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tea party hangover


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    • I do wonder if the tea party branch has learned any lessons, and although the business branch says they have ‘taken them to school,’ I haven’t seen any evidence they were even open to new knowledge so I highly doubt they learned anything.

      So far the fact that a federal law cannot be nullified without being repealed through the normal legislative process survived, and the results of a national election prevailed. The president made it clear he can’t be blackmailed and the U.S. Constitution can’t be informally amended to allow that a law passed by the House and Senate, signed by the president, and if challenged upheld by SCOTUS, could be voided by one faction of one party in one half the legislative branch of government.

      What next? What are the possibilities from this group of elected people and those who elected / support them? Will they be even more outrageous now that they’ve been embarrassed? Are they so far gone they don’t even know they should feel embarrassed? When they can’t see that America is their country too so taking her down doesn’t only punish those they oppose, when they’re willing to shoot not just the hostage but also themselves, I think anything is possible.

      • Many of these Tea Pots are Fundy Evangelinuts – don’t forget that fact.

        It is these people that are the most hate-filled, ideologues and that do not care if they burn down the country – as long as they are seen as winning.

        That ‘s it – in a nutshell.

        As for Ted Cruz – he is simply just the man in the center of attention that has decided it is better to fundraise off the HATERS than to actually try to solve the country’s problems.

        So…bottom line….we have a rabid bunch of hate-filled people who are so churchy that they truly believe they are doing God’s work – and then we have the Pied Piper Ted Cruz is so obsessed with furthering his own political nest with all that lovely Tea Pot money.

        This is a dangerous combination..

        Trust me, I know what these sanctimonius, self-righteous, hate-filled people are capable of…..I’ve been the target of one of these angry mobs before.

        I watched as people that I grew up turn on me and had this crazed look in their eyes when they told me that I was not welcomed in ‘their’ church because I made the mistake of falling in love with a Southern Baptist preacher and I was involved in the Fundy Independent Baptist church.

        After my husband and I left his church and moved away – we eventually did travel back to my hometown (after our first baby was born) – and I can truthfully tell you – we were STILL looked down by most of those sanctimonius people that truly believed they were doing what God wanted them to do and all for what?

        My husband and I lost our faith in churches – and neither one of us have ever joined another church. I have visited different churches – but when anyone attempts to browbeat me into joining….I run in the opposite way.

        So….in reality…what these hate-filled mob really did was to make churchy people so repugnant to me – that I get further and further away from any desire to go into any church.

        You want to know the truly sad part of all this? The Jesus I read about in the Bible never drove anyway from the church – with the exception of those money vendors.

        Hmmmmmm…….so these hate-filled sanctimonius folks were not following in Jesus’ footsteps – because my husband and I have never been those folks who use the cover of the church to enrich our own pockets.

        My god… husband made $75/week when he was a preacher and I had to work to make ends meet. I was also told I should quit my job and have tea with the ladies in the church……so they could sit there and gossip about me even more?

        No thank you.

        As for those money vendors….I wonder how Jesus feels about the mega church preachers and their cousin Bubba the televangelist raking in all those tax-free millions and not doing one damn positive thing with all that money.

        We have a mega church on every damn corner but yet the people with the worse morals are sitting in those very same pews.

        What a sad, sad commentary on our society today.

  1. Robert Reich says:

    We hear that there’s a civil war in the Republican Party between its Tea Party and establishment factions. But the reality is there is no longer a Republican Party, and the real war is between the oligarchs (the Koch brothers and a handful of other right-wing billionaires) and the plutocrats (corporate and Wall Street executives). The oligarchs are now finding and funding extremist candidates in 2014 Republican primaries to oppose Republican incumbents who voted in favor of reopening the government and raising the debt ceiling. The plutocrats are bankrolling those incumbents, as well as a few of their own candidates in Republican primaries to oppose incumbent extremists. So who will be the real winners in 2014 — the oligarchs or the plutocrats? And what will this mean for America?


    I need help in discerning a difference in the two terms he uses. I understand The Tea Party movement is both financed by and controlled by the wealthy. I also understand that Wall Street is financed by and controlled by the wealthy. But any important distinction between Oligarchy and Plutocracy escapes me. Help? Thanks in advance!!

