Saturday, 10/12/13, Public Square



by | October 12, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. wicked

    The two guys who were coming out of a local store this morning when I was going in must be a distant cousin of the group above. Granted, his grammar and speech were better, but his brain wasn’t.

    Do you have any idea how hard it was not to go up and kick these guys in the shin? I did voice my opinion when I said, “Stupid.” I’m quite sure they didn’t hear me. 🙂

    • R.D. Liebst

      Yeah, I have a few in my family mainly those living in Oklahoma I posts some things from my to Facebook. Now they are thinking I have lost my mind and am so stupid that I will believe anything. Yeah.. I am the one who will believe anything!

  2. wicked

    BTW, Bill’s show last night nearly became a free-for-all. Two Rs and Chris Matthews, and you know how loud Chris can get with his interruptions. LOL At least he had facts behind those interruptions, while Jim Glassman recited Right Wing B.S.

    The fourth guest, who comes in later in the segment, was Oliver Stone. Now, I consider Stone just a tad bit whacked, but he did share some very interesting things about history. This was a part of his research, along with a History professor, that he did for The Untold History of the United States, a new documentary. Apparently this is a series on Showtime, which I don’t get. 😦 There’s also a paperback companion coming out on October 14th. He seemed to be quite bemused by the discourse between Matthews and Glassman.

    All in all, that’s entertainment. 😉

  3. Bob White

    Well, it appears to me that today we’re considering the Big First Congressional District of Brownbackistan.

    • wicked

      :< Now what? Are they planning to plow over the towns and cities to make more "farmland" so they can collect more subsidies?

      Having been involved with "subsidies" back in the day when there was a surplus of wheat and such, grown by family farms, it made a little sense. However, I know how much we received for that, and I can honestly say it wasn't tens of thousands of dollars. It helped pay the bills for fertilizer, seed wheat, diesel for the combines and tractors, machinery payments and repairs, crop insurance (when we had it) and other things along those lines. It wasn't used for investing on Wall Street or hidden in an offshore account.

      Corporate farming is killing this country and the farmers. Those farmers who used to work the land made very little. Most spouses had a full time job to pay the usual bills. Many were teachers, who worked during the months that weren't the busiest farming months, then were free to help during the busiest months. Their kids don't want to farm anymore, because it's too hard and pays so little. Farmers now are forced to sell out to corporations or land developers. A lot of what they sell was passed down to them for generations.

      Frankly, I disliked farming for all the reasons above, plus the fact that it was akin to going to Las Vegas to win or lose. But I hate corporate farming even more.