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mental illness


by | October 17, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Do you think the evangelinuts — from now on I may think of them as the Cruzies — are suffering mental illness?

    I do.

    They seem not to be able to get beyond their fanatical devotion to their own interpretation of gawd. An interpretation so skewed they commit acts of terrorism and sedition in the name of their gawd without remorse, without acknowledging the many they hurt.

    None of that follows any example or teachings set out by a loving forgiving God. The one who said: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

    • Seems at least one person on the House floor last night showed signs of mental illness and had to be taken away. Watch the video at the link (it’s just a few seconds long) —

      House stenographer loses it during shutdown vote
      A stenographer for the House apparently lost it Wednesday night as lawmakers passed a government funding and debt limit deal, Roll Call reports. The stenographer began shouting about God and the Freemasons as the vote took place.

      Here’s what Roll Call said about it —

      • wicked

        OMG! One more nutcase in a room nearly full of nutcases.

        Although the ex’s family were Masons, I never knew much about them. I remember my dad (a Catholic) telling me a little about them and how he couldn’t become one, thanks to the Church. Then I read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons and learned things I never knew about Freemasons and the roots of our country. It’s amazing how a book of fiction can lead us to learn more about history.

      • R.D. Liebst

        may get the same looks I do when I start talking about the party has been taken over by Those envious of the way the Nazis were able to gain power and control an entire group of people! LOL Now my wife has a good excuse for me and what I say: “He had a brain injury…”.

  2. I’m not going to give praise to any of these congress critters for doing their job finally. I acknowledge that Mitch McConnell put his country first finally, and this isn’t the first time he’s done that. And I note that even after seeing the harm they caused there were still congress critters who voted against reopening the government and paying the country’s bills. Four out of the six from the Kansas delegation voted no — and their constituency is rooting them on. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. I’m hearing all about Boehner’s style of leadership, how he gave the Cruzies enough rope… And each time I read his idiot statement about fighting the good fight I want to scream. No, they didn’t fight a good fight! It cost us at least $24 billion and that doesn’t address all the pain inflicted that you can’t put a dollar sign to. All for nothing. Nothing! Boehner could have passed the same bills if he had put them to a vote earlier — the democrats were always ready to do their jobs and pass them.

  4. Because I am absolutely sick of politics and politicians who have managed to destroy any confidence I may have had in our system of government, I went looking through the treasure trove of blog posts here at Triple Ps, and I found a jewel! PrairiePond wrote this one in September of 2009, back when we still had Iggy and days when we remembered to visit and laugh with each other occasionally. We need to do that more today! Honestly, treat yourself and read this one, then read the comments. You’ll have fun!

    A Beacon Goes Dark

    • OMG, Fnord. Reading that actually reduced me to tears. I had completely forgotten I ever wrote that. I think Trip and I must have grown up near each other even though it also must have been years apart.

      I long for those days of yesteryear. I wonder if it’s because the world today, for me at least, just freakin’ sucks. Back then, I had hope. Today? Not so much. Life was fun back then and America’s future seemed secure if not bright. Maybe it’s because I’m a grown-up now, but the future seems to hold fear, not promise.

      Anyway, thanks for finding and posting that, Fnord. It was fun sharing all those memories and knowing we’re all part of a generation that had such similar upbringings and life experiences. It’s good to remember the good times. I wish Iggy was here again to share it all. I’m so thankful he started this place and I’m thankful for you, Fnord, for keeping it going and for everyone who still posts here.

      We few, this band of brothers,who fought together on Crispin’s day. heheheh. Bad paraphrasing I know, but there is something truly bonding about growing up when and where we all did and then sharing the memories here. Here, it’s like a class reunion with a school that never existed!

  5. Just a much-needed reminder that there are good people in our world – we simply don’t hear about them as much as we do these Cruzies….and others who like to make a lot of noise – but are otherwise, useless critters.

    • wicked

      Are you in need of a laugh? This ought to do it.

      Now I have to go read the one about Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter.

      • I heard about Pete King the other day talking about how Cruz has made the GOP look crazy.

        Now – isn’t it pretty sad commentary when Pete King appears as the ‘adult in the room’ ?

        The Grand Old Party…..ain’t what she used to be….

        As I was reading through the comments today…..I read through the old posting that fnord put on today…..

        It was about the soap opera Guiding Light…..but it was more than just one television – it was a way of life…..that has been stomped into the ground – or at least that is what it feels like to me..

        I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s…..and I was just telling my kids the other day -…..I don’t remember any person in my neighborhood or small town that could not go to the doctor because they did not have health insurance or the money to pay for it.

        We all had family doctors – doctors who treated not just our immediate family members but our ENTIRE family from the grandparents to the cousins and beyond…….

        Those doctors had the time to get to know the entire family dynamic – and some times that is the best way to treat an illness… really know what is truly going on in the person’s life.

        We had better diets back then – IMHO. We did not have all this sickness due to anxiety, depression, obesity. Or, maybe I was just not aware of it?

        I don’t remember a lot of my neighbors being in a nursing home or assisted living centers. Families took care of each other back then.

        My family doctor did not live in a gated community – he lived down the block from my school. The family doctor took care of most of us kids in my school. He was one of us – and he knew his patients when they both sick and well. He was our neighbor – our friend and someone everyone respected.

        He was in no way a wealthy man – in dollars. He made a good living – don’t get me wrong. But he was not on the golf course playing while patients were lined up in the waiting room to see his Nurse Practioner or Physician Assistant -instead of seeing the doctor , himself.

        But……I remember also….we had a president in the White House by the name of Eisenhower during my early childhood.

        Eisenhower was a Republican – but he was also wise enough to know that labor (working class Americans) were a valuable asset to our country and that labor and management needed to work together in order to create a profit and keep growing the company to create more jobs.

        Eisenhower was also a military man but he warned us against overfeeding the military industrial complex beast….and he has been proven to be correct on that issue – hasn’t he?

        I’ve often said that if the current Republican Party really wants to fix their party…..they need to Bury Reagan and Follow Eisenhower.

        Eisenhower was the last Republican president to balance the budget…

        To be completely honest about Reagan – he blew up the deficit, raised the debt ceiling 17 times but yet these current self-professing fiscal conservative Republicans still worship Reagan?

        Reagan also invited Jerry Falwell and his Fundies into the inner sanctum of the GOP. IMHO – that was the beginning of the end of the GOP. And….it appears that their downward death spiral is taking on speed.

      • Yeeeees!! It is fun when the republicans are eating their own! I read both your link and the Hannity / Coulter link too. đŸ™‚ Stand back and let them have at it — they ALL deserve it and it’s much better when they get what they deserve from one of their own. Don’t they all lose when they’re fighting one another for who has stayed above the fray and who hasn’t, who should be blamed and who shouldn’t?

      • Have they begun that plan to attract women and minority voters yet? Ya know, the one Priebus gave lip service to right after President Obama was reelected?

      • But….but…fnord……the Republicans love women so much that they actually had one of their demands for throwing our country into default was how birth control should not be covered under any health insurance coverage.

        These Republican males love women so much they only want to make us be fruitful and multiply…….

      • Yes, they do love and respect women. Uh huh. And, they’re going to create jobs if elected. Oh, and the check is in the mail…