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  1. I read in the local paper this morning that Brownback isn’t thinking of a presidential run until 2020 after he has eight years experience as Governor of Kansas. Would that give him adequate time to reap what he has sown?

    • In his wet dreams….

      Once the “Kansas Debacle” becomes well known, he’ll be laughed out of the public sector. Then he can cash in on K-Street or with the Kochs, or whatever wingnut welfare is available. Maybe the Heritage people or Freedomworks need help…

  2. This article says it’s about the electoral college, and yes, it is. But, it’s more about the effects of gerrymandering and it’s worth a read.

  3. If you’re into popping some corn and sitting back at a safe distance to watch a civil war, read John Boehner’s Facebook page. His post of 10/16 has almost 24,000 replies and most of them are downright nasty. The days before aren’t better. Those tea baggers are vicious!

    • Poor orangemancrybaby. He’s hated on ALL sides of the aisle these days.

      What a laughing stock. And speaking of stock, if I knew his drink of choice, I’d go buy stock in the company. I bet he’s uppin’ his intake these days.

      I wonder if he sounds like Foster Brooks? I bet he does.

  4. This is good. Well deserved! Disbarment would have been better, but this is good.

    Supreme Court suspends Kline’s Kansas law license

    • And then there is this. It is good. 🙂

      “IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the costs of these proceedings be assessed to Kline and that this opinion be published in the official Kansas Reports.” ~~ Kansas Supreme Court, in the Matter of Phillip Dean Kline.

      Click to access 106870.pdf

    • Yeah, the lawyers good ol’ boy club is great at shutting the barn door AFTER the cows are gone.

      Wonder if Philly is gonna keep his law school job? Just because he can’t practice doesn’t mean he can’t teach. Doesn’t he teach at some fundy fake law school?

  5. This is one of many good comments to a piece in WaPo titled, ‘Republicans reassess after shutdown debacle’

    Here is a fact :: I went to the Exchange set up by my state.. I searched and searched and searched.. Despite my exhaustive effort, i could not find the Communist, community organizer, Kenyan Anti-Colonialist plan that the TPers were warning me about.. There was only Aetna, Blue Cross, Kaiser Etc… In the end I settled for a Capitalism plan that was $200 a month cheaper than my current plan, with the same benefits and co pays.,.

    Lame… I was hoping to cash in on this “free stuff” the the TPers seem to know so much about

    • I’m anxious to get on an enroll, but I’m waiting for the dust to settle and the fixes to be made. The plan I have now is going away and not allowed under the ACA, so I’m being forced to do something different. But I think I’ll probably save 2/3 of the premium I’m paying now.

      Fingers and toes crossed.

      • And, most likely, the plan you’re on is going away because the benefits aren’t as good at paying for health maintenance tests, etc. as required under the ACA.

        We’re waiting too. We have two more months for coverage effective at the first of the year and another three months for coverage next year so I’m not worried. Every calculator says it’s going to beat COBRA for hubby who is retiring next spring.

      • I’m going out on a limb here, but having some experience with COBRA, I’m positive more affordable coverage will be available through the exchange.

      • Yes, my plan hardly pays for anything, but at least I’m insured in case of major medical. That is why it is going away. I can keep it until November 2014, but I’m hoping I can find better and cheaper by January. Like I said, fingers are crossed.

      • PP – that sounds like my son’s family plan. Their deductible is so high that they don’t ever really get the benefits unless they have to go into the hospital.

        And who wants to do that just to say you’re getting some benefits from your insurance plan?

        BTW – the ACA rules makes birth control with no co-pay – correct?

        My DIL said she still gets charged her co-pay for her birth control pills and when she asked why – she was told it was because they were a certain ‘type of insurance plan’ and did not have to follow the ACA rules on birth control .


      • Indy, I think that benefit doesn’t take effect until next year. I’ll go look.

      • (from the link): If your plan existed before the health care law (March 2010) and has not made certain significant changes since then, it might be considered “grandfathered.” Grandfathered plans don’t have to give you this benefit, so you might not get it until 2014 or later.* If you think your plan might be grandfathered, you should call your insurance company to ask.

      • I told my DIL it was probably some loophole this company found and slithered through…

        But… DIL has already told me that she is so mad just about all this anti birth control crappols from these Tea Pots that she has decided to go vote the next time.

        YEA……..I told her I was proud of her….

        More young people need to wake up and smell that rancid tea……the lives these Tea Pots are out to ruin are the young peoples’ lives and futures.

  6. Here is my personal experience from this past month –

    I went in for my well-woman yearly exam a month ago.

    I got the Shingles vaccination and a Flu Shot.

    I’ve been sick with severe hives, severe chest pain, intermittent vomiting and I’ve been back to the doctor’s office 4 times with the same recurring complaints.

