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military on food stamps


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  1. Yep, that about sums it up.

    Let’s not forget – Christian Dominionism – I suspect this has more to do what is currently taking place than we know…

    • The mess in Washington -and the Tea Party folks – remind me of churchy people involved in one big ugly feud.

      Holy War…..would be more like it……

      All based on what? my God can beat up your God?

  2. IF America manages to keep these whack-job tea baggers from ruining the world’s economy I think the next battle they’ll wage will be impeachment. They don’t have anything else, and they certainly have nothing left to lose since they’ve lost everything except that rabid base who are equally crazy. I don’t even have much hope the 2014 midterms will stop them. I expect this to go on until the black man is out of the White House, maybe longer.

    • Just like they don’t have the votes to get The Affordable Care Act stopped or any part of their ransom demands met, I don’t think they’ll have the votes to impeach. That won’t stop them — they’re into futility and hurting as many Americans as possible.

      • I agree…

        Which is why I hope Hillary Clinton runs in 2016.

        If these Tea Pots hate Obama ….what the hell would they do to Hillary?

        But, I think Hillary won’t take any of their B.S. – and will give it right back to them.

        Hillary has been in politics a long time and she knows where they CONS have the bodies buried.

    • wicked

      Oh, there have already been rumblings of that, no matter what the President does or doesn’t do.

      • These CONS have been plotting against Obama since their meeting on the night of Obama’s first inauguration – remember the news coverage about this group of Republicans down the street at some restaurant plotting how to bring down Obama?

        And then – like the dull bulbs they are – these CONS publicly bragged about their # 1 job was to make Obama a one-term president.

        At that moment – Obama should have stopped being so nice to these CONS and kicked some of those tight-white-right butts.

        Even last week – I noticed Obama was still portraying these Republicans as people who were basically good people and he asked them put their country first.

        Obama gives these CONS way too much credit……IMHO

        These CONS have kicked Obama in his teeth too many times for me to ever forget how they treated a good, decent, compassionate man. Even when I do not agree with Obama – I still believe he is a good man – deep down.

  3. Cost of the shutdown –

    Amount Congress has earned during the shutdown –

    • So who pays for the wasted 16 days of grandstanding, penis measuring, childish temper tantrums? Oh yeah that’s right. We do — tax payers, and the wealthy pay a much smaller percentage because they get all the advantages.

  4. Indy, did you hear Pat Robertson on the current GOP? When you’re too crazy for one of the craziest alive, you’re a lost cause!

    TV preacher Robertson sees GOP as too extreme

    • I saw that…….what a goofball….

      The only thing he really said that it was a lost cause and there is time to give it up….

      He never did say that the Tea Party folks were wrong or crazy… did he?

      Pattie…he is a slick one….isn’t he? He could not tell these TP’ers the truth…..then they would not send him all their money…..

  5. (from the link): Japan is bracing for Typhoon Wipha’s landfall on Wednesday, a storm that could be the strongest in a decade to hit Tokyo, and one that has the potential to bring flooding to the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    A spokesperson for the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) said Wipha, the 26th named tropical cyclone of 2013, “may be a once-in-a-decade event.”

    ‘Once in a Decade’ Storm Threatens Japan, Fukushima
    Typhoon Wipha on track to bring damaging winds, rains

  6. That didn’t take long. The rewriting of history has begun and one thing we can count on is that the whack-job elected republicans have a constituency who will believe their rewrite! What a bunch of moroons!

    Republicans never demanded Obamacare repeal, says Republican who demanded ‘getting rid of Obamacare’

    • Didn’t our Rick post a comment the other day about Eric Cantor was upset because MSNBC was using his own words – on video – against him?

      I’m telling you…….these Tea Pot CONS are just a bunch of CON artists.

      And they must really be stupid enough to believe that everybody in America is as dumb as the GOP sheeple.

      But – let’s show these CONS that the majority of Americans are not stupid.

      If the CONS were shocked at the long lines in the 2012 election. – I am anxiously waiting to see how long the lines will be in 2014.

      Hmmm…do you think that is why these CON-controlled states are so busy trying to pass their laws to deny Americans their constitutional right to vote?

      Could be…….could be…

    • wicked

      My favorite? Other than the National Monuments and Parks one, that is.

      7. If anyone has a justification for smoking, it’s John Boehner. Really, wouldn’t you want a Camel Ultra Light if you had his job?

      I’m to the point of feeling a tad sorry for Boehner. I don’t like him. He’s too worried about losing his position as Speaker. But I’d be tipping back a few glasses, if I were in his shoes. He managed to get himself caught between a rock and a hard place.