    –a person whose power derives from their wealth

    –government by the richest people
    –a country that is ruled by the richest people
    –a group of very rich people who have a lot of power

    –a person who belongs to a small group of people who govern or control a country, business, etc.

    –a country, business, etc., that is controlled by a small group of people
    –the people that control a country, business, etc.
    –government or control by a small group of people

    • My take on the Tea Party is this:

      The Koch Brothers needed to get Americans to hate President Obama so the decided to fund the Tea Party.

      The Tea Pots were already mad because of several things – IMHO.

      1) Obama was black
      2) Obama was popular
      3) Obama was talking about changing things. A lot of people got very wealthy in George W. Bush’s Iraq War. And the Rabid Religious Right wanted the Holy War – so GWB was their guy.

      4) Did I already say that Obama was black?

      So…..the wealthy Koch Brothers decided to use the Tea Pots and the Tea Pots were very willing to be used. And they did their bus tours around to those town halls being the bullies and showing their white butts to everyone – and the Tea Pots started to pick up a lot of followers.

      Hey – everyone likes good show – don’t they?

      What gave these Tea Pots even more power was the fact that Democrats stayed home in 2010 midterm elections and the Tea Pots got in power.

      This is when the Koch Brothers were riding high on their power plan….they sat back and just thought they were going to get all they wanted….

      Then the disastrous 2012 Romney campaign. Romney was supposed to be the Corporate Elitist’s perfect wet dream candidate – and Romney was going to treat the Tea Pots exactly the way the GOP has treated the Fundy Evanglinuts – like the crazy cousin that is only brought out to display on certain occasions

      I keep hearing how the Koch Brothers are different than the Plutocrats – but I don’t see it that way.

      I think the Koch Brothers saw the way to make a big stink bomb to throw into Obama’s face – but the stink bomb has now grown its own legs and the Koch Brothers cannot control it any longer.

      In the end – Plutocrats and Oligarchs are the same people.

      I suspect – even now – the Plutocrats want the Oligarchs to hang around – to play the role of that crazy cousin whenever the Plutocrats need to throw another stink bomb.

      But….this is where I think the Tea Pots might just surprise us. They are fed up with the Plutocrats and if we see the Tea Pots start to tell Koch Brothers back and refuse their funding money…….that is when the Civil War in the GOP will start.

      Serious question – do you think Ted Cruz will be the Tea Pot guy that tells the Koch Brothers and the Plutocrats where to shove it?

      IIRC – Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs. Is Cruz really going to sabotage the Plutocrats? Or is Cruz just playing a CON game with the Tea Pots and appear like he is ‘one of them’ as long as they keep throwing fundraising money at him?

      Either way….I think Plutocrats use the Oligarchs – but once their purpose is done – the Oligarchs are expected to go back to that little room off the kitchen – where the crazy cousin spends his/her time until the next family reunion or family occasion happens and the Plutocrats need their special talents – being loud-mouthed bullies that do not care if they have to burn down the house to get what they want.

      • I do think the religious (evangelinuts) are the ones that provide the most votes for this nonsense. I don’t understand it but I can see the big vulgar pretentious churches built with their money so I don’t question they’ll give their votes as easily as they give their money. Their loyalty probably started with abortion and those who follow by faith now have accepted their gawd belongs to the Republican Party.

        Of course, they’ve also convinced republican voters that republicans are the party of small government and fiscal responsibility. History tells us that’s not true either, but these voters don’t seem to be bothered by history or facts. They have their faith.

      • All this turmoil, governing crisis by crisis, gives the impression that government is the problem to anyone who isn’t paying close attention. Look at how many are angry with everyone in DC, instead of correctly identifying the troublemakers. That’s what the wealthy want! They want everyone to be convinced government doesn’t work. I think if they get enough people to hate government they’ve won.

      • I’ve often asked Republican Christian Conservatives that if their party is so against abortion – then why wasn’t something done about abortion during the years 2000 to 2006 when Republicans had total control of Washington?