    A week after my well-woman exam – the chest pains were so bad that I went to the Emergency Room – and was told I had pleurisy.

    But then 4 days later – this hospital calls me and tells me they did find a blockage in my heart and to follow up with my family doctor.

    Which – I had a follow-up appointment the next day. He refers to me a cardiologist – the same day – and she scheduled me for a heart stress/treadmill test. Which I took that last Friday.

    I passed those tests – and now I’ve been told that the blood flow to my heart is fine – and they don’t know what the problem is. I have a follows-up appointment with her next Tuesday.

    But….in the meantime…this past week – I again got very sick – missed 3 days of work and went back to the family doctor to find out what the hell is wrong with me.

    I’ve asked all three health providers (my family doctor, the Emergency Room doctor and the cardiologist ) if I might be having a reaction to the Shingles vaccination (I did have a bad case of shingles about 12 years ago – which is the reason I consented to get the Shingles vaccination in the first place)

    Each one of these doctors have told me there is no way this can be related to the Shingles vaccination.

    But….I have to ask……I was perfectly find BEFORE I came in for my well-woman exam and got that damn vaccination.

    And these hives are very severe. It starts out with intense itching, so I scratch and they become welts – huge welts.

    These welts then go down in about 10-15 mins and then they travel to the next part of my body. My legs, stomach, back and arms are the worst places.

    I am telling you – these welts look like something from a horror movie when the demons attack the victim…….claw marks everywhere.

    And I don’t even have to scratch with my nails – just rubbing the itch will cause these huge welts.

    I just saw my family doc the other day…..and again he tells me there is no way this is related to the vaccination.

    I said – humor me, because I have read on several website that hives and chest pain are side effects from the Herpes Zostrax (shingles) virus.

    Is it really so impossible to think that the shingles vaccination (which had an inactived herpes zostrax virus in it) would NOT give me a reaction?

    My doctor did something yesterday that I cannot forget – or forgive – he actually laughed at me when I told him about those websites I found.

    Needless to say – I am not happy. This doctor was a great doctor before his office was bought out by Via Christi. He even told me yesterday – while out of breath – that ‘they have me running all day here’.

    That is a direct quote.

    Hmmm……running all day long to get the most money through the door? Is that what the game is here……

    I am so sick and tired of all this American health care system – that I don’t really care anymore.

    And I still don’t know what the hell is wrong with me……

    But….you know what I noticed at each and every doctor’s office and that Emergency Room? Let’s just say ….if it was not for Medicare – our health care system would go belly up – real fast.

    Now….what is it that Tea Pots keep ranting about – Medicare?

    Hmmm….if the black man in the White House has ruined health care – then why have the Catholics bought up the majority of hospitals and doctors offices?

    I am not on Medicare – but I do have Blue Cross Blue Shield – and it pays quite well.

    I guess that is why I’ve been the bell of the ball in these doctor’s offices for the past month and I still don’t know what is wrong with me.

    Maybe if I showed up with no insurance – would they tell me then?

    Probably not – then they really would just not give a damn…….

    If this American health system is what these Tea Pots are fighting to keep….they can have it….

    Give me Obamacare….but I cannot even go on there to compare prices…Because my husband gets our insurance through his employer. We’ve already been told – years ago – that if you ever leave that plan – you can NEVER get back on.

    Aren’t they just the greatest folks??

    This is why health care reform was needed…..but we needed single payer/universal health care.

    I wonder if Americans will ever wise up to that fact and start demanding it?

    • WOW! I feel terrible about what you’ve been through! I’m like you and can’t understand why all the doctors are ruling out a reaction to that vaccine. I’m kinda speechless (that’s a rarity) and am sending all the best of thoughts and energy your way! Keep us informed if you’re up to it. Sounds pretty miserable and very scary.

      • Thanks fnord…..did not mean to go on a rant like that….

        But I am tired of being told to come in and then never get any answers.

        But to be laughed at when I suggest something….I have never felt so mad in all my born days.

        I remember when I was growing up. We had the best family doctor. He treated everybody in the family – my grandparents, my family, aunts, uncles and cousins. That doctor knew all our family business…

        But I think that is what made him such a good doctor – he knew us as people – he knew us as neighbors – he knew us as folks who respected him and trusted him with our lives.

        That family doctor was with us when we were born and he was with us when one of our loved ones passed away.

        What has happened to that feeling of the doctor really cares about you as a person – as a family – as more than just a money-making machine.

        I have a co-worker in his early 60’s – and he told me that those folks who were lucky enough to be grow up in the 50’s and 60’s really had the best childhoods…..

        And – in a way – I would have to agree with the man…