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  1. If and when Cory Booker decides to make a presidential run, it will be interesting to see if he gets the same racist bullshit. Also, if it’s Hillary or Elizabeth Warren who is the first woman president, don’t you think the fundies and the kkk types will kick up the same type of fit? I just saw on “Up” this morning that all this runs even deeper to the fact that they see any Democratic president as illegitimate. They will only recognize white, repuke men as legitimate presidents.

    I’ve thought a lot about the awful consequences of Democrats staying home in 2010. I was one of them, not that my vote in Kansas mattered one whit. However, I don’t think the stay at home democrat voters are solely to blame. Obama and his DLC crowd also should have learned that they need to govern like Democrats and not repuke-lite. The reason people stayed home was because Obama was acting like he was finishing Bush’s third term. His approval ratings with his base were in the tank because he spent his first almost two years playing footsie with the repukes and mistakenly thinking he could reason with them or at a minimum, charm them into cooperation.

    I think we all see how that worked out.

    Now that he’s grown a spine and is trying harder to govern like a Democrat, his base loves him and would turn out in droves. He and his guys, (and by and large they are guys) need to accept some responsibility for causing their base to stay home in 2010. I hope it’s a lesson other Democrats learn.

    And as was also said on “Up” we need to turn things around as Democrats at the state level. It was the repuke control of statehouses that caused the gerrymandering and generally awful personhood and anti-gay legislation. Of course, we’d have to actually HAVE a Democratic party in Kansas before we could do something, but there are some folks, mostly lgbt people, trying to take over, er, reform the KDP. They get fought and resisted at every turn by the good ol’ boys like Paul Davis and Anthothy Hensley. Paul Davis will be a disaster running against Brownstain.

    We need some new and sane blood in the KDP. The kansas repukes have made such a hash of things that eventually people will be seeking new elected officials. The KDP should be warming up their bench. Instead, they are giving gold watches to the very people who rolled over and destroyed the Democratic party in Kansas.

    Jesus wept.

    • I’m a loss to know where to start when people believe such outrageous lies. There is so much deception, so many half truths, so much misinformation decimated to and believed by the masses. Education is always the answer to fear and fear usually starts with lack of information but how do you teach people who are unwilling to learn?

      • Especially when these same folks demonize teachers as being lazy, greedy folks who are only leeches off taxpayer money?

        And it’s not only the teachers – they went after law enforcement, firefighters and anyone that works for government.

        The height of all hypocrisy during the 2-week shutdown was when the Capitol Police were still working (without pay) when that crazed woman caused all that drama near the Capitol.

        Then the House actually gave the Capitol Police a standing ovation.

        If they did not feel guilty at that moment – knowing that they were the ones that shut down the government and was not paying the Capitol Police to be there – then these folks do not care about anything or anybody – IMHO.

        I’ve seen this callous cancer in mobs before – and within the Tea Pots mindset – there are a lot of Fundy Evangelicals who hate Obama more than they love their country.

        That’s the bottom line…..

        Their hate comes first… is the cancer that will eventually consume their very souls.

    • About that part where you say Obama has, “grown a spine and is trying harder to govern like a Democrat,” here’s an op-ed that addresses exactly that! I loved it when the author said the president used a “Hillaryesque strategy of holding firm and winning an argument” in the recent shutdown negotiations. It also speaks to our shared concern that President Obama may use cuts to Social Security and Medicare to ‘deal’ with republicans.

      Seeing Things in Red and Blue After All

    • bobwhitenks

      O,K,, Prairie! I’m right where you are on the KDP: And you can quote me.

  2. Here’s an interesting blog post. It talks about a subject we have discussed in the past — the atmosphere where someone needs to be wrong in order for another someone to feel right. No win-win can be tolerated. It addresses really listening to and respecting others who hold a different point of view. Anyway, it’s an easy read and gave me pause to reflect on how I might become a better person / citizen. I can’t seem to let go of the hope…

    (from the link): Each individual looks at life through their own set of values. And each individual ALWAYS thinks that THEY are right and the other person is wrong – that is our default.

    • But these Tea Pot Evanglinuts have GOD on their side – and they are not afraid to threaten you that He will throw you into the depths of HELL if you do not change your views.

      This justifies their mean-spirited personal, selfish agenda.

      God loves them best – didn’t you get that memo?

      • BTW – there is no reasoning with folks who are this hellbent that God loves them best and that they are on a mission from God.

        I’ve dealt with these folks before – it is very hard to work at a job when a Fundy Evangelinut keeps referring to you as the Jesus Hater.

      • And all I did at that job was to point out to this Fundy Evangelinut that she could not get up in our staff meeting – as our Office Manager – and make the statement of – this office is a Christian office, if you don’t like it, there is the door.

        As I tried to explain to her – we were a doctor’s office that took a lot of federal money through Medicare and Medicaid. There are laws against using religion as discrimination – and her statement could be construed as religious discrimination.

        She then said – so, what.

        This is how strong these Evangelinuts feel that they – and only they – have the one, true God on their side and He will reward them one day.

      • bobwhitenks

        Remember, Indy, their God is found in the Old Testament: Our God is found in the New Testament!

    • That was a good and interesting read, Fnord. However, I guess I’m not a great person because I still find it hard to not regard as the enemy the gay bashers, gay haters, and even the silent disapproval types when they march to the polls to vote against equality. For me and mine, they truly are a dangerous enemy. Just ask Matthew Shepard. Oh, wait, he’s dead.

      • Exactly….there are people who truly do not care and I consider them ‘evil’ – and most of these folks are sitting in the front pews or preaching at those churches.