      I’m just glad Pres. Obama stood firm. We’ll handle the fallout, eventually. The simple fact that the Republicans are so dead set against ACA is a strong indication that there must be something right with it.

      • I see Boehner as a loser either way. He has two primary opponents in 2014. One is a Tea Party Darling.

        I think Boehner will lose his primary for 2014 – and he might run as an independent – like that woman senator from Alaska – remember?

        Even if he manages to hang on to his Congressional seat – he has lost the speakership job – for sure – IMHO.

        Personally, I don’t feel one bit sorry for this P.O.S. He deserves everything he gets and then some – IMHO

      • wicked

        Oh, I have no doubt he’ll be ousted as Speaker. That will mean all hell will break loose in the House. As it is, Cantor is now the only one who can introduce a bill. But that will eventually come back to bite them in the ass…maybe 2014, if the Dems can gain control of the House.

        I’m going to follow fnord’s example and keep looking for that ray of sunshine. In other words, if it’s cloudy but not raining, there’s a chance those clouds will break.

  7. wicked

    I noticed that one of the things the Senate agreed to was verification of income for those getting subsidies. Uh, the IRS gets my verification each year. The downside is that my income varies each year. Last year was up, this year will be down. Next year, who knows? Does anyone know if there’s a number to call for information? I know there’s a National number and states that opted in to the Federal program have facilitators to call for help, But since Kansass isn’t a part of the Federal program, I’m not sure the national facilitators can help with questions about ACA.

    • I was told that sine Kansas opted out to set up their own ACA market placers – some people got screwed because if they work and still make between what the old poverty line was and the new poverty line – that those folks do not qualify to get ACA health coverage.

      I don’t know if this is true or not – it came from a Republican who was blaming Obama for the problem – until I pointed out that it was really Sammy and his Boys that caused the problem – and this person eventually agreed.

      Well – leave it to Sammy and Boys to know how to screw the working people.

      • wicked

        And that’s the problem. They’ve fixed it so there’s no way of getting information. I tell myself there’s time to look into it, but time has a habit of “slip-sliding away…” Now I’ll never get that song out of my head. LOL

      • I tried to get into the ACA website last week and got the message there was a lot of traffic at that moment and to try later.

        I, like you, let the time slipped away since then. I have not tried since.

        But…from the reports….the website is having a lot of problems and now they are calling for Kathleen Sebelius’ head on a platter.

        I’m sure that will make the Kansas TP CONS happy to know Kathleen Sebelius is getting some flak.

  8. Here is an article about how many people in those states that resisted Obamacare will not qualify to get health care coverage through ACA.

    Like I said above, the woman I talked to that day was a Republican and she hates Obama with a passion – so I did not know for sure if what she was telling me was true or not.

  9. Wicked – I admire you for following in fnord’s foosteps and try to find that ray of sunshine…

    But…..when it comes to these Fundy Evangelical Tea Pot Republicans…..I have been burned by these folks…’s hard for me to find anything positive or even hopeful – when they are involved.

    That is my own personal weakness that I need to work on……..LOL

  10. I always like the way Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station hangs words together! Here’s what he had to say on his Facebook page:

    Jim Wright posted —

    Yes, I heard that the Senate reached a bipartisan deal on the debt ceiling.

    Folks, cheering Congress for ending this idiotic manufactured made-up crisis, a crisis that THEY THEMSELVES caused, is exactly like congratulating a guy with a self-inflicted gunshot wound for managing to slap a Band-Aid over the hole just before bleeding out. Sure it’s a neat trick if you can manage it, but it wouldn’t be necessary in the first place if somebody hadn’t been waving a loaded pistol around like a butterfingered jackass.

    Supposedly both the House and the Senate will officially vote later today to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling and basically do all the stuff that they should have done a month ago without all the histrionics. Ted Cruz says he’ll vote against the deal, but he won’t hold the country hostage any longer. Isn’t that nice of him? What a guy. And so it appears as if we’ll live to fight another day – and by another day, I mean January (you know, if they were going to kick the can down the road, it would have been nice if they could have arranged for the next government shutdown to happen just before April 15th. Americans could get behind that. I’m just saying).

    So, anyway, Folks, I know that you’re relieved and cautiously optimistic but I think it’s important to remind you all: America isn’t officially open for business until Michele Bachmann stands on the House floor and summons the Anti-Christ by shouting “Benghazi!” three times.

  11. Anderson Cooper to GOP Strategist: Are You High?

  12. Standard & Poor now estimates that the GOP/TEA party shutdown has cost the United States $24 BILLION, will cut growth to 2%, and undo most of the gains Obama has achieved in fixing our economy – and could throw us back into recession.

    All in an effort to keep sick people from seeing the doctor.

