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  1. I posted this late last night ….but thought this was appropriate with above graphic..

    Pay close attention to the name of Ted Cruz’s father in this article – which could be why Teddie is leading the charge to throw out country into default?


    • P.S. – and perhaps why Sarah Palin is helping Teddie?

      Sarah is always professing how much she loves her JESUS.

      • Reading your link reminds me of all the times you’ve used your experiences from college to warn us about these people and their plans. 😦

      • I know I sound like a worn-out record spinning around when I tell you about my past experience with these Fundie Evangelinuts….but it is true.

        I got out of that mindset in the late 70’s – and I can only imagine that it has gotten worse since then..

        Especially since Ronnie Raygun gave them political power in 1980 and Reagan sold his GOP soul just to beat the true Christian man in the White House – Jimmy Carter.

        IIRC – President Carter even gave up his Baptist credentials because of the way this Evangelinut movement has taken.

    • I goggled Raphael Cruz. There’s some sick stuff out there. Quotes from him that should throw up red flags for everyone, but we know the evangelinuts will fall down and worship at his feet. We see it all too often.

  2. We haven’t paid nearly as much attention to these evangelinuts as they deserve. Ginning up support from the masses by using their gawd is sadly a recipe for success. They always fall back on the old attacking Christianity excuse if anyone tries to point out the negatives of a theocracy based government. The masses accept easily that Christianity is a superior religion to others you may compare when talking theocracies.

  3. *****SATIRE*****

    Most satire is based around facts and is presented in a ‘funny’ (haha) way.

    After Returning To Earth, Jesus Banned From Congressional Hearings

  4. (from the link): “Advocates of these reforms like to say that they are transforming medicine from the treatment of disease to the treatment of patients — and ultimately the treatment of populations.”

    “What you may not know is that the Affordable Care Act is also beginning, with little fanfare, to accomplish its second great goal: to promote reforms to our overpriced, underperforming health care system. Irony of ironies, the people who ought to be most vigorously applauding this success story are Republicans, because it is being done not by government decree but almost entirely with market incentives.

    “Using mainly the marketplace clout of Medicare and some seed money, the new law has spurred innovation and efficiency. And while those new insurance exchanges that are now lurching into business will touch roughly 1 in 10 Americans (the rest of us are already covered by private employer plans or by government programs like Medicare), these systemic reforms potentially touch every patient, every taxpayer.

    Obamacare: The Rest of the Story

    • But…but…that would be giving Obama a victory and Republicans would rather see America become a third world country before they allow Obama one ounce of credit..

      This obsessive intense 24/7 GOP hatred of Obama is a cancer in our society and it needs to be cut out.

  5. R.D. Liebst

    I damn near fell off the my chair when MSNBC used a direct quote including sound and video of Cantor to show exactly what he said. He got indignant and said it was not right for them to use what he said in a public forum against him! WTF?

    • R.D. Liebst

      How can you tell a Politician is lying… His lips are moving!

      • Isn’t that the most frustrating when dealing with people like 30-40 House Republicans who are the one holding the country hostage?

        IMHO – there are ignorant people…then there are ignorant people who are PROUD to be ignorant.

  6. One thing we can’t ever forget is that if we hate government they’ve won. It’s the way they will make the change to theocracy. They’re winners if people listen to the IT’S BOTH SIDES talking points. It isn’t both sides, it’s a small number of radicals that are members of one-half of one-third of our government! It’s the idiots republicans elected to the U.S. House!

    • The class of 2010 Tea Party Republicans that is this group that has somehow convinced themselves and their loyal followers that making America a deadbeat that does not pay their bills is a good thing?

      I clearly do not understand this group….

  7. (from the link): Contrary to a common belief among Democrats, Cruz’s followers are not all wishful thinking naifs who are unable to read a poll or to understand the results of last November’s election. Rather, they are fully aware of President Obama’s triumphs in his two presidential races, of the weakening position of the GOP, and of the likelihood that socially conservative and Tea Party policies may never again gain a foothold in Washington.

    According to a remarkable Democracy Corps memo detailing the results of several Republican focus groups (that’s the “one document” referred to in this post’s headline), evangelical Republicans believe their culture is systematically being destroyed by an alliance of Hollywood, Washington, and public schools. Meanwhile, Tea Partiers believe that freedom itself will soon be extinct in the United States. Together, the Republicans who believe that Obama’s banishing God and those who believe he’s banished liberty make up the most dangerous of armies — the kind that believes it must fight to the end or be vanquished completely. And Ted Cruz is the general leading them to their final stand.