        I get this blank stare from these folks as if they had never even thought of that ….

        I agree….these Evangelinuts are the backbone of the GOP and especially the Tea Pots.

        But the Evangelinuts mega preachers and televangelists are more on the order of these Plutocrats – MONEY comes first.

        Money is their true God they worship.

      • I think if they get enough people to hate government they’ve won.

        But at the same time – these Republicans do not want the average American to know that THEY take a lot of money from that same government they profess to hate so much.

        Anybody with a desire to learn the truth will do research – and therein lies a part of the problem with these folks.

        Their leaders are telling them that science is anti-God, public education is anti-God, social programs are anti-God.

        So…anyone who believes all that stuff – do you really think they are open minded enough to do their own independent research?

        There is a reason Republicans want to keep Americans dumb……and women (especially) out of the work force and at home birthing those babies.

      • They’ve also got the Libertarians (aka white supremacists, fascists, confederates, anarchists). Quite a bunch of moroons, huh?

      • Oh they don’t plan to do away with any of the money. They just want to make sure more of it is directed their way.

      • Social issues do keep republican evangelinuts riled up. In the name of gawd… We shouldn’t forget another of the best and biggest resources the wealthy masters have — Fox News.

      • BINGO….give the little lady a Kewpie doll..

        fnord – you and I may be a Republican on paper – but they will never get our hearts and souls – huh?

        Two reasons I keep my voter registration as a Republican:

        1) Vote in their primaries
        2) They will always allow me to vote – since I am a Republican. (wink-wink)

  2. Maybe this is the real reason Republicans are making our government subjected to lurching from one manufactured crisis to another?

    Let’s not forget how Mitt Romney was on the campaign trail and praising how that Chinese factory had warehouses of women and IIRC – there were 12 to a room with only one bathroom down the hall?

    And Romney was saying that those high-wired fences was to keep the people in the villages out of the company because those folks wanted to work there at the company so badly.

    Never think for a moment that those high-wired fences were to keep those women INSIDE that company – to be housed like sardines.

    But a touching little part of Mittens’ story was that these women were working so hard so they could save money to possibly marry one day and have kids.

    Aw…..what is not to love about this story if you’re a true Evangelinut?

    • I truly wonder if this is not the ultimate goal – to make America lower than the Chinese in the global picture?

      Take a good look at Romney’s career as an investment guy at Baines Capital. What is the running theme in that group?

      Hell – Republicans have already outsourced many of our living wage jobs overseas – why not just outsource our country – as well?

  3. And, the wealthy masters have SCOTUS support! Remember Citizens United? I can’t think of the other case they accepted for the current session but have read comments that it goes much further in allowing the big corporate bucks to flow and will be even more disastrous than Citizens United.

  4. I’m still trying to find the difference between plutocracy and oligarchy. So far what I’ve found says —

    plouocracy is gov’t. by the wealthy


    oligarchy is gov’t. by the few

    Does this seem correct?

    Maybe the wealth inequality of today is helping to keep me confused. There are fewer and fewer of the wealthiest of the wealthy.

    • The top 2% is the few – isn’t it? And this is what Romney was bragging about in that infamous video that Jimmy Carter’s grandson got his hands on and made it very public.

      I bet every Republican cussed out Jimmy Carter……to imagine that his grandson had the audacity to make public Romney’s own words.

  5. Follow the money… Maybe the plutocrats and oligarchs will each form their own separate and distinct party and let the money fight the money.

  6. Did you hear about this? Two Boy Scout Leaders intentionally pushing over a rock formation in a state park?

    While I detest people who feel they have the right to send death threats to another person – I just have to wonder why these two buffoons thought they could do this and not have it made public?

    And now the reason was because they felt this rock posed a safety risk to their boy scouts?

    Hmmmm…..if they truly felt that way – then why not just leave the area and report your concerns to the authorities at the state park?

    What morons……but, as you will notice ….their troop is sponsored by a Mormon Church.

    Maybe the Mormons just don’t like the Native Indians to have sacred ground so they decided to vandalize it?

    That sounds more plausible than the excuse these two morons gave who are videotaped laughing about their achievement.