come January or February. I keep hearing pundits talking about how Republicans have learned their lesson.

    I just don’t see that happening… you?

    • No, I don’t see them even recognizing there is a lesson to be learned. They’re on a mission of gawd ya know. Sanctimonious old white men who think their party isn’t pure enough are ‘in like flint’ with the evangelinuts and all together they’re fighting to turn America into a Christian Theocracy. Maybe next presidential election will be when they finally get that ‘real conservative’ they’re always talking about nominated as the party candidate. And just maybe that’s what it will take to get their attention. Or maybe they’re so far off the deep end they won’t ever face reality and will just die off one old white man at a time. Let’s hope there’s no effort to keep their species from extinction!

    • For the most part no, they set in a room with closed door and listen only to the echo with in the room. They are convinced they are right to the exclusion of any other voice. Only when finally the money dries up will the door finally come open. Then they will suddenly realize their future is doomed and they will need to change the chorus they sing.

  2. Other than controlling women, hating gays and minorities, disenfranchising voters that aren’t old white men, and corporate welfare tax cuts for the wealthy what have republicans done? At the federal level the answer is zilch, zero, nada, nothing. Any work is being done at the state level in republican states like Kansas, and it’s work that’s hurting the average people in those states..

    Has anyone been listening to what Texas is doing to female voters? Their new restrictions are making Kris Kobach look like a voters right advocate.

  3. Andy Borowitz says —
    “Republicans Hope to Win Back Public’s Trust By Spending Millions on Hearings”

    And here is a really good op-ed piece that I ‘borrowed’ from 6176 —
    GOP crocodile tears on Obamacare

  4. What if we had spent it on schools… Don’t forget that we’re buying each Iraqi citizen access to health care!

  5. Oy. File this under “Some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.” And wouldn’t you know, Sebelius appointee Tracy Streeter, the genius director of the Kansas Water Office who allowed Cedar Bluff to be drained to make sure the ethanol plant in Russell had water, is supporting this and speaking in favor of it.

    Holy Drought, Batman. I guess it never occurred to them that developing alternative farming methods to massively wasteful irrigation would be a better route.

    Need I say it? Jesus wept. I wonder which Brownback contributor will build this massive boondoggle. Or, maybe the Kochs will just build it themselves….

    Kansas. As Dumb as you think…

    Think about it. Building a big ditch from northeast Kansas all across the state to southwest Kansas, pumping the water up hill all the way.

    Yes, I’m repeating myself. JESUS WEPT!

  6. (from the link): “The Department of Health and Human Services was tasked with building a site that had to be compatible with hundreds of different health insurance providers and dozens of state databases. It was a daunting task complicated by out-of-date technology, like being entered in this year’s Daytona 500 with a Dodge Aries and a socket wrench.

    The Obama campaign had another advantage over HHS: The reelection effort was essentially a private enterprise, one that didn’t have to answer to federal contracting laws. They hired whomever they wanted to run things, and then those people hired their friends to help build things.

    And despite what folks like Feld say now, HHS can’t hire just anyone. The department has to comply with the Byzantine government IT procurement process that seeks to steer work to qualified vendors while guarding against the president and his appointees rewarding friends, political allies, and donors with fat contracts.

    “The ‘secret’ here is that the problems are not about tech at all,” he tweeted on Monday. “It is about procurement. I can’t fix that with my tech chops or my team.”

    If there’s one silver lining, though, it’s this: for the first time in anyone’s memory, Washington is having a long hard talk about tech procurement. “It’s an awful catastrophe,” Bracy says. “But sometimes it takes a catastrophe like to get people to pay attention.”

    Could Obama’s Campaign Tech Gurus Fix Let’s Ask ‘Em!

  7. How long will it take for the Koch Brothers to convince enough people? It’s greedy Libertarians, like the Koch Brothers, who are spreading the most fear and chaos. Be afraid of the debt, be afraid of government, be afraid of Muslims, gays, atheists, aliens, be afraid of everyone who might be ‘different’ because they are trying to ruin America and take all your rights and freedoms away!

    • And ….may I add…these folks also do not believe they even have to be grateful to the society that sustains them.

      Their expectation is that Society needs to be grateful to them for being so rich and powerful.

      How many times have we heard this line of B.S. from Tea Pots?

  8. bobwhitenks

    And the two most prominent Libertarian’s, today, Koch Bros. and Pauls (Ron and his son Rand) inherited every thing they have including their bad reputations which have grown just like their “mean” and their “means”.

  9. I did hear some potentially good news. Jan Pauls has someone running against her. I have nothing more than this link. I don’t know anything about this man, but doubt seriously anyone could be worse for our state than Jan Pauls.