    Read This One Document If You Want To Understand Why Republicans Followed Ted Cruz Off A Cliff

  8. Andy Borowitz —

    “The shutdown is starting to make the Iraq war look well thought out.”

  9. Read the part where Boehner and Boys discussed passing their bill in the House and then leaving town – to force the hand of the Senate.

    These chicken-shit hawks cannot even stay in town to face the music they created.

    Is there any dirty trick these CONS will not try in a desperate attempt to get their way?


    • The Constitution gives President Obama a way to reconvene Congress, and the House rules enable Leader Nancy Pelosi’s caucus to bring Republicans back to the Capitol to do their job.

      • Is the Discharge Petition strategy I was hearing about while passing by the television?

      • (from the link): Under Article II of the Constitution, the President of the United States “may, on extraordinary occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them.” Thus, even if Speaker John Boehner managed to adjourn the House and hop on a flight to Ohio, President Obama could summon him back to DC.

        The Constitution’s text places few, if any, textual constraints on this power to convene Congress, and there is at least some precedent suggesting that the president can choose the specific date when Congress should reconvene. When President Franklin Roosevelt ordered the Congress back into session on March 5, 1933, he required “the Congress of the United States to convene in extra session at the Capitol in the City of Washington on the Ninth day of March, 1933, at twelve o’clock, noon.” If House Republicans closed down shop at 11pm on Tuesday, there’s nothing in the Constitution suggesting President Obama couldn’t order them back to work at 11:01.


  10. Remember the numerous times we keep hearing from Republicans how President Obama will not talk to them – or he will not socialize with them – or wine and dine them – remember this GOP talking point #___

    Here is but one article about exactly who is turning down invitations by President Obama to attend social events..

    But….just like a mean-spirited Fundie Evangelical – Jesus himself could kiss their lily-white butt and they would still spit in Jesus’ face because he did not look like ‘one of them’. Especially when the real Jesus was a brown-skinned bearded man that probably looked more like Bin Laden than the Americanized Jesus pictures these Fundies seem to like to hang in their huge gold-adorned monuments to themselves.


  11. Here is an interesting chart of newly-elected Republicans from 2010 – 23% of the Republican Senators had no prior political experience and 33% of the Republican House had no prior political experience.

    NOW do we understand why this push to drive us over the economic cliff started into overdrive when these Newbies came to town?

    We are all aware of the many times Republicans have said stupid things……but these are the ones who got this WE-HATE GOVERNMENT and want to kill it movement going.

    Let’s remember…….back in 2011 – didn’t these Tea Party folks take us to the edge of the same damn cliff we are hovering over today?

    Yeah….these folks are the reason there is a phrase in the Oath of Office that refers to the our enemies – both foreign and DOMESTIC -. That’s right…I am calling out the Tea Party as Domestic enemies.


    • BTW – as Luke Russert stated this morning…….when he was covering the 2010 Freshman class of House Representatives – he was astounded to hear them talk about economic issues. Luke said they all sounded like they did not even attend a class of Economics 101.

      Maybe Mommy’s Home Schooling or that Fundy Preacher Teacher did not think economics was an important subject to teach?

      It’s much more important to teach how their God is the only one and true God. And Jesus also was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man who did not heal the sick for free. Jesus was a capitalist – and was out to make as much money as he could….

      • Just to make things clear…… Luke Russert did not say anything after the worlds Economics 101.

        All that Mommy’s Home schooling and the rest – came straight from me.

  12. The Senate Plan – as I understand it from the political analysts on MSNBC – is a way to not go into default and give a few months in order to do what should have been long before now……for the Senate and House to go to conference on their passes budgets bills.

    Let’s not forget – Sen. Patty Murray has asked Boehner 16 times in the past 6 months to go to conference and finalize the entire budget.

    But what does Boehner and his Boys choose to do? Hold the country hostage – threaten default – over a 2-month spending bill with their ransom demands?

    I do wish more people would speak up and talk about how there is a Senate and House budget bills that need to go to conference.

    If Boehner and Boys really do just want to negotiate – then this is the time for negotiations – in that conference to hammer out a finalized budget.

    Otherwise – what the Boehner and Boys have done has been nothing more than political stunt for their Tea Party folks to eat up like cotton candy.

    Do you supposed I hit this GOP nail directly on it’s pointy little head?