  13. I think we should dock all these Congress Critters’ pay and take away their health insurance and pensions…

    That would be a good start..

  14. Did you hear about Ted Cruz and his meeting at a restaurant when Kevin McCarthy – the Republican under Eric Cantor – spotted this group at the same restaurant he was eating – but he was NOT invited to Ted Cruz’s little party?

    Hmmm….why does this sound so familiar? A group of Republicans sitting in a restaurant plotting their next political stunt…

    Hmmmm…….sounds like Lady Karma is doing her stuff again……only this time – it was John Boehner and Boys that got their asses in the target range of being plotted against.

    Sweet revenge….

    But, seriously, what is it with these Congress Critters and their need to be the Mean Girls Club?

    Can’t they just GROW up?

    • wicked

      The link won’t take you to the story, so I decided to see if I could find it. Below is the article.

      October is the pink month for the NFL. Players, coaches, cheerleaders and even stadiums are adorned with the color to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The league also sells pink merchandise (hats, jerseys, etc.) and donates a portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

      How much of the proceeds? Well, not a whole lot. ESPN’s Darren Rovell is reporting (via Business Insider) that the league takes a “25 percent royalty from the wholesale price (1/2 retail), donates 90 percent of royalty to American Cancer Society.”

      So, how much money is that exactly? Here’s the breakdown: If you drop $100 on a pink Seahawks jersey, $12.50 is going to the NFL. Then $76.25 is divided by the company that makes the merchandise and the company that sells it, which is often the league and its individual teams.

      So, what’s left for the American Cancer Society? Try $11.25. By the way, the ACS has operating costs of its own, which means that 71.2 percent of the money it receives actually funds cancer research.

      In the end, 8.01 percent of pink NFL merchandise sold actually goes to cancer research.

      Before people jump all over the NFL for this, the money it is raising is better than donating nothing. The league is also doing a service by promoting breast cancer awareness, which it should be commended for.

      However, before you drop some cash on that pink merchandise, you might stop and think. Would you be better served by donating money directly to the American Cancer Society?


      But if you’re just looking to add a cute pink top to your gameday ensemble, then rock on. You’ll be doing at least something to help cancer research in the process.

      • I’m sorry…….the link worked for me, so I assumed it would work for everyone.

        Wicked – Thanks for posting the entire article.

        This is why I give donations to only a select few organizations. I’ve seen these football players wearing all this pink lately……and I assumed it was for breast cancer …..

        But, as the article states, if you’re wanting to buy merchandise anyway – then at least a small portion of the money goes to actual cancer research.

        But I wonder how many people are aware of just how little of their money actually goes towards the cause?

  15. Perhaps John Boehner should sit down, shut up and learn a few things from Nancy Pelosi about how to be a successful Speaker of the House.

    Nancy Pelosi – again – delivered the Democrats as a unified group to vote for a bill that many of them would have preferred not to vote for – since it was the sequestration spending cuts that were in this bill.

    But…as one pundit stated – the Democrats put their country before their party.

    That is also a lesson that Boehner and Boys could learn from Nancy and the Democrats ….

    • wicked

      It took 3 women from both sides to get these men to a real vote. Just goes to show the difference between the sexes.

      • Those 6 women were in the Senate. I was referring to the fact Nancy Pelosi delivered – again – a unified group of Democrats to the vote in the House.

        John McCain had the gall to praise the women in the Senate – when he should apologize for unleashing Sarah Palin on to the country in 2008.

        Palin is a Tea Party Darling who was with Ted Cruz as he cock-strutted last Sunday at the WWII Memorial political stunt.

        So, if McCain denounced Ted Cruz – why didn’t he denounce Sarah Palin at the same time?

      • John McCain seems better at calling out others than admitting his own mistakes.

      • Our old friend Paula said this back in March of 2010. It is as true today as it was back then!

        Palin is a “feminist” like Pat Robertson is a “Christian”–which is to say only in the deluded world of the conservative GOP.

        Naming Palin as a running mate was an extreme insult to women; and the republicans thought they were being so clever! It just shows how disturbingly out of touch they are. I talked to so many women who basically agreed that the GOP was just hoping all women would vote vagina. “Thinking” women don’t vote that way. And Palin represents everything that secure, mature, intelligent women despise. She trades on her supposed beauty, doesn’t even TRY to inform herself (out of arrogance?) on the issues, wants to rule the clique (just like high school!) and everything she says or does reflects badly on our gender. She’s not a “NEW” anything–she’s a wannabe.

        I’m not a big Hillary fan. She is too conservative for me. BUT I can at least respect her. Which is so much more than I could ever say for Palin.

      • wicked

        Thanks for correcting me, indy. Six women is right. Not sure where my head was when I typed that. 🙂