  3. Then there is this — a ‘liberal’ who wanted to test his opinions, and readily admitted when he was proven wrong.

    Prof sets out to prove tea partiers are stupid, admits he was wrong

  4. How many Republicans do you think believes this about Obama?

    After I read this article, I remembered how this was like my grandfather. He was not a church going man. But my grandfather actually practiced what Jesus taught in the Bible.

    There is a big difference between religion and faith. Religion is man-made but faith is spiritual.

    Going to church every time the doors are open does not make you a better person. That comes from within a person’s soul – it is how you treat others and how you conduct yourselves in public and private.

    I don’t think Jesus would make a good Republican. Jesus does not strike me as the type of man who would wake up every morning with an intense hatred for one man in the White House – and then try to do everything he could to disrespect the presidency of the United States by pushing all these lies that we’ve heard from these Republicans for the past 5 years.

    • President Obama has maintained his dignity through difficult times. Do the sore losers who won’t accept less than “white, repuke men as legitimate presidents” (as prairiepond so accurately penned) see this poised man they haven’t been able to rattle and seethe inside?

      • Fnord, no kidding. In our local newspaper, I read a “guest” editorial today, penned by an old school mate, who said he was a member of the most discriminated group in the nation. Old, white, republican, christian men.

        Jesus wept….

        If they don’t have total control of the levers of power, they are discriminated against? Woof.

    • Indy, you know my motto. If you have to tell me how christian you are, you aren’t!

      • Don’t you just have to laugh (to keep from screaming) at these cars in traffic when the person is cutting everybody off or giving the one-finger salute to other drivers – and all the time these Yahoos have bumper stickers all over their car as to how much they love their Jesus.

        Or when they have a bunch of kids in the back seat(s) and the kids are giving the one-finger salute to drivers in traffic?

        Yeah,….children imitate what they see 24/7…..

        Damn…..just makes me want to hit them for being so damn stupid,

  5. More and more I’m seeing the rant du jour to be something along the lines of: In America I cannot be forced to buy any product! I will not accept that it is constitutional to levy a tax or fine against me if I don’t buy Obamacare.

    The wording differs but not the sentiment, must be the current talking point.

  6. Yeah, you can always tell when rush or hannity has declared the talking point of the day. Papa bear picks it up and repeats it, and away they go until they get their next set of marching orders the next day. And they wonder why we call them sheeple?

  7. And then…

    I still don’t trust the damn democrats to cave on Social Security and Medicare. A helluva lot of them are oligarchs and plutocrats too.

  8. Republican voters are convinced of the imaginary legions of people who are getting some sort of free ride at their expense yet capable of completely ignoring that much more tax money is spent on corporate welfare. How did that happen?

  9. Robert Reich posted on his Facebook page:

    Appearing this morning on CNN and ABC, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blamed fellow Republicans for dooming the Tea Party’s effort to defund the Affordable Care Act. “I think it was unfortunate that you saw multiple members of the Senate Republicans going on television attacking House conservatives, attacking the effort to defund Obamacare, saying it cannot win, it’s a fool’s errand, we will lose, this must fail,” Cruz said. “That is a recipe for losing the fight, and it’s a shame.”

    The fact that Cruz — a freshman senator with no legislative or other accomplishments — was featured on CNN and ABC this morning is itself evidence that he got what he wanted from the weeks of government shutdown and potential default. He’s become the head of the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party. Which means that unless the rest of the GOP rallies against and subdues that faction, Cruz could easily be the Republican’s presidential nominee in 2016. Some think this would be enormously helpful to HRC or whomever the Democrats nominate. Perhaps. But even a relatively low probability of a President Cruz is frightening.

    • Let’s not let everyone know that 144 Republican House members and 18 Senators voted to let America default on its debt – that means all these self-professing fiscal responsible folks want to see our country become a deadbeat that does not pay its bills.

      And the sheeple still line up to applaud while being screwed by the PIed Piper….

      • correction: Let’s not let everyone FORGET that 144…

      • How many of the Senators (in addition to Pat Roberts) are already facing/probably will face Tea Party opposition in the 2014 primary? Politicians get used to the perks, and don’t want to lose them. Bluntly I suspect many of the 18 of voting “No”, knowing it would pass, but deflecting some primary heat by so doing. Reality sucks.

      • You’ve hit the problem directly on its pointy little GOP-TP head..

        As long as we keep paying these Congress Critters to continue the Do-Nothing Congress – we will continue to get nothing but these stupid political stunts.

        What really gets me mad is the fact these folks must believe that everyone in America is as D-U-M as their rabid GOP base.

        P.S. – I intentionally spelled dumb incorrectly – because I am referring to the Tea Pots – and we have all seen their protest signs – haven’t we?

  10. wicked

    I want to run away to Belize (not even sure where it is) or Barbados (friend lives there) just to get away from the insanity of politics in this country. If neither of those are doable, I’ll find a blue state. Oregon or Washington, where I won’t freeze my tush off, and the majority of the people are sane. I am SO fed up with the shenanigans on Capitol Hill. (Or is that Capital? And do I care?)

    You may now refer to me as Fed-Up.

    • Wicked, it’s still the US but not by much. Wanna run away with me to Hawaii? Rural Hawaii outside Hilo halfway up a mountain where the average temp is 74 and it rains hundreds of inches every year. In fact, it rains a little every day and then the sun comes out. Fresh fruits and veggies for the foraging in the jungle.

      And the best part? NO SNAKES IN HAWAIII!!!!!!! Sounds like heaven after this dry, rattler infested prairie.

  11. wicked

    By the way, fnord, love today’s image at the top. It says it all.