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  1. Cost of the shutdown –

    Amount Congress has earned during the shutdown –

  2. Please remember the republicans don’t give a diddly squat about your retirement savings, your job or your need to borrow. They care about their wealthy donors who have been planning this for months and have made the necessary preparations.

    3 ways a debt default could affect you

  3. Not just each individual, but our country will pay higher interest rates. This republican plan greatly increases our country’s deficit and debt while ruining our ability to borrow at the lowest possible rates.

  4. This congressional impasse is being carried out by terrorists — it’s terrorism to take hostages and threaten to harm them.

    What else can you call tactics the perpetrators fully intend to wreck the stock market, throw people out of work and remove any semblance of stability for economic growth?

    House GOP leadership has chosen tactics that cannot improve health care, immigration security, energy independence, education excellence or any of our nation’s urgent goals. Instead, Speaker John Boehner and his team chose tactics that are harming Americans.

    • I have an uneasy feeling that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are once again on the table. And I don’t trust Obama and the democrats to not fold. The president seems to have been itching for five years to cut the big three. Maybe he won’t let a good crisis go to waste and this time he’ll get it done.

      Terrorism at its finest. Use the repuke terrorism to give the rich what they want. The big three plus our retirement savings. Maybe our homes as well….

      • I worry too. I wish I had some understanding of why … well, some reason besides money, which is obvious. Will there ever be an elected official who really cares about PEOPLE, about level playing fields, about doing unto others as you would have done to you?

        I respect Obama for holding firm on the hostage situation but I fear the next stage I won’t respect at all.

      • No matter how bad Obama is…….I am just glad we are not talking about President Romney….

        Enough said?

  5. Please also remember the biggest U.S. creditors are United States citizens.

  6. R.D. Liebst

    Something I just posted to a story about Palin in the comment section:


    I could get slammed for things I say, LOL I often do and this person sure could draw many comments out of people. I am not oppose to her because she is a woman though she is not a shining example of woman and their intelligence. So please understand me when I say, ” She is just bat-shit crazy!”.

  7. I found this website – and it is definitely a progressive liberal site – but it does present the videos that are found on all other websites.

    Larry Klayman – he is the Tea Party dude who is calling for a revolution against the Quran- reading man in the White House…..

    And who shows up to fan the Obama-hatred even further – yeah, you guessed it – Sarah Palin herself – along with her BFF Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

    Let’s not forget what Sarah Palin did during her 2008 failed V.P. election campaign – she was the one that routinely stated Obama is ‘not one of us’.

    THIS is why Tea Party folks are dangerous…..IMHO

    THIS is why these same Tea Party folks think it is okay for our country to become a deadbeat and not pay our bills.

    And then these same Tea Party folks have the nerve to call themselves morally superior?’

    I call B.S. on that….

    • Congresswoman Mary Kaptur is the one responsible for the World War II Memorial being built -it took 14 years…..

      Yeah, you read right – 14 years..!!!

      So, why don’t those Tea Party folks who are so wild about the WWII veterans ask themselves why did it take 14 years for this memorial to be approved by Congress – of which many Republicans were in power?

      I get very angry when anyone uses our veterans and current military simply as photo-ops to further their personal political agendas.

      This is why I truly despise the Tea Party folks….their spokes people are some downright nasty pieces of work.


      • Do some research into Larry Klayman – he is quite the busy little bee.

        But….not everyone thinks Mr. Larry is quite the prize……..which is no surprise to me.

        Most men like this are rabble rousers and make their money off the ‘noise’ they create……..IMHO

        No wonder Mr. Larry is the Tea Party Darling..

      • But I do have to wonder……. do these Tea Party folks truly believe that if they manage to get their – right white man who reads the Bible – into the White House, that everything will just go back to what they call ‘normal’?

        Tea Party fanatics have lowered the bar of common decency and disrespecting the office of the president.

        Do they really think people will just forget what the TP has done to Obama and roll over and follow their right, white guy?

  8. I sucked BIG time — got 7 of 15 correct.

    Fifteen names — are they: Rapper’s Real Name Or Republican Congressman?

    • I fared as well as you did……7 out of 15 correct.

      Did you notice something else from that list? All the GOP Congressmen were white, middle-aged males.

      And the rappers were all black – and probably make more money than these GOPPERS (well, if we took away their subsidies and perks from the Congress job)

      Maybe that is really what is in the GOP’s craw? The fact that white middle-aged males make less money and it makes them feel inferior?

      Or…..maybe because the Rappers get all the women . From the looks of these GOPPERS, they have not had a woman in a long…..long….time…

  9. Read it and weep. I think we all know how well informed the average American voter is. This makes some sense in a horrible, sick way.

    Why Ted Cruz doesn’t care about the 2016 general election

    • I work with young people in their 30’s and 40’s – as long as they have the latest cell phone, MP3 players buzzing in their ear and their Starbucks coffee cups…..they’re doing good…

      I cannot understand how these folks can afford to keep buying their new cell phones – let alone the damn Starbucks…..that’s not cheap stuff either.

  10. Read this and then take an objective look at all who are involved in this current Tea Party hostage-taking fiasco and why some of these folks even brag about how they WANT to see our country default ….

    Pay particular close attention to how Ted Cruz is brought into this entire fiasco……..his father is a pastor?